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Top Baseball Bat Reviews – BBCOR, High School & Youth Bats

Top Baseball Bat Reviews – BBCOR, High School & Youth Bats

Getting a new baseball bat can be a difficult process, however if you follow these Baseball Review guidelines, you’ll find a great bat quickly and easily.

What Does BBCOR Stand For? 

The first thing you should know is what BBCOR indicates. According to The Baseball Stop, It’s the acronym of Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution. Many organizations used to follow a test for bat certifications that was the Ball Exit Speed Ratio, the BESR, which measured how quickly a ball would bounce off a bat that was made of aluminum. However, this didn’t take into consideration how differently a bat could perform after it’s been in use for a while.

Now, a new certification, the BBCOR test, has been implemented. It measures the loss of energy as a baseball comes into contact with a bat. The higher the number, the more dangerous or hotter the bat. With this standard, all bats perform the same way, no matter what material they’re made from and how long they’ve been in use. When a bat has passed the BBCOR test, it’s certified and gets a stamp of .50. If your bat doesn’t have this stamp, you can’t use it in a game.

How to Choose the Right Bat

In order to bat your best, you need to find the perfect bat. Consider these factors as you choose a bat that’s perfect for you:

  • The length of your bat will depend on your weight and height, and most bats are 31-34 inches. However, what it comes down to is what you prefer, your strength, and the mechanics of your swing.
  • All bats that are BBCOR certified have a length-to-weight ratio, or “drop”, of -3. This negative number represents the bat’s weight, minus the length.
  • Usually, baseball bats that are BBCOR certified are either composite or aluminum. There are some bats made from wood that have the certification as well.
  • Aluminum bats are also known as alloy bats, and their feel is more traditional. You’ll also get the classic sound when you make contact. The entire bat will be in one piece, and this tends to be cheaper.
  • Composite bats have a lot of advantages that may help you improve your game, including more durability and decreased vibration. Due to this, they are becoming very popular.

What it Comes Down To

It’s important to remember that this buying guide will help you immensely as you choose a baseball bat, however, everything is merely a recommendation. In the end, what everything comes down to is your individual preference, the mechanics of your hits, and your strength. Everyone is different, therefore everyone needs a different bat and what works for your teammates may not work well for you. The best way to get a great bat is to take the opportunity to test different ones at different lengths, to figure out which is a good fit for you. If you buy one from a store, speak at length with the employees, as they should be able to help you out the most. In the end, you’ll find the perfect bat.

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