4 Amazing Benefits Associated With Children Building Their Own Collections

Encouraging your child to build a collection can prove to be very beneficial, especially today, when connections to the touchable world are becoming fewer in the fast-paced society we live in today. Building a collection and being able to hold actual, concrete art in the palms of your hands has become a lost pastime. And this is due to the speeding of time. We are no longer avid seekers of the wonders of nature and encourage our kids to discover and collect little treasures found in nature and all around us. Sadly, most kids spend their days playing on tablets and phones and are typically more concerned about what is going on in social media and the lives of others instead of being on the lookout for what is unfolding right before their eyes in their environment. Most natural wonders and noteworthy occurrences are captured on a screen.

The Benefits Of Collecting From A Young Age

Building Focus 

Collecting necessitates us keeping our eyes wide open and staying aware because collectors never know when they will be unearthing something astounding, where they will be finding it, or how they will be stumbling across it. Since both hands and eyes are needed for engaging in collecting, a phone will just be in the way. It’s up to a child to remember details. Collecting indicates a belief in possibility, that there is always something mind-blowing hiding amongst the ordinary, just waiting to be discovered. They just need to be open in order to see it.

Teaching Patience And Commitment

Collecting things, whether it is objects collected from nature (pebbles, seashells, leaves), toys (my little pony, marbles, toy cars), or everyday items (stamps, bottle tops), deep discovery often takes time in sifting through an excessive volume of silt before finding the treasures. Building a collection is not about immediate gratification and are not established overnight. It takes patience and commitment and can take a lifetime to gradually and authentically grow over a few years. Because collecting is not involving a single instance or moment in time, it is about amassing memories since each item that makes up a collection should evoke a particular place, time, and story around discovering the piece.

Activating Creativity 

Creativity is essential when it comes to academics. It helps with self-awareness, problem-solving, expression, lowering stress, and offering an expanded sense of time referred to as timelessness. Picking up a coin, for instance, can inspire an aspiring young writer to write about pirates, damsels in distress, and a handsome hero coming to her aid.

Expanding Organizational Thinking

Collecting Items as a hobby necessitates sorting them into groups and categories. Great examples are stamps and coins. Categorizing skills and organizing are helpful in various academic areas like research, large assignments, and studying for exams. Organizational thinking is vita in many professions like lab technicians, judges, teachers, stockbrokers, doctors, police officers, accountants, and firefighters.


The joy of collecting items can bring kids from different backgrounds together, talking about the excitement of collecting and comparing private collections. Building a collection is about curiosity, generating a unique world, arranging and categorizing things according to your preferred order and rules.