How to print on canvas at home?


Do you want to capture your school days, family vacation, or childhood memories on your canvas? Hopefully, you do. In that case, you have to purchase customized canvas prints instead of readymade ones.

Nonetheless, purchasing a customized paint is a matter of high cost and time. If you want to avoid the time and cost wastage, there’s no better option than printing a home canvas.

Don’t know how to print on campus or what equipment is needed for printing a campus at home? If so, continue the whole article with us.

Guidelines for printing canvas at home

Today’s technologies have made it very easy to print the canvas by yourself. So, if you want to print your canvas at home, you must know the use of technology.

The technology includes printers, canvas, correct computer programs, and other subject matters. So, how will you print a canvas at home with the correct technologies? Let’s know step by step.

Step 1: Purchase a quality canvas.

A printable canvas may come with versatile quality and durability. Select a quality printable canvas from your nearest craft stores. Make sure it is designed to be used through the inkjet printer.

Purchase the gloss canvas printer to get extra shininess in your printing. Additionally, if you want to set any art types, choose the canvas that includes UV resistance.

Step 2: Search for the digitized art paper.

Search in galleries and the art supply stores to get the digitized art print. If you don’t find your desired picture, then go to the next step.

Step 3: Print your favorite picture from the computer.

Search online, choose your favorite picture and save it on your computer. If you have any memorable pictures to print, then select the picture.

Step 4: Decide the size of the picture.

Decide what size of the picture you want to print your canvas panel. Open the printing option from your selected picture. Print the picture in a plain paper and observe how the final product looks!

Step 5: Set the rear manual feed slot with your printer

Set a rear manual feed slot with your printer to print on your thicker canvas sheets. To get the best result, you may directly use an inkjet printer instead of the regular printer.

Step 6: Attach leader strips with the canvas

To enter the canvas into the printer smoothly, attach a small leader strip with the canvas. Add two leader strips to your canvas when it is larger than 13″.

Step 7: Enter the canvas into the printer

It’s time to feed your canvas into the printer. Insert the leader adjusted side at first and keep your canvas steady when entering it into your printer.

Make sure there is available ink and color into your printer so that your work is not disrupted. Moreover, check whether your printer machine is turned on or not.

Step 8: Adjust the color and gradient.

Press the “User setting” options. And set up the correct height and width of the print you have selected. Adjust the color and gradient perfectly prior to bring out the final layout of the print.

Furthermore, check the borderlines, anchors, and other things of the printing before finalizing.

Step 9: Print out the picture on canvas.

Finally, please print out the artwork on the canvas and let it dry properly. Wrapping the print before dry may cause smudges on it.

The sum up!

Indeed, printing canvas is a great way of keeping a memory in front of the eyes. But it’s a matter of a high cost to print canvas with a professional artist.

With the press work and inexpensive materials, easily place your chosen print on the canvas.


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