The History of Tennis Racket

A tennis racket 

Tennis rackets were not used until the 14th century when a game called Real or Royal Tennis was introduced. At the time, a tennis racket was basically a wooden frame made with strings of gut. Although many credit Italy for the invention of the tennis racket but in reality, it was Northern … Read more

The History of Golf Club


Gold is one of the oldest sports in history. The game requires hitting a golf ball using a golf club. However, it was like that always. Back in the day, different types of sticks and techniques were used to hit the ball. With that being said, the rules and regulations differed too. … Read more

The History of Hockey Sticks

The hockey stick is one of the most evolving pieces of equipment. There was a time when hockey sticks were simply made from wood and then later incorporated curves. However, today hockey sticks have turned into high-performance composite sticks. It might seem a simple equipment from the outside but its history is … Read more

George Brett and the Pine Tar Incident

George Brett playing baseball

One of the most iconic and controversial sporting events that occurred in the 1980s was the Pine Tar Incident, which was also known as the Pine Tar Game. It was a debatable incident in 1983 during an American League baseball game that was played between the New York Yankees and the Kansas … Read more

History of the Table tennis racket

A table tennis racket

The history of Table Tennis is a series of one of the most fascinating developments and events. From the outside, the rackets might look simple but the majority are not aware of the hardwork and effort it took to make it the perfect tool for the sport. Its history features 100-year-old events … Read more

The History of Basketball Cards

Nat Holman on a Goudey card of 1933

The history of basketball cards is as interesting as the history of basketball itself. Not many people are aware that the first set of basketball cards was issued in 1948, years after the formation of the first professional league formed in 1898. However, later down the road, the history of basketball cards … Read more

Giant Pumpkin Kayaking: A Unique Sport

a man kayaking using a giant pumpkin

Kayaking is one of the most popular watersports in the world. It is a fun activity that involves moving through the water while riding a small water vessel with the help of a double-bladed paddle. It enables the boat driver to move through waterways by sitting face-forward and propelling ahead via alternate … Read more

Unforgettable Sneaker Controversies

a pair of Air Jordan I shoes

Controversies in the running shoes and sneakers world are nothing new. Every major shoe company has, at least, faced some sort of backlash over the years for several issues, including (but not limited to): ill-conceived design, disastrous branding, and a complete historical oversight. But as one would say, bad publicity is still … Read more