Charlie Nagreen his Impact on the Hamburger

A classic hamburger 

Someone once initiated everything that exists today at some point in history, and that’s the same case for hamburgers. These scrumptious hamburgers have us hooked nowadays. Hamburgers were pioneered by a man with a brain who knew what people desired. Charlie Nagreen is called the ‘Father of Hamburger’ because he invented it, … Read more

Carl Karcher and His Impact on American Fast Food

The famous American Cheeseburger 

Carl Karcher is not an ordinary man. He was the person who revolutionized the American Fast food industry. He developed an empire of fast-food chains across the United States of America, which is now spread worldwide, though with a different name. His ever-famous star-shaped logo is ruling in several countries. Despite the … Read more

What Are The Grades And Different Types Of Hamburger?

A classical hamburger 

It’s a fact that Hamburg, Germany, is the home of the very first cheeseburger. Although the motivation for the burger came from Hamburg, the sandwich idea came into being a lot later.  Also, the idea of minced meat probably originates before Hamburg from specific perspectives. It may very well be close to … Read more

The Impact of Germany on the Development of the Hamburger

A hamburger 

The Hamburger lies on the list of the world’s most popular foods. America alone is known to sell 50 billion hamburgers annually. However, the humble beef-patty-on-the-bun is not more than 100 years old. It is associated with World War II soldiers, American businessmen, medieval traders, German political refugees, and Neolithic farmers. Hamburgers … Read more

Founders of Burger King

Burger King’s classic logo

Burger King is a leading fast-food chain specializing in hamburgers headquartered in Miami-Dade County. Initially, it was founded as Insta-Burger King in 1953. Unfortunately, it ran into some financial difficulties, which led to David Edgerton and James McLamore purchasing the company and renaming it Burger King. Later, the company switched hands and … Read more

Learn About the Science Behind Making Beer

Drinking beer is one of the ways to enjoy a hot weekend afternoon. It is also a popular beverage when watching movies, gathering with friends, or even while eating dinner. But did you know that there’s a lot of science that goes into creating beer? Science is probably the last thing on … Read more

What is a Beer Spa?

wooden beer keg

There are many types or kinds of spas that you can try in order to wind down and let your body relax after a few weeks of hard work, but out of all of those types, there are a few that are more peculiar than the others. One of those particular types … Read more

The History of Asahi Beer

a bottle of Asahi Beer

Asahi Beer is arguably one of the most recognizable beer brands not only in Asia but also around the world. Its popularity is mainly attributed to its history, as the beer has been around since the 1890s, making it also one of the oldest surviving beer brands. Who created Asahi Beer? And … Read more

The History of Harbin Beer

a bottle of Harbin beer

Harbin Brewery is one of the earliest beer manufacturers and beer brands in China, making it popular throughout the country. It is also one of the most successful domestic beer brands in the country. This company manufactures different Harbin beers, which are sold nationwide except Tibet. This beer is also exported to … Read more

The History of Mythos Beer

logo of Mythos beer on a bottle

Mythos beer is a light straw-colored lager beer that is sold in both 330ml and 500ml bottles and cans. It is a Greek beer brand by Mythos Brewery, which is created in 1997. It is manufactured by Olympic Brewery since 2015, which is a subsidiary of Carlsberg Group. There are many breweries … Read more

The Oldest Breweries in the World

beer being poured in a glass

Beer is one of the ancient beverages in the world, so it might not be surprising that there had been breweries established way, way back then. But what is surprising is that some of the oldest breweries are still existing – and boy, are we glad they’re still here! Believe it or … Read more

Different Barbecue Methods And Techniques

grilled meat

Some of the most expert cooks spend most of their time outdoors, grilling the most delectable dishes to suit your palate. Nevertheless, you don’t really need to be an expert to come up with the juiciest and tastiest grilled meat so long as you know some of the basic techniques in doing … Read more

Interesting Facts about Beer

Beer is the most popular and widely-consumed alcoholic drink and the third-most-popular drink overall, next to water and tea. That’s already one fact about your favorite beverage. Beer is great with everything – burgers, pizza, or a great home-cooked meal – and of course, it’s great for drinking at parties. Being able … Read more

Interesting Quotes about Beer

Interesting Quotes about Beer

Beer is a great invention. It’s the ever-present, almighty inspiration behind so many works of art, music, literature, film, and of course, one-night-stands. It’s no wonder that so many famous people and prominent citizens have said quotable quotes about the drink. Perhaps they simply can’t live without beer on the fridge, or … Read more

The History of the French Fry

The French fry has become a fast-food staple over the years, and even high-end restaurants have their own twists of how to add flavor and texture to this delicious snack or side dish. Its popularity is steadily increasing, and more and more people around the world are having a taste of its … Read more

The History of Beer in New England

two glasses of hazy beer

The founding of the beer-making industry in New England was an accident, as the beer-brewing pilgrims who stayed in the area more than 400 years ago were intending to move to another location other than New England. But the booming beer business in the region is not an accident since it is … Read more

The History of Russian Beer

a glass of Baltika beer

Most drinkers probably know Russia as the birthplace of vodka, but there are other popular alcoholic beverages that are manufactured or brewed in the country as well, and one of them is the lager beer. However, Russia did not have breweries that specialized in lager beer until the 20th century due to … Read more

The History of Beer in Texas

a can of Lone Star Beer with a silhouette of Texas

Texas is warm and humid, which are the reasons why the people living there are always thirsty and craving for drinks. There are many beverages available in the state, but none can satisfy the thirst of most Texans than a cold glass of beer. While Texas is home to a few of … Read more

The History of Beer in China

beer drank in a Chinese bowl

China is considered one of the biggest exporters of beer in the world, as the country is home to several popular beer brands like Snow Beer and Tsingtao Beer. Both of the previously mentioned beers are lager, which is made by cold brewing yeasts until they ferment near the bottom of the … Read more

Interesting Facts about Hamburgers

A table with four hamburgers served

There’s nothing more American than the hamburger. When you ask people around the world to list some American foods, the burger is most probably on top of the list. People love them, and billions of them are consumed around the world. The hamburger is a much-loved sandwich that most people have craved … Read more

Interesting Quotes about Hamburgers

A hamburger set on a plate

Hamburgers aren’t the healthiest food in the world, but boy oh boy, aren’t they tasty? A juicy beef patty sandwiched in two hot buns, layered with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, cheese, ketchup, onions, or whatever you like – it’s the ultimate comfort food. Perhaps one reason why it’s a typical “comfort” food is … Read more

The History of Beer in Belgium

Beer is one of the popular alcoholic beverages in Belgium and comes in several types.  It has shaped the country’s economic, social, and cultural viability. Beer has been so embedded in the everyday lives of the Belgians and their culture that UNESCO has inscribed Belgian beer on the “Intangible Cultural Heritage” list. … Read more

The History of Beer in Ireland

When you think about Ireland, the things that usually come to mind are Saint Patrick, U2, stunning castles, wind-swept coastal mountains, rolling hills, leprechauns, and of course, Guinness. You cannot end your visit to Ireland without having a pint of Guinness at a local pub. Early history If you think that only … Read more

The History of Beer in the Philippines

Beer is, by far, the most popular alcoholic beverage in the Philippines. It seems that beer bonds all Filipinos coming from every walk of life — from the tricycle drivers loafing around at the nearest neighborhood store to the yuppies spending their after-work hours at a ritzy joint in the city.  The … Read more

5 Must Have to Start a Barbeque Party

If you’re here, then you must be on the verge of planning an epic barbeque party and you need a little guidance. First of all, there’s no shame in asking for help, second, we’re more than happy to give you some pointers on where to start. So, before anything, make sure you … Read more

Outdoor Drinking with a View: 7 of the Best Sky Bars in Dubai

With more than 300 days of sunshine per year, Dubai is a city with perpetual good weather. Dubai’s jaw-dropping architecture, coupled with its picture-perfect weather, makes it the ideal city for some spectacular al fresco drinking. Like the brunch scene in Dubai, the art of drinking al fresco is something of a … Read more

A Guide To Gluten Free Hamburgers

A hamburger next to a kitchen torch

If you haven’t actively followed it, you still probably have heard about gluten and gluten free food items. Many people have decided to shun gluten and remove it from their lives, and many others have had no choice. Maybe you have thought so too, and want to learn how to enjoy hamburgers … Read more

What Exactly is Bacon?

Bacon slices on a pan

We’re all familiar with the crunchy texture and salty flavor of bacon, but what exactly is it? Read on, as we breakdown the stuff this delightful breakfast is. Where does it come from? Different varieties of bacon. How it’s made? What nutritional value it has to offer? And how best to store … Read more

What is Gluten-Free Beer?

Whether you’re avoiding gluten for allergy, diet, general health, or even trend reasons, one of the disappointing things is that regular beer becomes totally off-limits for you. This is because several cereal grains, such as the delicious beer-making ones like oats, barley, rye, and wheat, are naturally packed with gluten. Plus, most … Read more