Most Popular Old Late Night TV Shows

Television host Jon Stewart interviewing Admiral Michael Mullen

Late-night talk shows were started in the early 1940s. The earlier television show included ‘The Ed Sullivan Show,’ mainly known as ‘Toast of the Town,’ which aired from 1948 to 1971 on CBS on Sunday nights. Another show name ‘Texaco Star Theater’ hosted by Milton Berle, aired on radio from 1938 to … Read more

What is Cabot Cove Syndrome?

Screenshot from the opening sequence of TV series Murder, She Wrote

The term “Cabot Cove Syndrome” was used in an American crime drama series, “Murder, She Wrote.” “Cabot Cove Syndrome” is described as the constant emergence and appearance of dead bodies in small and large amounts in secluded spots and remote places, and it is a fictional syndrome. This term “Cabot Cove Syndrome” … Read more

Fun Facts About The Dean Martin Show

Dean Martin hosted ‘The Dean Martin Show’ the way he wanted it to be. He did not like to read scripts nor attend rehearsals

‘The Dean Martin Show’ was a hit TV variety-comedy series that aired on NBC from 1965- 1974 for a total of 264 episodes. The famous singer and comedian Dean Martin hosted this show, which was known and loved for its uniqueness. Just what made it so unique? This was probably due to … Read more

Fun Facts About ‘Family Affair’

The show’s main cast (from top): Mr. Giles French (Sebastian Cabot), Jody (Johnny Whitaker), Bill Davis (Brian Keith), Cissy (Kathy Garver), Buffy (Anissa Jones)

Don Fedderson and Edmund Hartman created and produced ‘Family Affair’ in 1966. The sitcom was mostly about the struggles of William ‘Bill’ Davis and his friend-butler Giles French. The two were at the height of their professional career when their world suddenly turned upside down. This was after Bill’s brother Bob and … Read more

Introduction to Your Show of Shows

Sid Caesar

Your Show of Shows was a popular variety show that aired on NBC from February 25, 1950, to June 5, 1954. The show starred Imogene Coca and Sid Caesar, two of the most iconic television personalities in the 1950s. Your Show of Shows was so well-received by audiences and critics that TV … Read more

Introduction to The Invaders

Roy Thinnes as David Vincent alongside a minor character played by Lee Farr

The Invaders is a science fiction television show produced by Quinn Martin and aired on ABC from 1967 to 1968. The show became popular not only in the United States but also in other countries through syndication because of its focused and thrilling plot that kept audiences on their toes for every … Read more

Fun Facts About The Doris Day Show

Despite all the problems that she encountered, Doris remained optimistic in life. She chose to be happy, not merely for herself, but for her loved ones

A ‘wholesome’ sitcom paired with a chart-topping introduction song- this describes the Doris Day Show! Unlike other sitcoms, the Doris Day Show always remained extra sensitive to its audience. This sets it apart from many other sitcoms, which used language that might not be suitable for young audiences–all in order to bring … Read more

Fun Facts About Petticoat Junction

The Petticoat Junction’s powerful cast made the sitcom tops the rating charts for seven years

Petticoat Junction is one of the best situation comedy (sitcom) shows aired in the early 60s. American screenwriter and producer Paul Henning created this sitcom. The Petticoat Junction’s storyline mainly focused on the Bradley family, who owns the Shady Rest Hotel. Kate Bradley is the proprietor of the hotel. Her three daughters, … Read more