Who was Alan Turing?

Passport photo of Alan Turing at age 16

Alan Mathison Turing was a British mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, and former resident of Ennismore Avenue, Guildford. Alan Turing’s hard work had made him one of the greatest figures of the 20th century. Alan Turing made remarkable contributions in mathematics, cryptanalysis, logic, philosophy, and mathematical biology. Also, he played his role in new … Read more

The Profile of Augustin-Louis Cauchy

Cauchy around 1840. Lithography by Zéphirin Belliard after a painting by Jean Roller.

Baron Augustin-Louis Cauchy was a French engineer, mathematician, and physicist born in 1789. He is known for making and pioneer several contributions to the field of mathematical analysis and continuum mechanics. Additionally, he was the first one to prove calculus theorems and almost singlehandedly founded the complex study of permutation groups in … Read more

The Profile of Georg Ohm

Georg Simon Ohm

George Simon Ohm was a German physicist and mathematician born in 1789.  Serving as a school teacher, Simon began his research on the new electrochemical cell, which was invented by an Italian scientist Alessandro Volta.  As a result, he came up with his own equipment, which led to one of the most … Read more

The Profile of Henry Cavendish

Picture and signature of the noted natural philosopher, Henry Cavendish

Henry Cavendish was an English natural philosopher and a theoretical and experimental chemist and physicist. He is mostly known for discovering hydrogen, which is today known as “inflammable air”. Personally, Cavendish was a shy man with great accuracy and precision highlighted in his experiments related to atmospheric air composition, properties of different … Read more

The Profile of James Watt

James Watt, a Scottish inventor and scientist

Born in 1736, James Watt was a Scottish inventor, chemist, and mechanical engineer. He was one of the most acclaimed individuals of his time mostly credited for improving Thomas Newcomen’s 1712 Newcomen steam engine and coming up with his Watt steam engine in 1776.  The Watt steam engine was fundamental to the … Read more

The Profile of William Herschel

William Herschel01

Frederick William Herschel mostly known as William Herschel was a German astronomer and composer of music. He migrated to Great Britain in 1757 when was nineteen. William Herschel was known for many scientific achievements such as constructing the first large telescope in 1774. He spent many years surveying the sky and stars.  … Read more

The Profile of Daniel Bernoulli

Portrait of Daniel Bernoulli, around 1720-1725

Born in 1700, Daniel Bernoulli was a Swiss mathematician and physicist. He belonged to the Bernoulli family from Basel and was amongst the family’s most prominent mathematicians. He is known for his applications of mathematics to mechanics especially fluid mechanics and pioneering work in statistics and probability.  The Bernoulli principle is also … Read more

The Profile of Antoine Lavoisier

David - Portrait of Monsieur Lavoisier

Antoine Lavoisier was a French chemist known for the 18th-century chemical revolution. He had a huge influence on the history of chemistry as welal as the history of biology. He is most noted for discovering the role of oxygen in combustion. Additionally, Antoine named oxygen and hydrogen while opposing the phlogiston theory. … Read more

The Profile of Leonhard Euler


Leonhard Euler was a Swiss astronomer, physicist engineer, and mathematician. Lauded for being one of the greatest mathematicians in history, Euler throughout his lifetime worked and introduced several important concepts mostly related to mathematics. He is also known for his work in fluid dynamics, mechanics, astronomy, optics and music theory, etc.  According … Read more

1984: When Apple’s Macintosh Said Hello


Over three decades ago, Apple changed the face of the technology industry after it released the Macintosh, the world’s first commercial personal computer, in 1984. Known for many other innovations, the company and its creative team yearned to have a computer meant to be used by “normal individuals in the street” and … Read more

Windows 1.0: The Landmark OS


If you look at the operating system of the computer or laptops in offices, schools, or homes, there’s a high chance you’ll see using iconic Microsoft Windows. It’s no surprise as it holds about 70% of the market share, leaving their closest rivals for a combined 20%. It all began within Windows … Read more

Learn About the Greek God Hermes


Known as the herald and messenger of the gods, Hermes gained a reputable image in Greek mythology. This Olympian god of flocks and heralds, travelers and hospitality, thievery and cunning, diplomacy, language and writing, and even astronomy and astrology. Depicted as a handsome, athletic, and beardless youthful lad or a bearded old … Read more

The Profile of John Dalton


John Dalton is one of the most well-known figures of the 18th Century. He was a physicist, chemist, and meteorologist. Throughout this career, Dalton worked on different disciplines such as color blindness, atomic theory, and even atomic laws. His theories and publications regarding atoms are still relevant today and played a huge … Read more

Who is Asclepius?

Michael F. Mehnert

You might have heard his name in the history of medicine, particularly when he’s always being associated with the universal medical symbol. Now, who is Asclepius and what was his influence in the medical field? Why is a mythological creature so relevant in the real world? In this article, we will have … Read more

The History of DNA Fingerprinting


DNA Fingerprinting revolutionized the world of science and forensics since its remarkable discovery. Over three decades after its first forensic application, it’s still widely used to pinpoint criminals and free innocents while also transcending into other fields, such as medicine and tracing. A big surprise to many is finding out that its … Read more

Jarvik-7: The First Successful Artificial Heart

Jarvik-7: The First Successful Artificial Heart

The 1980s brought many valuable discoveries and innovations to the world. Without many of these inventions, life may have been far different from what it is today. One of the 80s greatest products in science was the invention of Jarvik-7, the first successful artificial heart implanted on a human being. While it … Read more

The Profile of Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage

Born in 1791, Charles Babbage was a mathematician, English polymath, philosopher, inventor, and mechanical engineer. He was credited with introducing and inventing the concept of the digital programmable computer. He was also termed “father of the computer” by some and credited for inventing the first mechanical computer, the Difference Engine.  Even though … Read more

The Profile of Benjamin Franklin

A portrait of Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin aka “The Founding Father of America” was a scientist, writer, postmaster, and Freemason, etc. As a scientist, he made several significant inventions and discoveries that remain relevant to date. On the educational side, he is credited for founding many organizations such as the University of Pennsylvania.  As a politician, he … Read more