Qualities of a Superior Heavy-Duty Truck Alignment Equipment


In the world of heavy-duty automotive, properly aligning a vehicle can make a world of difference. Poor alignment can significantly reduce a tire’s lifespan by thousands of miles and take a toll on significant steering and suspension parts. And, in turn, result in extra expenses. Superior Alignments Pty Ltd provides professional heavy vehicle wheel alignment and repairs for a diverse range of vehicles including buses, trucks, trailers, 4WDs, caravans, and classic cars.

Apart from being costly, poor alignment can be extremely dangerous on the road. It can cause the vehicle to pull left or right or for the wheel to become unbalanced. Alignment is one of the many issues that you might face. Regular truck wheel alignment is extremely important. Whenever you are working with heavy equipment or machinery, you need to maintain them well. You will also need replacement parts like the front axle oil seal that you can order online.

What are the marks of poor wheel alignment? There are no strict signs, but it includes squealing and uneven tires as well as rapid tire wear. Fortunately, it can be avoided with regular maintenance.

What Should You Look for in Heavy Duty Truck Alignment Equipment?

For tire alignment, there is no question that you, as a truck service provider, can perform the needed adjustments. However, you need to ask yourself—is your current heavy duty truck alignment equipment helping you or hindering you from doing an excellent job?

Here are a few things you need to consider when searching for heavy-duty truck alignment equipment:

  • Efficiency – For alignment jobs, you need to be able to work quickly and with ease, from beginning to end. Ideally, the setup process and getting measurements should last no longer than five (5) minutes so you can truly maximize your return on investments.
  • Accuracy – The tools you use need to provide precise and accurate readings so that all comeback issues will be eliminated. In addition, this will help you avoid wasting time on redoing tests.
  • Durability – Equipment for your tire alignment must also be sturdy, even lasting for years without breakdowns or issues.

Luckily, RAVAmerica offers a wide variety of cutting-edge alignment machinery at insane prices. Their easy-to-use products come with free lifetime support and onsite training when requested.

Popular Heavy Duty Truck Alignment Equipment FromRAVAmerica

The Combo Truck & Car Alignment System

No rolling, pushing, or raising is needed to operate this equipment. It can expertly align almost any vehicle, such as trucks, trailers, coaches, RVs, buses, cube vans, multiple axle vehicles, and passenger cars.

RAV TD8060T Alignment SELLING Machine

The great thing about the RAV TD8060T Alignment SELLING Machine is that it documents every alignment, so you don’t have to! Printouts and calibration reports are stored system’s hard drive future retrieval. This product also comes with a self-calibration package as well as a pair of HD FastPlates.

FastLiner 8060 Truck Alignment Machine

It is operated by a smart tablet, and its components use Bluetooth technology, eliminating the need to roll the equipment around the shop. All you need to do is bring the tablet and components to where the vehicle is—even when it’s in the parking lot—and have the data sent digitally!

Make a Purchase Today

Look no further than RAVAmerica for all your truck alignment equipment needs! To learn more about the superior products offered, feel free to reach out.

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