Little-Known Facts About Pop Culture in The 90s

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When we remember the 90s, that life might seem a little like a dream. It was a simpler time, but one that was pretty awesome as well. In particular, it might seem like pop culture then was much more interesting than it is today, at least for many 90s kids.  Most of … Read more

Guide to the 90’s Impact on Pop Culture

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The 1990s was a decade of contradictions and extremes. Americans built bigger, drove expensive cars, and more elaborate houses, and worked for more hours to get paid more. Americans spent more, borrowed more, and took on more debt in the 1990s. The impact of pop culture on Americans in the 1990s made … Read more

Learn about that Iconic Movie Pulp Fiction

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The year 1994 was a turning point for the American movie industry, Hollywood. Quentin Tarantino released his ever-famous Pulp Fiction. This movie was conceived and written over two years, 1992 – 1993, and the movie was a cinematic masterpiece. Pulp Fiction had not only been a movie appreciated in that era but … Read more

Artist Profile: Dr. Dre

artwork featuring Eazy-E and Dr. Dre

When people think about some of the most influential artists in hip-hop, most of them would tell you that Dr. Dre should be on that list. Andre Romelle Young, better known in the industry by his stage name Dr. Dre, has become not only a successful hip-hop artist in his youth but … Read more

Artist Profile: Eminem

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There are only a handful of musicians or artists that are as iconic in the rap genre as Eminem, who is also considered as one of the best-selling rappers of all time because of his amazing feat of selling 220 million albums worldwide. Despite being a white American personality, Eminem was able … Read more

Artist Profile: TLC

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TLC is considered as one of the most popular musical girl groups in the 90s, and their popularity is mainly attributed to their unique style in both fashion and music that sparked a new R&B trend in the United States and other countries around the world. When they became famous, the group … Read more

Top British Bands of the 90s

The 90s era was a golden period for the music industry. Each day witnessed a new band or solo artist jumping into the scene with new music and talent. Even though much of it was going in different parts of the world such as America but Britain was not far behind either. … Read more

Artist Profile: Nirvana

Kurt Cobain impersonator performing live

If you ask people what they think is the most popular rock band in the 90s, most of them will tell you that it is Nirvana. This Seattle-based band, which consists of vocalist and guitarist Kurt Cobain, bassist Krist Novoselic, and their longest-tenured drummer Dave Grohl, is regarded as the spearhead of … Read more

Top Television Stars of the 90s

Aniston has been among the best actresses of the 1990s

If we talk about the era where the tele-media industry boomed, it would be the era of the 1990s. Many critics believe that the 90s was a decade that gave us a remarkably great time of entertainment and set new standards for the industry. It gave us many amazing stars, celebrities, and … Read more

Artist Profile: Beck

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For many years experimental music has existed but never reached the spotlight, mainly due to the fact that it is complex and often convoluted sound is an acquired taste for many avid music listeners. However, there was one particular artist that brought popularity to experimental music in the 90s, and that is … Read more

Artist Profile: My Bloody Valentine

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Shoegaze, otherwise known as dream pop, was one of the revolutionary genres that have come out of the 1980s. Most of the artists and bands that incorporate shoegaze into their music have an eerie, dreamlike, and sometimes unnerving sound to their songs, and this style of music is achieved through subtle guitar … Read more

The Best Albums of the 1990s

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Many say that the 1990s was the best time to be a music fan. And we tend to agree – there has never been a decade that saw such diverse musical styles and genres competing for the top of the charts. The 1990s witnessed the end of previous styles and the rise … Read more

Supermodels of the 1990s

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While we now have Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, the Supermodels (with a capital “S”) of the 1990s were a breed of their own. They dominated the runways, glossy magazine pages, and newspaper headlines – in short, they became household names. The 1990s brought us the group of elite supermodels known as … Read more

Hairstyles That Trended in the 1990s

afro braids

Like 1990s fashion, 1990s hairstyles are something that we either loved or wish we could forget. From a wide range of various ‘dos that ruled 1990s hairstyle, which of them should make a comeback to the new millennium? Is it Princess Diana’s regal short cut or the “Rachel” hair? Let this list … Read more

The most popular video games from the 90s

The most popular video games from the 90s

The video game industry has developed rapidly in the past decade. Now we have high-end games that have outstanding graphics, gameplay, and story. This was not always the case. In the 90s people enjoyed games which at that time were considered to have the best graphics. Right now the situation has changed. … Read more

Most Popular R&B bands in the 90s

Studio album by 112, an R&B band

Just as the 90s gave birth to some of the most popular and iconic artists of all time, the same goes for bands as well. The 90s was a gateway for many music genres, such as alternative rock/grunge, hip-hop, and, most importantly, R&B. Perhaps the best thing about R&B was that it … Read more

Top pop culture trends in the 90s

The cast of Friends in

The 90s gave us a lot of pop culture trends to follow, many of which we still remember today. Some of these might not have aged well, while others might have been carried forward and still be relevant today. There are pop culture references that scream 90s whenever we mention them, while some iconic pop … Read more

Most Popular grunge/alternative rock bands

Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth

The beginning of the 1990s witnessed the birth of a new rock genre, alternative rock. Originally, grunge had started from Seattle, and the music world was experiencing a dramatic shift towards alternative rock. Many grunge bands came ahead with their singles and albums, making them one of the best and most popular … Read more

Worst Songs of the 90s

A cassette of the 90s

When we think of the 90s, we are made to remember iconic songs, videos, and singers, etc. Sure, almost everything about the 90s was pretty famous and popular, but there was a dark side to it. On the one hand, where we witnessed the likes of Madonna and Nirvana singing their hearts … Read more

90s Fashion Trends That Might Be Making a Comeback

Brown Lipstick

The 90s had several fashion trends that might seem too funny or nonsensical today. Platform shoes, for instance, were simply uncomfortable and dangerous to boot. Butterfly clips were pretty, but a bit childish when you think about it. However, there’s really nothing that can predict fashion trends, so there’s no telling when … Read more

90s Trends and Fads That We Want to See Again

The Leather Look

The trends and fads of the 90s were exciting, unique, and quite edgy for their time. We still remember them fondly, especially when a certain fad was actually useful and convenient. A fanny pack might look out of place today if you’re not a tourist, but it would certainly be useful on … Read more

Best Iconic Movies that Defined the 90s

Jurassic Park (1993)

The 90s gave us a lot of movies in several different genres, with many classic movies also making a huge splash in the theatres. Numerous movie franchises were also created within this decade, along with the launch of iconic directors such as Tarantino. As the decade progressed, we also saw the first … Read more

Timeline of 90s Pop Culture

Timeline of 90s Pop Culture

We may group the 90s together as one point in time today, but the reality is that it was a whole decade that’s still making its influence known. There were several events during this time, especially when it came to the advancements in the IT sector. We saw the rise of the … Read more

Top Action Movies of the 90s

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

Action movies might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you might be surprised at what some of them have to offer. In particular, the action movies that came out in the 90s were quite interesting and memorable. This was the time when CGI hadn’t taken over the action genre, but practical effects … Read more

Top music videos from the 90s decade

Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit

When MTV was launched in 1981, it changed the entire game of the music industry. Suddenly, creating music videos became important, and it was a great way to display talent, skills, and ideas. At the time, the importance of image became even more powerful. Nothing would hit the industry as hard as … Read more

Top alternative rock songs from the 90s

U2-“The Fly”

The 90s era is accountable for many things. One of them is the birth of grunge music, punk, heavy metal, rock n roll, and alternative rock. It was an era of transition, especially when it came to music. There was a dramatic change in how prominent bands such as Nirvana created music … Read more

The Advent of Grunge music in the 90s


If you take a look back into the history of the music scene prevailing in the 90s, you would observe that there was a music movement that originated from the Pacific Northwest known as grunge. It was identified as a genre that featured distorted guitars, apathetic or moody lyrics. Grunge is often … Read more

Pop Culture References That Scream 90s

Dial-Up Internet

Pop culture in the 90s was defined by several things; catchphrases in movies, brightly-colored clothing, long-running sitcoms, and so much more. People might remember this decade in different ways, but there are still some references that scream 90s for anyone who’s familiar with the era. Let’s have a look at some of … Read more