What is money line betting?

What is money line betting

To master any field, you must learn the jargon prevailing in that field. This will help in efficient thinking and decision-making. This is also the case in sports betting. In this article, you will learn about the phrase, money line. If you are betting on sports, you need to know the payouts. … Read more

Learn About the Strange and Unusual Sport of Poodle Clipping

A brown poodle. 

When we talk about sports, we talk about different types of activities that require physical or mental effort to accomplish a particular goal. Yet, there have been some weird sports in the past which just don’t make a lot of sense. One such sport is called Poodle Clipping. Although this is a … Read more

Top 10 Wicket-Takers In IPL

Top 10 Wicket-Takers In IPL

The IPL is a league that was formed in 2007 by the BCCI. Eight teams from eight different cities in India compete. Since its inception, the sporting event continues strong because currently, there’s the Indian Premier League 2021. Let’s have a look at the dominating IPL top wicket-takers and their career averages in formats. Who … Read more

What are the Most Popular Football Teams in the World?

soccer field photo

Football is such a famous sport worldwide that from toddlers to adults everyone plays it. Competitions of football have been held all over the world, whether it’s FIFA or UEFA. People all over the world also enjoy using bookie software to increase their excitement of watching games. Others like to take their game … Read more

Who Are the Most Famous Football Coaches of All Time?

Green soccer field

Football is the passion of millions around the globe. Its fans love to watch and play this sport. Football is a team-based game where teamwork, strategy, and commitment determine success. But every team needs a leader to be able to work together and strategize. This leader in football is the coach of … Read more

The Most Famous Marathon Runners in History

People in a marathon race

The marathon is a long-distance foot race with a distance of 42.195 kilometers. It is usually run as a road race but the race can be done on trail routes too. The marathon race was instituted in commemoration of the fabled run of the Greek soldier named Pheidippides. He was a messenger … Read more

Best Sports Moments of the 90s

Men playing on a basketball court

When it comes to sports, a lot of the 1990s decade was defined by changes. In the world of basketball, Michael Jordan was the next big thing after Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. There were also quite a lot of firsts, with racial barriers being broken down by the likes of Tiger … Read more

The History of Football in Africa

Footballers playing football

When it comes to sports, Africa stands proud of its history. Football is undoubtedly a popular game with fans all around the world. From Europe to Africa, you wouldn’t find a single place where there are no football players and fans. Football in Africa is a topic worth talking about; with its … Read more

The History of Basketball in Africa

a man doing a dunk 

Basketball is one of the most popular sports played widely in Africa. It is the second most popular sport in the continent, next only to football. It is most prevalent in countries like Nigeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Senegal, etc. Figures such as Hakeem Olajuwon and Dikembe Mutombo have played an instrumental … Read more

Interesting Facts about South African Cricket History

The South African team at The Oval in August 2008

Cricket is one of the most played and well-known sports in South Africa and different parts of the world. The sport is loved throughout different parts of the world and is currently ranked as one of the top two most popular sports, and is also popular for online gambling.  South Africa has … Read more

Best Football Players of the 90s

Best Football Players of the 90s

  Football is an important sport for fans in many countries all over the world. The World Cup for this sport is viewed by millions, even by those whose countries aren’t even a part of it. Of course, it is the football players who make the game so existing, especially when we … Read more

The History of Badminton Rackets

S=Some badminton rackets and shuttlecock

Badminton is an ancient game that has been around for centuries. Over the years it has become one of the most popular sports in the world. With that being said, many people wonder how it all started and where does the game gets its name from? In simple words, badminton has a … Read more

The History of Tennis Racket

A tennis racket 

Tennis rackets were not used until the 14th century when a game called Real or Royal Tennis was introduced. At the time, a tennis racket was basically a wooden frame made with strings of gut. Although many credit Italy for the invention of the tennis racket but in reality, it was Northern … Read more

The History of Boxing Gloves

A pair of boxing gloves

Boxing is one of the oldest sports in the history of mankind. According to the earliest records, humans were found competing and protecting each other by wearing a special material on their hands in around 1500 BC. Over the years, boxing gloves have gone through major phases of development.  However, unlike many … Read more

The History of Golf Club


Gold is one of the oldest sports in history. The game requires hitting a golf ball using a golf club. However, it was like that always. Back in the day, different types of sticks and techniques were used to hit the ball. With that being said, the rules and regulations differed too. … Read more

The History of Hockey Sticks

The hockey stick is one of the most evolving pieces of equipment. There was a time when hockey sticks were simply made from wood and then later incorporated curves. However, today hockey sticks have turned into high-performance composite sticks. It might seem a simple equipment from the outside but its history is … Read more

George Brett and the Pine Tar Incident

George Brett playing baseball

One of the most iconic and controversial sporting events that occurred in the 1980s was the Pine Tar Incident, which was also known as the Pine Tar Game. It was a debatable incident in 1983 during an American League baseball game that was played between the New York Yankees and the Kansas … Read more

Once and for All: Mike Tyson vs. Michael Spinks

a portrait of Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is among the most popular professional boxer in the world who competed from 1985 to 2005. He was nicknamed Iron Mike and Kid Dynamite during his early career and was later known as the Baddest Man on the Planet. He is considered among the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. … Read more

Remembering Greg LeMond’s Tour de France Victory

Greg_LeMond in the 1989 Tour de France

There has been a lot of sporting events that happened in the past, but one of the most iconic in the 1980s was Greg LeMond’s comeback to win the 1989 Tour de France. Back in that time, LeMond came back from nearly dying after a hunting accident. The doubled-down to rally from … Read more

The Last Hurrah: Muhammad Ali vs. Larry Holmes

Muhammad Ali on the boxing ring

The fight between Larry Holmes and Muhammad Ali was billed as “The Last Hurrah.” It was a professional boxing session that was held in Las Vegas on October 2, 1980. The fight was for the WBC Heavyweight Championship. It was a popular event in the ‘80s that was watched by a record … Read more

Unforgettable Facts About the ‘Miracle on Ice’

the USA-Soviet Union 1980 ice hockey match

One of the most iconic sporting events in the 1980s was on February 22, 1980, during the time when the Soviet War in Afghanistan was ongoing for almost two months, making the Cold War as tense as ever. On that same day, a hockey team made up of American college players won … Read more

History of the Table tennis racket

A table tennis racket

The history of Table Tennis is a series of one of the most fascinating developments and events. From the outside, the rackets might look simple but the majority are not aware of the hardwork and effort it took to make it the perfect tool for the sport. Its history features 100-year-old events … Read more

The History of Basketball Cards

Nat Holman on a Goudey card of 1933

The history of basketball cards is as interesting as the history of basketball itself. Not many people are aware that the first set of basketball cards was issued in 1948, years after the formation of the first professional league formed in 1898. However, later down the road, the history of basketball cards … Read more

The History of Cues

Man playing billiards with cue and woman with mace, from an illustration in Michael Phelan's 1859 book, The Game of Billiards

Snooker is a popular sport played by millions across the globe. Despite being popular not many people are aware that snooker dates hundreds of years back. According to the first observation, King Louis XIV of France liked to play billiards in 1694. However, the sport was a lot different back then.  Today, … Read more

Giant Pumpkin Kayaking: A Unique Sport

a man kayaking using a giant pumpkin

Kayaking is one of the most popular watersports in the world. It is a fun activity that involves moving through the water while riding a small water vessel with the help of a double-bladed paddle. It enables the boat driver to move through waterways by sitting face-forward and propelling ahead via alternate … Read more

Kabaddi: A Popular Indian Sport

men playing kabaddi outdoors

Kabaddi is a type of contact sport that is popular in Southern Asia, most especially in India. It is played across the country, and it is the official game in the states of Bihar, Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana. In addition to India, it is also a popular activity in other … Read more

What is Cycle Ball and How Is It Played?

a game of cycle-ball

Soccer, or also known as association football, is a kind of team sport that is played using a spherical ball between two teams with 11 players each. It is a very popular sport that is played in more than 200 countries by about 250 million players. But did you know that there … Read more

Who will win the NBA Championship 21 and take home the rings?

Spalding basketball

The 2021 NBA Playoffs have been a wild ride that will find some conclusion in half a month. The Conference Finals have arrived at their pinnacle and there’s a ton to process in the wagering out who will be the next NBA Champion. Before the Finals started, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s injury had put … Read more