Craziest Rock and Pop Hairstyles of the 80s

From time to time there are hairstyles that become popular whether it be the afro, cornrows, dreadlocks, liberty spikes, mohawks, the “K-pop” hairstyles among many others. Many of these iconic hairstyles were made popular by popular groups, bands, and singers. Without a doubt the 80s had some outlandish hairstyles which was a big part of being a popular and famous.

The 80’s was the decade of exploration where you could experiment with any type of hair style and the more outlandish and the bigger the hair the better.  While the 70’s set the trend on long hairstyles for men, the 80’s rock bands popularized the “big hair” teased and tousled hairstyles sometimes dyed with different colors. Most of the pop and rock stars in the 80’s sported long, curly, wavy hairstyles. Here are some of the more famous hair styles from the 80s..

Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper is known for her love of different hair colors and eccentric clothing. She is the living proof that girls just wanna have fun because she is the epitome of fun.


Even though Siouxsie might be obsessive with hair tease, she is still one of the 80’s beauty and style heroes. Her looks and hairstyle are still to this day very popular.


Aside from being known for their inspiring music and being a multi-awarded band, Aerosmith is also famous for their hairstyles that they were able to maintain as decades goes by.

Def Leppard

These guys care about their music other than anything in the world, but let’s be honest their long, curly, and bouncy hair and bangs were surely popular.


Kiss is not only known for their awesome music and crazy antics while performing on stage, they are also popular because of their rather disturbing but iconic clown make up looks and long, curly, rock and roll hairstyle.


These good looking guys are not only known for their crazy music with crazy vocals they are also known for their long, luscious hairstyles that grew way past their shoulders. We bet the girls back in the 80’s swooned over these guys.

Van Halen

These guys made insanely good music while looking good with their thick, long, curly, and shiny hairdo’s. Van Halen’s fashion sense and slick hairstyles was one of the band’s defining mark.


Scorpions is known to be one of the advocates of anti-war and peace movements in the music industry. And this is one of the reasons why their styles and hairdo were popular with the teens back in the 80’s. These guys made some amazing songs too.

Bon Jovi

This band made awesome and iconic music and they made the ladies scream as well because of their boy next door looks and a much cleaner looking hairstyle than some of the other 80’s rock and roll bands.


This rock and roll band is not only known for their music, they are also known for their long, whipping, hair.

Guns N’ Roses

These guys were the epitome of rock and roll back in the 80’s. Axel Rose with the long hair and bandana made the long hair look rock and roll. And Slash’s long black hair, black sunglasses and black top hat was one of the signature looks of this iconic 80’s band.


These guys long, unruly, curly hair made them famous to the point that their fans started to mimic the same hairstyles as theirs. We cannot blame them because their hairdos are pretty cool.

1980’s hairstyles are indeed iconic. The big, long, teased, funky colored hair might be dead and forgotten in time, but it marked an era in the music industry. Some people might still enjoy these kinds of hairdos. If you are one of them, all you need are hair gel, a blow dryer, and hairspray and you are good to go, you can sport the classic 80’s look.