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The casino industry is booming at the moment, especially during this past year with many people opting to gamble digitally as a make-shift solution from closures and recent restrictions to land-based casinos. However, not only is the drive and interest for casinos there, the technology has massively been shaken for the better recently. Such innovations that have been developed hint massively for the future and quite frankly, casino technology is really changing the way we game, gamble and everything in between.

The technology front for all casino establishments never disappoints, and if anything sets a standard to the rest of the tech dominated gaming industry. With the development of AI and AR integrations within iGaming, gaming is just about to get a whole lot better. Wondering how exactly? Well don’t move and inch, below we have all the latest updates that you can expect from tech-casino innovations.

Projections for the future

Before we get into the technological innovations from the casino industry, here are a few projections that are expected to occur within the gambling market. Currently, the casino gaming market has been around for a quarter of a century, and within that time it has managed to amass a market of $50 billion from 2017 alone. Forbes however have actually estimated a surplus in that value, with the pandemic really giving the casino industry a huge jump up to $100 billion market value. Of course, with the projections in technology, there is no doubt that this will help contribute to even greater climbs financially.

Technology innovations

Concierge applications

Casinos in real time massively pamper their gambling visitors, there is no doubt about that right? Well this applies to their online platforms too! Casinos have long relied on their communicative services like emails, SMS chat systems and other third-party communication operations. Now the idea of integrating a concierge application is the next aim and task, so that customers can have the power of communication at the palm of their hands.

Call it your next best customer service friend, huge casino establishments are getting the technology made and delivered as we speak, so that this can really become the reality that could elevate the casino experience. With live casinos fully accomplished, this next innovation would make gambling at home one step closer to the real thing. However, it has been rumoured that this could take up to 5 years to develop into the gambling community, so hold tight and sit back, it is coming to an online casino space near you!

Virtual reality and augmented gaming

VR as we know it is already out here and enjoyed by many die hard gamers. What has yet to be unveiled in full effect at casinos, is the use of VR for varying casino games. Imagine you are sitting down on an ordinary table at home, and you switch on your VR headset. From a small town to the land that is known as Sin City, can be achieved instantly. The use of this tech means that you can gamble within a live casino, and interact with the croupier for the outgoings and implementation of your wagers. This could extremely enhance casino table gaming as we know it, and really top of the live casino successes that have been the evolution of the past decade.

While in some casinos this technology is already present, it is currently limited to developers like Microgaming, meaning the world-wide distribution is still a little while away. Nevertheless, when this becomes as available as an online roulette table is, would you be down to getting your own headset? They do not come cheap!

Predictive analysis and data modelling

While this may sound extremely boring to read, the technology is undeniably powerful for the future of casinos and gambling. Today, we have many players choosing online casinos as their gaming outlet of choice. The data used to monitor gambling habits proves key to telling software developers the missing links and story behind gaming behaviour patterns. Everything from game selections and what is most likely to be selected is included, making this super essential and valuable information. This has already been successfully carried out for other applications like Instagram and varying social media applications. It acquaints the needs of the consumer towards the provider (casinos) far more easily.

Wearable devices

So, we have all seen Apple watches everywhere, right? Well there is a market there for technology to unveil gambling initiatives. Over 60 million people worldwide own a wearable set, which could be orientated towards the next new push of iGaming. While this technology is still being developed, if Apple can do it, why can’t iGaming? iOS technology has proven very harmonious with the gambling world thus far, so this would be a great step forward for the future. Alas, this is very much still in progress, with hints of slot gaming possibilities and so much more being possible in the near future. The only thing to do is just wait and see what is about to be unveiled for the future.

Facial recognition

We have already seen these integrated within mobiles and tablets, meaning it is only the next step for casinos. While many players may feel cautious about so much data and tracking occurring, it would considerably help casinos monitor age restrictions and identity. Especially when it comes to players claiming bonuses for example. Usually, players would need to upload documents to prove identity, so this would prove a far more efficient way. The question is, would you like it?


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