The Interesting Profile of the 80s and 90s Icon Vanilla Ice

Synopsis Robert Matthew Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice is a rapper and a TV reality show star whose one-hit single “Ice Ice Baby” made the world go crazy. No one knew that a broken person like him who didn’t even know who his biological father was, would gain so much popularity with … Read more

Top Female Pop Stars of the 80s

In the 1980s, music lovers witnessed a shift in the music industry with the unveiling of some of the greatest of all time singers, songwriters and musicians. The magic in music was mainly a contribution by women pop stars that very confidently filled music with bold fashion, heart-touching lyrics and fusion of … Read more

Top Horror Flicks of the 80s

There are several things which make the 80s such an iconic and memorable decade. Even if we didn’t grow up during that time, it’s evident that this was an era that created some very interesting tropes and trends for the future. We might fondly remember the game shows every night, for instance, … Read more

The Biggest Musical Moments of the 80s

Madonna on the stage

Life back in the 80s was very simple – no internet, no blogs, social media wasn’t there, and cell phones were as big as bricks (and only a few people had them). The 1980s is also known as the era of pop culture when fashion and music started to evolve. From key … Read more

Top 80s Fads

Every decade has its own share of fads and crazes, and the ‘80s were no different. In fact, this decade was bursting with questionable fashion choices and crazy toys. Let’s be honest, most of us are glad that some of these crazy fads stayed in the ‘80s because most of them were … Read more

Top Punk Bands of the ‘80s

Top Punk Bands of the ‘80s

Even if punk rock’s first wave was a ‘70s phenomenon, the music genre surely made it into the ‘80s and more specifically on America’s West Coast where several punk rock bands were formed. Punk also had several sub-genres that rose into fame such has hardcore punk rock and it proved that punk … Read more

The Best Basketball Players of the ‘80s

The ‘80s was the decade that saved the NBA and this was after they merged with the American Basketball Association in 1976. With this move, it was obvious that the league was struggling to get attention because, during the ‘70s, Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, and the National Football League … Read more

Top Cartoons of the 80s

Top Cartoons of the 80s

The 80s brought about a lot of cartoon fans. For a lot of children back in the day, the 80s was a sacred time in their lives. This was when weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings are filled with amazing and wonderful stories of these animated cartoons which helped shape several young minds. … Read more

Top Shoe Styles of the 1980s

Heat Edge Mens Moccasin Slipper Shoe

As with every generation and decade, the 80s had its own style and fashion. Ranging from spandex to having bangs with big hair to flipped up collars and polos – 80s fashion was its own. Shoes also were a big part of the 80s fashion scene.  Basketball shoes started their ascendancy to … Read more

Iconic Cars of the 80’s

Toyota MR2 Supercharged

The 80’s gave us so much to remember from music, fashion and movies. There’s the MC Hammer pants, Rick Astley, Metallica, Back to the Future and many more. But another thing that is iconic during the 1980s were cars. This is the era where sports cars meet comfort, where innovation and design … Read more

Top Disney Movies of the 80’s

Top Disney Movies of the 80s

Most of us have that one Disney movie that makes our hearts skip a beat even with just the mere mention of its title. That Disney movie that transports you back to the cinema where you first saw it. Disney movies are different for every generation but one thing they have in … Read more

Top 20 80s Arcade Games


Today, games are now accessible on many devices and platform. Whether you have a phone, a console or a personal computer.  Moreover, nowadays people also use custom controllers or Fightstick or even a customized personal gaming computer. You can even talk with your friends while you play the game all thanks to … Read more

The Top 20 Teen Movies of the 1980’s

Back to The Future 2

The 1980’s was a decade where Hollywood produced a lot of great films that were aimed at a teenage audience. These teen movies resonated with most of us because our teenage years were the most angst-ridden and formative years of our lives. The teen movies of the 1980’s vary in genre but … Read more

The Music of the 1980s

The Music of the 1980s

Because all of the major turmoils from the 1960s and the 1970s — the counterculture movement, the Vietnam war, the Watergate scandal and the domestic economic crisis — many Americans were left frustrated. Their confidence towards their fellow citizens and the government were severely undermined. By the end of Jimmy Carter’s presidency, … Read more