10 Misunderstandings About Fort Lauderdale Property Insurance Claims


Property insurance claims in Fort Lauderdale can be overwhelming and confusing for homeowners or property owners as they navigate through a maze of paperwork and negotiations. Unfortunately, there are also several misconceptions surrounding property insurance claims that can lead to confusion and potential financial loss. The purpose of this blog is to debunk the top ten misunderstandings about property insurance claims in Fort Lauderdale by providing information to empower property owners.

1. “I don’t need insurance; the law protects my property.”

Misunderstanding: Some property owners believe that they are exempt from having property insurance because the law will cover any damage or loss caused by disasters or accidents.

Reality: Although laws may offer protections, they rarely provide coverage. It is crucial to have property insurance as it safeguards against risks such as fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. You can also get in touch with Fort Lauderdale property damage lawyers Schilling & Silvers PLLC for extensive legal advice, if necessary.

2. “My claim will be denied if I don’t report it immediately.”

Misunderstanding: Some property owners in Fort Lauderdale feel obligated to inform their insurer immediately after experiencing damage because they fear their claim will be rejected if they do not do so promptly.

Reality: While it is important to notify your insurer, failing to provide notice does not automatically invalidate your claim. Most insurance policies typically include a notice period allowing you to report any damages within a specific time frame after discovering them.

3. “My insurance provider will cover my repair claims.”

Misconception: Some property owners mistakenly believe that their insurers will fully reimburse them for the cost of replacing or repairing their damaged property.

Reality: In reality, insurance policies often have deductibles, coverage limits, and factors like depreciation to be considered. Moreover, insurers frequently offer settlements based on replacement cost value (RCV) or actual cash value (ACV), which may not cover the replacement cost.

4. “I will have to accept whatever compensation I’m offered.”

Misconception: There is a misconception among property owners that they cannot dispute or negotiate the settlement offered by their insurers.

Reality: The truth is that property owners have the right to dispute an insurer’s assessment and negotiate for a settlement. Seeking advice and gathering documentation can strengthen your position during such negotiations.

5. “I can file as many claims as often as I like.”

Misconception: Some property owners assume that filing a claim will have no impact on their premiums or insurability.

Reality: However, it’s important to note that frequent small claims can lead to increased premiums in the future and may even result in non-renewal of coverage or denial of claims. It’s important to consider the impact on your insurance record before you decide to file a claim for damage.

6. “My insurance will cover all kinds of damage.”

Misconception: Many property owners mistakenly believe that their insurance policies provide coverage for all types of damage regardless of the cause.

Reality: Insurance policies often have exclusions or limited coverage for causes of damage such as floods, earthquakes, mold, or acts of war. It’s crucial to understand the coverage details in your policy to avoid any surprises when filing a claim.

7. “My insurance adjuster will ensure I receive the maximum payout.”

Misconception: Some property owners may have the misconception that their insurance adjuster is solely dedicated to protecting their interests and ensuring compensation.

Reality: Insurance adjusters are employed by the insurer and may prioritize minimizing claim payouts. It’s important to conduct your research, seek advice when needed, and consider hiring a public insurance adjuster or an attorney who can advocate for your rights.

8. “I can get rid of the damage myself to quicken my claims payout.”

Misconception: Property owners might assume that they should remove damaged items before the insurance adjuster arrives in order to expedite the claims process.

Reality: It is important to document and take photos of all damages and keep any damaged property until the adjuster has a chance to inspect it. Getting rid of items soon can result in rejected or reduced claims.

9. “Getting professional help will lengthen the claims process.”

Misconception: Some property owners think that if they hire professional assistance like a public insurance adjuster or an homeowners’ insurance attorney from a firm like Schilling & Silvers in Fort Lauderdale, their claim will be delayed.

Reality: While involving professionals in the claims process may slightly lengthen the timeline, it can greatly increase the likelihood of receiving a settlement. Professionals are skilled at navigating insurance policies, handling negotiations, and ensuring compensation.

10. “I’m more than capable enough to handle the claims process myself.”

Misconception: Property owners may believe they can handle the claims process on their own.

Reality: The claims process can be complicated, time-consuming, and emotionally draining. Seeking the help of professionals who specialize in property insurance claims can provide expertise, support, and invaluable guidance throughout the process.


It is crucial to dispel misconceptions about property insurance claims so that property owners can make informed decisions during the claims process. By gaining an understanding of insurance policies and seeking guidance from professionals, property owners can safeguard their interests, optimize their claim settlements, and alleviate the potential frustrations that often accompany such situations.

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