Is a Frozen Drink Machine Worth Investing?


If you’re one of the refined individuals who appreciate a good slush, then you know how a simple cup of frozen drink can make your day. If you’re feeling stressed out at work and suddenly thirsty for a refreshment, it’s there for you. If you want to bring life to your party, it’s always your best option. And if you want to add an irreplaceable element to your restaurant, cafe, office, or any business, then there’s nothing like a frozen drink machine to get you started. 

Frozen drink machines come in all shapes and sizes, boasting various features. If you get a frozen drink machine from FBD, you’re not only going to enjoy one of the top-notch brands, but you’ll also get the chance to mix up your flavors the way you like. Some machines will be best for personal use and minimal footprint, and others will be able to endure the high-volume rush hours in the most popular restaurant in town. So if you’re wondering whether a frozen drink machine is worth investing in, it all comes down to you. 

Are you feeling a bit confused? To make up your mind, you’ll have to ask yourself a few questions first. 

1. How are you going to use it?

So, the first question is, why do you want the machine? How are you going to use it? Your choice—and in turn, your calculations—will completely differ depending on whether you’re using it for your own entertainment at home or you’re getting into business using one. 

If you want to use it at home, then you’ll be looking at single-serving options that don’t necessarily have a large capacity. A machine with a single hopper can prove just perfect for you, and you’ll want to go for a lightweight, portable machine to comfortably place anywhere in your home. If you’re considering buying a frozen drink machine for commercial use, you’ll want a more durable one with more features. You’ll need a bigger capacity to give multiple servings, multiple hoppers to provide different flavors and a more durable build with stronger motors. 

Even your choice of design can differ according to your usage, and fancier designs mean higher prices but will totally be worth it. 

2. How many people will it serve?

A frozen drink machine can have a single hopper or multiple ones. The hopper is the case that holds your product, and it can come in different measurements. The most common measurement for hoppers is quarts and gallons, with a gallon holding the capacity of 4 quarts or around 16 cups. You’ll find the exact number of cups each machine can make written on the machine of your choice, but its capacity can range anywhere from 1.6 to 5 gallons. If you’re serving a large crowd, you’ll want a machine of high capacity, preferably with multiple hoppers. Bigger machines will take up larger spaces.

3. What features does it include?

You’ll find different brands, each offering a wide range of features. The most important specs you’ll come across are the following:

Automatic vs. Manual Operation

Do you need to add in the mix yourself every time, or do you only have to put the components in their places and let the machine take care of the rest?

Types of Beverages

Most frozen drink machines can make slush, frozen drinks, even lemonade or iced coffee. But if you want to make a margarita, you’ll need to check if the machine is capable of mixing alcoholic drinks, too. 


You might not be in a hurry at home, but if you’re operating a café, you’ll want to get the most time-efficient machine to take care of your orders quickly. 

Refrigeration System

Some machines require you to add ice for cooling, and others have a built-in cooling system that does the job. 

4. How much does it cost? And what’s its ROI?

Now comes the most important question: how much does it cost? Depending on your previous answers, you should be able to narrow down your options. 

If we break down the cost structure of a frozen drink machine, then your expenses will go into buying the machine itself, purchasing the mixes, its maintenance, and getting its accessories from cups, lids, and straws. If you’re getting a machine for home use, then you’ll calculate all of the expenses you would’ve otherwise spent on getting a frozen drink. But if you’re interested in its ROI for your business, then you’ll do a more lengthy calculation. 

A good-quality machine for commercial use can be anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000. Let’s say you buy a $2,000 frozen drink machine. The slush mix will definitely vary depending on its brand and the supplier, but it’s safe to say that the average price will be 2 cents per ounce. This means that one 8-ounce cup will cost you $0.16, and a slightly bigger 20-ounce cup can cost around $0.4. 

Then, there are the accessories, which you’ll be able to get good deals on if you go for bulk packages and offers. Add in your electricity bills and water consumption, and your 20-ounce frozen drink will cost around $0.5. The costs of maintenance can be kept at a minimum if you take good care of your machine’s operational and cleaning instructions and use good-quality mixes. 

Now comes the part where you make a profit. If you sell each cup for $2, and you sell a minimum average of 20 cups a day, you’ll be covering the costs of the initial investment you’ve made in a matter of two months. Afterward, you’ll only be making profits. So, do you think it is worth investing in? You do the math!

Having the means to provide frozen drinks with the press of a button is amazing, but it all comes down to how much of a worthy investment it is for you. To be able to figure that out, you’ll need to take several points into consideration: how will you use the machine? How many people will it serve? What are the features you’re looking for? All of these answers will help you narrow your search down, after which you’ll be able to compare the cost of your initial investment to its ROI in the long run.

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