How to Pick Out A Watch

How to Pick Out A Watch

Everyone desires to buy a watch that will perfectly suit their needs. However, sometimes choosing the best watch for you may be more challenging than expected. This is because there are many types of watches you find in the market today. These watches have significant differences that you will only realize after … Read more

Eye catchy trend at stradivarius

Eye catchy trend at stradivarius

Fashion is always changing. Its essence is built on a woman’s desire to gain elegance and flair. Stradivarius has a feminine, youthful, and inventive character. In the real world, Stradivarius denotes dream and imagination. Stradivarius’ designs are meant to enchant the people. They were particularly interested in designing unique fashion designs. The … Read more

Best fushion kurta pyjamas for you to rock the wedding season

kurta pazama

The Indian-American population in the United States has grown by more than 50% since 2010. More individuals immigration to the United States means more opportunity to share diverse cultural practises, beliefs, customs, and, of course, fashion. Wearing Indian-inspired clothing is a terrific way to stand out among the many men’s autumn fashion … Read more

What Were the Major Fashion Trends of the 1930s?

a black and white picture of two 

People remember the 1930s as the era of the great depression and the stock market crash. It took a long time for people to come out of this tragedy and start life again with a new hope. At last, the economic boom was over, and it brought inspiring prolificacy to make life … Read more

Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Guest Attire

Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Guest Attire

The wedding season is in full swing, and people are starting to get excited about their upcoming weddings. If you’re one of the lucky invitees who has been asked to be a guest at someone’s wedding, then this blog post is for you. This article will go over some tips that will … Read more

Hip Hop Fashion in the 90s

Two men wearing large black jackets

The 90s was the era when hip hop gained the most popularity, both in music and fashion. By the 90s, it was very clear that hip hop wasn’t just a music genre but also a fashion trend. Throughout the 90s, some people were still curious about the newly emerging hip-hop fashion, while … Read more

Deadly Fashion Trends from the 1900s

A Chinese woman with her feet unwrapped

If you go through the history, you will find it full of completely insane fashion trends. Several of these trends were not only dangerous but deadly as well. Ancient people had all types of crazy ideas which they believed were fashionable, healthy, and substantial. The same now applies to the trends of … Read more

Women’s Shoes in the 1900s

Women’s high-heeled shoes with dyed black harp seal fur

Women’s footwear in the 1900s reflects the century’s political, social, and economic changes. During this era, the two world wars led to a shortage in materials, resulting in rationing the supply of various materials, such as rubber, leather, silk, etc., to prioritize the availability for military use. Heels were replaced with wooden … Read more

Weird Fashion Styles from the Early 1900s

Anna Pavlova in 1915

Humans are complicated. They would design things that they think suit them. The criterion for “looking good” has been a subjective debate since the early days. What was considered a style statement in ancient times would indeed look weird in current times. There were times in history when humans introduced such trends … Read more

6 Reasons Why Women Wear Wigs

6 Reasons Why Women Wear Wigs

Wigs have been around for centuries and people choose at the time to wear a wig for several reasons, whether to transmit a style or to represent a position. Wigs are getting increasingly popular in current times for several distinct reasons. Read about why a woman can choose to wear a wig, … Read more

What is Gothic Fashion?

a gothic woman sitting on the grass

Gothic fashion, tied to the 18th and 19th centuries, is a clothing style marked by mysterious, homogenous, dark, and antiquated features. Members of the Goth subcultures wear this style of clothes. Moreover, the typical Gothic fashion includes dark clothing, dark lipstick, and dyed black hair. Both females and males can wear dark … Read more

Weave Hairstyle Techniques That Every Woman Should Know

Weave Hairstyle Techniques That Every Woman Should Know

Weave hairstyles make it easy to update your hairstyle. Weave hairstyles can be versatile and stylish, but they also require minimal maintenance. In addition, they are a great accessory that doesn’t have the “ouch” factor. This hairstyle involves adding hair extensions to the natural hair or sewing to alter its style.  Different … Read more

What is Punk Fashion?

A male punk holding a pole

Punk fashion generally consists of specific hairstyles, jewelry, makeup, clothes, or body modifications. Even though it is a fashion type, punk fashion can never be discussed without a reference to its relationship with the music industry. Everyone knows about classic rock music and the punk fashion these artists glorified.  History of the … Read more

The Different Types of Shawls

a woman wearing a knit shawl

Who would have thought that a simple wrap can be fashionable? Shawls have been around since they first existed in 14th-century Persia. The first shawls were woven rectangular pieces of cloth worn over the shoulders and originally made from the wool of the cashmere goat or pashmina goat. From Kashmir, the shawl … Read more

What is the Gigot Sleeve?

a dress with the gigot sleeves (puffy sleeves)

One of the most distinctive elements of 1800s fashion is the gigot sleeve. These puffy sleeves might look preposterous today, but at the time they were all the rage. The 1820s to the 1830s paved the way for the distinctive gigot sleeves. They were also referred to as “leg of mutton” sleeves … Read more

What is a Baldric?

Pistol baldric from the late 18th or early 19th century

Belts have been worn as an item of clothing since the Bronze Age. But in those eras and the many centuries that followed, belts were exclusively worn by men. While almost all belts are worn around the waist, only a few others are worn around other parts of the body. One of … Read more

What Makes a Dandy Style?

Man in a blue suit and blue polka dot tie

Nowadays, there are still well-dressed men with refined sartorial tastes or “metrosexual” guys who pay exaggerated attention to their physical appearance. Maybe you can refer to these men as modern dandies because they pretty much have the same characteristics as the dandies from the Victorian era. But what really is a dandy? … Read more

Introduction to the Dinner Jacket

A man wearing black vest under a black coat

Since the invention of coats, they have become commonplace in menswear (and women’s wear, too). There are many types of coats designed for every occasion and situation. This time we’re talking about the dinner jacket – a man’s short jacket, typically black and without tails, that can be worn for formal and … Read more

The Best Types of Boots for Different Occasions

boots of a male and female couple in the snow

There’s a quote that says, “Good boots take you good places,” and knowing the right type of boots will surely take you to many great destinations. You can even conquer the world!  However, you cannot go to a fancy formal occasion wearing cowboy boots or imagine yourself scaling a craggy cliff wearing … Read more

The Garibaldi Shirt – the Blouse’s Direct Ancestor

a photograph of Empress Eugenie de Montijo wearing the Garibaldi shirt (blouse)

The blouse is one of the most versatile items in women’s clothing. One can wear a blouse for different occasions and situations. It can be worn for work, school, casual and semi-formal events, or a fun date with your friends or your significant other. It is available long-sleeved, short-sleeved or sleeveless, or … Read more

The History of the Farthingale

English School Portrait of a Lady, 1595 – 1606

One of the most prominent elements of 16th-century fashion for women is the farthingale.  The farthingale is a type of underskirt that has stiff circular hoops sewn to it to make it rigid. These hoops increase in diameter from the waist down to the hem. It was usually anchored to the waist … Read more

The Modesty and Manliness of the Codpiece

Giovanni Battista Moroni

Like women who have their “essentials” when it comes to underwear clothing, men have them, too. Every one of us has to wear undergarments to protect our private parts, preserve our modesty, and look decent in other people’s eyes. Of course, you know about some types of men’s underwear like briefs and … Read more

What Is a French Hood?

portrait of Queen Mary I wearing a rounded French hood

The French hood is one of the most distinguished fashion items during the 1500s, just at the onset of the Renaissance period. Obviously enough, the French hood originated in France. It is a type of bonnet backed by a stiff frame. But unlike bonnets of the 18th to 19th centuries, which resembled … Read more

The History of the Bonnet

an illustration of women wearing bonnets in their heads

While the bonnet can be used by both sexes, this type of hat has been mostly associated with women’s fashion. But in today’s 21st century, bonnets are most commonly worn by babies, Scottish soldiers, and women belonging to some Christian denominations (such as the Amish and conservative Quakers). The earliest bonnets (17th … Read more

The History of the Tippet

Portrait of unknown woman in a black tippet, straw hat and pearls

The tippet used to be one of the few clothing items worn by both men and women. It is a long and narrow strip of clothing, resembling a scarf, worn over the shoulders. It resembles a stole but a more secular rather than ecclesiastical variety. The purpose of the tippet is primarily … Read more

The History of the Chemise

a woman wearing elbow-length chemise

The chemise is one of the clothing items that became a standard undergarment in 1800s fashion. The term has been traditionally referred to as a dress cut straight at the sides and left unfitted in the waist. It was a basic garment designed to be worn closest to the skin, preventing the … Read more

The History of the Pelerine

white pelerine 

Modish and sophisticated women of the 1700s and the 1800s would wear the most beautiful dresses and clothing items imaginable. One of them is the pelerine, something that’s very rarely worn nowadays, usually among the Roman Catholic clergy. Most people today might probably never even have just seen, read, or heard of … Read more

The History of the Bustle

red dress with a bustle from 1870 

Long before the advent of creams, pills, and cosmetic surgery to add fullness and give a desirable shape to the buttocks, there was the bustle. Just like the corset or the crinoline, the bustle is made to give a flattering silhouette to a woman’s body. The bustle is one of the clothing … Read more