Highest-Grossing Blockbuster Films of the 90s

Blockbuster Films

The 1990s was a golden era for cinema, with numerous blockbuster hits that left a lasting impact on Hollywood. The decade witnessed a cinematic revolution, captivating audiences with the evolving possibilities of film. From disaster flicks to space adventures and the resurrection of extinct creatures, ’90s blockbusters embraced limitless possibilities. Advancements in … Read more

Popular Anime Series of the 90s

Pokemon trading cards background

Before the ’90s, anime was just for nerds. It might have been big in Japan since the 80s, but most people in the West didn’t get it. But when it rolled around in the 90s, boy, did it blow a lot of people’s minds. It was also the decade when anime became … Read more

Y2K Panic: What is the Millennium Bug All About?

Concept of error in program code

These days, when you hear “Y2K,” you might think of a retro fashion trend. But a couple of decades ago, it was a scary term that popped up in the news and kept a lot of people up at night for a very different reason. But during the 90s, Y2K was like … Read more

Top 90s Girl Bands

Spice Girls in 2019

The 1990s were a fantastic era for music, and a big part of that was the incredible girl groups that ruled the scene. While boy bands ruled the decade, the girls were not left behind. Armed with messages of female empowerment, girl bands surged the music scene, flooding the stages. The Spice … Read more

The Dot-Com Bubble Burst and the Companies that Survived

Bursting of the dot com bubble

When it comes to financial bubbles, the late 1990s and early 2000s dot-com bubble is one for the books. Unlike other bubbles we’ve seen, like real estate or energy, this one was unique because the internet was still a relatively new technology. Investors recognized the potential of this new way of communicating … Read more

Iconic TV Shows of the 90s

Central Perk set from the TV series Friends

The 1990s were a vibrant era in pop culture, and these shows were not only popular with millennials but continue to have a lasting impact, with some still being enjoyed today. This list includes a diverse range of shows, from those that won multiple Emmy awards to hidden gems that gained cult … Read more

Nelson Mandela and How He Changed South Africa in the 90s

Nelson Mandela’s photo with the flag of South Africa in the background, shaped like the country of South Africa

Nelson Mandela is a global icon celebrated worldwide for his remarkable life and enduring impact. Mandela’s influence exceeds the boundaries of his hometown, South Africa, and it’s too important to ignore. Mandela’s transformation of South Africa is profound. He ushered in a democratic South Africa to replace the oppressive apartheid regime. His … Read more

What are the 90s Inventions that Transformed Technology?

a retro cellphone

The 1990s marked the beginning of a shift toward the world we recognize today: cell phones were becoming commonplace, and household computers were on the rise. During this era, people were introduced to sleek digital devices that offered a glimpse of the future gadgets we now rely on. In 1996, the era … Read more