5 Popular Sciences That Your Children Will Love

Popular Sciences

The best way of teaching a science minded child is through experiments. This is because a child can’t forget a process that happens right before his eyes. Experimenting helps a child understand basic science concepts much better than when he just reads his text books. The good thing about these experiments is … Read more

Top African-American Inventors

Top African American Inventors

African-Americans suffered seemingly insurmountable hardships due to slavery and discrimination. In spite of that, many of them managed to become great inventors and scientists. They thrived well from their inventions and mankind has benefited so much from them. Invented hair products for black women When you think of a wealthy and successful … Read more

Interesting Facts About the Sun

Interesting Facts About the Sun

The usual things we know about the Sun is that it’s the star (yes, a star — ball of gas like any other stars in the night sky) at the center of the solar system, and of course hot. We’ve rounded up interesting, mind-blowing (and even frightening) facts about the Sun in … Read more

Interesting Facts About the Moon

interesting facts about the moon

Unlike other planets, the Earth has only one moon, which is one of the biggest natural satellites in the solar system. Other than giving us a beautiful light in the evening, there are many fascinating and mind-blowing facts about the Moon that you should know. Why do the moon and the high … Read more