Weave Hairstyle Techniques That Every Woman Should Know

Weave Hairstyle Techniques That Every Woman Should Know

Weave hairstyles make it easy to update your hairstyle. Weave hairstyles can be versatile and stylish, but they also require minimal maintenance. In addition, they are a great accessory that doesn’t have the “ouch” factor. This hairstyle involves adding hair extensions to the natural hair or sewing to alter its style. Different … Read more

The History of the Bonnet

an illustration of women wearing bonnets in their heads

While the bonnet can be used by both sexes, this type of hat has been mostly associated with women’s fashion. But in today’s 21st century, bonnets are most commonly worn by babies, Scottish soldiers, and women belonging to some Christian denominations (such as the Amish and conservative Quakers). The earliest bonnets (17th … Read more

Eco-friendly Fashion Choices to Consider

women choosing cotton bags in a fashion boutique.

The fashion industry has one of the most massive carbon footprints on our planet; however, slowly but steadily, fashion brands are becoming more eco-conscious. As fashion goes green, you too can do your fair share and contribute to a sustainable clothing industry by becoming a more conscious consumer and making eco-friendly fashion … Read more

Accessorizing Like a Pro for Men – 10 Top Tips

Accessorizing Like a Pro for Men – 10 Top Tips

Some people naively consider that accessorizing is just for women. No that’s wrong! Men can also do that, and look like a pro if done right. Continue to read for our ten top guidelines on how to do simply that. Bags Just fill your pocket simply with money it does not seem … Read more

Why Has the Popularity of Tattoos Grown?

Why Has the Popularity of Tattoos Grown

In 1980’s or 90’s, tattoos were a part of allegiance to a particular group of people. But from the beginning of the 21st century, the popularity of tattoos has increased somewhat. The tattoo is a permanent design, figure, mark, or image on the body and it is done following a specific process. … Read more