What Was Life In China During The 80s?

Shanghai skyline from the bund

China is the third-largest country in the world by landarea, spanning roughly 9.6 million square kilometers. It is also the most populous country in the world, with records showing around 1.428 billion people in 2017. The vast land has several divisions, regions, municipalities, and provinces, which are all ruled under the same … Read more

What Was Life LikeIn Russia During The 80s?

What Was Life LikeIn Russia During The 80s?

Russia is the largest country in the world, spanning over 17.1 million square kilometers in landmass, with roughly 144.5 million in population. Furthermore, Russia is one of the most famous countries that we know of today. Their official language is Russian, but there are other languages in various regions across the land. … Read more

Top Western Movies of the 1980s

cowboy hat with a lasso on top of a stack of hay

If you are looking for 1980s Western movies, this article can be a good start. From provocative dramas to fanciful adventures, you can say that a lot of Western movies during the 1980s are bits of mash-ups. Some have turned into cult favorites.   1) Pale Rider (1985) Clint Eastwood produced, directed, … Read more

The Best Football Players of the 80s

Football lying in a grassy field

American football is a passion for many in this country, with fans making sure to watch every game and follow their favorite players religiously. Every game has its defining moments, with the best players usually holding an important role in making football a definite part of the American sporting experience. There’s no … Read more

80s Memorabilia

colorful graphic art featuring the 80s

The 80s decade is genuinely filled with lots of wonderful music, movies, TV shows, and games. This is the reason why many people who grew up in the 80s are still obsessed with 1980s nostalgia. Every time they see a game, toy, or a piece of a TV show or movie memorabilia, … Read more

80s Movie Posters You’ll Want to Hang on Your Walls

classic movie poster of Raiders of the Lost Ark film

Before Photoshop was introduced, movie posters were an art form. It’s because today, they are hardly special because you can now get to see movie posters from social media sites before you see them in movie theaters. And some cinemas today now have digital screens to show the movie posters instead of … Read more

Best Books About the 80s

cover of Back to Our Future book by David Sirota

There are many ways to relive the 1980s if you’ve been missing the decade a lot. You can watch the Stranger Things series or maybe watch all the films of John Hughes. You can also listen to your favorite 80s songs, bands, and artists during your free time or while working. Aside … Read more

24 Highest Grossing Box Office Movies of the 80s

movie poster of The Empire Strikes back film in 1980

When you think of the ‘80s, most of the things you’ll remember are all about fun. It’s because this decade was filled with wacky styles of creativity and plenty of timeless classics. There are lots of wonderful music, fashion, and movies that the ‘80s brought the world. And when it comes to … Read more

Must Have 80s Concert T-Shirts

Def Leppard’s 80s album cover printed on a black shirt

In the 80s, hairspray, spandex, and rock music were very popular. If you’re from that decade, maybe you still remember the soundtrack you have when you drive to school or out of town. Or perhaps you still remember the concerts you’ve attended way back. Sometimes it feels great to reminisce about those … Read more

80s Toys You Can Still Get Today

View Master toy with reels

If you’re an adult who grew up in the ‘80s, then maybe you’ve played tons of cool toys that are popular way back. Kids today are often busy playing with online games, video games, and games from their smartphones and tablets. However, the high-tech toys they have in the present time will … Read more

Guide to 80s Music Videos

cover of “Hits of the 80s”–compilation of 80s music videos

Music television and VH1 became the new jukebox for a whole generation of music fans in the 80s. During those times, music videos were not just add-ins but significant to the image of an artist. It was on August 1, 1981, when the first music video ever aired on MTV and that … Read more

Popular wedding trends in the 1980s

Popular wedding trends in the 1980s

Congratulations to all the brides and grooms to be! If you are lacking inspiration for your wedding, in this article we will examine the most popular trends and styles for wedding celebrations in the 1980s. You can say this is a throwback series. The weddings were lavishing during those years because it … Read more

Iconic Posters of the 80s

posters outside a cinema

Back in the 80s, movies and their promotions were all about the launch of posters. These movie posters revealed the cast giving hints of the genre of the movie. Fans kept safe these printed posters for years as there was no other way to showcase their love and affiliation with the movies. … Read more

What Was It Like Travelling in the 80s?

The 80s was an unforgettable golden age of pocket-maps, postcards and endless packing.  Getting lost in a foreign town was actually possible, sight-seeing was far more interesting and people really enjoyed living in the present. Travelling during this time was a raging fever that spread everywhere. If you miss cruising around town … Read more

The Interesting Profile of the 80s and 90s Icon Vanilla Ice

Synopsis Robert Matthew Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice is a rapper and a TV reality show star whose one-hit single “Ice Ice Baby” made the world go crazy. No one knew that a broken person like him who didn’t even know who his biological father was, would gain so much popularity with … Read more