Forgotten Child Stars From the 80s – Where Are They Now?

Soleil Moon Frye as Punky Brewster

The 1980s brought the world to a slew of exceptional child stars who wowed viewers with their charisma and acting abilities. These youthful performers swiftly climbed to prominence and became household names, gracing magazine covers and appearing in hit TV shows and films. However, as years passed, several of these young stars … Read more

Games that defined the 80’s

plugged in TV

In the 1980s, video gaming underwent significant transformations. Yes, the 90s brought us the internet, which in turn brought us emails, online shopping and even free online slots games. But for me, the ’80s were the best. From the entire industry nosediving and nearly destroying itself, the arcade business grew faster than … Read more

Most Popular Comedy Movies of the 80s

Most Popular Comedy Movies of the 80s

The 1980s were filled with great comedic movies. These movies have given the public a lot of memorable movies that are still not forgotten. When it comes to 1980s comedies, John Hughes prevailed in the series of the best teen romantic comedies that have now become cult classics. From Sixteen Candles to … Read more

What Were the Most Popular Songs of the 1980s?

Retro Vinyl Records

The 80s era provided us with some prominent personalities that stood the test of time. Hollywood stars giving their fair share of popularity during the 80s; Eddie Murphy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Harrison Ford, to name a few that rose to stardom. But the entertainment industry didn’t simply blow up because of rising … Read more

Forgotten Musical gems from the 80s

A Walkman

Every single year, a lot of musicians come out with their various records. The amount of musical content is now so varied and huge that it’s only natural to forget the songs we’ve listened to before.  While 80s music might be one of the most popular and enduring collections, not all the … Read more

Best Athletes of the 80s

A runner getting into position

Along with music, TV shows, and iconic movies, pop culture in the 1980s also gave us some legendary sports history. In fact, this might be the decade with some of the most memorable events and awe-inspiring moments. Some games were unexpectedly won, now-famous players got their start, and some performances (like Mary … Read more

Weird Songs From the 80s

A black electric guitar

The 1980s had a vast variety of impacts on pop culture, particularly on musical creations, but not all of them were of legendary status. In fact, even some of the hits of that era were–for the lack of a better term–downright weird. Here are just a few examples now:  ‘She Blinded Me … Read more

The Overthrow of Nicolae Ceausescu

Overthrow of Nicolae Ceausescu

After a brief show trial, Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena were summarily executed on December 25, 1989. The execution resulted in the demise of one of the last Stalinist administrations to emerge in Eastern Europe following WWII. Learn more about WWII here.  The fall of governments in Poland, Czechoslovakia, … Read more