Popularity of Football in Canada

football game in Canada

In terms of sports popularity, the region of North America has been dominated for many years by Canadian and American football (collectively known as just “football”), a sport that is played by carrying an oblong-shaped ball from one area of the field to the goal. However, the sport of association football (better … Read more

A beginners guide to golf clubs

golf clubs

Always fancied having a go at golf? Either because you’re a sports fanatic or you’ve never really enjoyed playing athletic sports like football, rugby or tennis? Now is your perfect opportunity to start looking at golf clubs and getting ready to hit the links (once lockdown restrictions have been lifted, of course!). … Read more

The History of the Premier League

player preparing to kick a Premier League football

When you ask the most diehard football fans what the most popular football league is, almost all of them would tell you that it is the Premier League, and its popularity is highly justified since it would often have some of the most exciting games in football history. The Premier League, also … Read more

Why is the NFL so popular?

Why is the NFL so popular

With the likes of the NBA and MLB, the National Football League (NFL) is one of the most popular sports in the USA and undoubtedly continues to grow each year. It’s one of the favourite pastimes during the weekends with a mass majority of the fans. It is the most profitable sporting … Read more

The Guide to Sumo Wrestling

sumo wrestling match

Sumo wrestling is arguably one of the most popular sports in Japan, and it could even be considered the most popular due to its cultural impact in the country. The sports involve two wrestlers (called rikishi) trying to force each other out of the circular ring (called dohyō) or to force the … Read more

Thunder Rosa Looking to Make Her Mark at AEW’s ‘All Out’

Thunder Rosa Looking to Make Her Mark at AEW’s ‘All Out’

On the August 22, 2020 episode of AEW Dynamite, the NWA World Women’s Champion, Thunder Rosa made a surprising debut appearance in All Elite Wrestling. She challenged the AEW Women’s Champion, Hikaru Shida to a title match at the upcoming AEW pay-per-view, All Out. Revealing her motives behind the sudden appearance on … Read more

Football players don’t like to play football

David Bentley

Football is a king sport, it is popular and widely known to everyone so all matters related to it are very much concerned. From tournaments, awards, good rankings to private life, the interests of famous football players are all noticed. We often hear about famous players with a strong passion for football. … Read more

Beginners guide to skateboarding

Beginners Guide to Skateboarding

Ever felt jealous of your skater friend for becoming an expert in skating? It’s quite a similar problem for a risk-taking and active person. Skating is a skill. Not everyone has this skill in himself. It needs a lot of effort, practice, and patience to become an expert in skating. So, how … Read more

What is Cheese Rolling?

Cooper’s Hill where the cheese rolling competition is held

Cheese rolling is a peculiar sport that is held annually in Cooper’s Hill, which is a long sloping area found in Gloucester, England. In the sport, the participants will have to chase a round cheese that is descending on the slope, and whoever reaches the bottom of the slope first will win … Read more

What is Wife-Carrying?

husband carrying his wife

Wife-carrying is a strange sport that originated in Finland and is played by male competitors who will have to carry their female partners or teammates on their backs while racing in an obstacle course. The sports original Finnish name was “eukonkanto” when it was only played in Finland, but its official name … Read more

What is Extreme Ironing?

ironing in extreme places

If the most popular extreme sports aren’t unusual enough, then you should check out extreme ironing, wherein the goal is for the competitors to find the most dangerous and bizarre places where they iron their clothes. Originally conceived in England, extreme ironing was once an obscure sport that only a few British … Read more

What is Toe Wrestling?

feet in the water

Most people are familiar with arm wrestling and thumb wrestling, but there is another peculiar sport that has similar gameplay mechanics as the two mentioned sports, but the body part that is used for it is probably surprising for some. This weird sport is called toe wrestling, and as its name suggests, … Read more

What is Egg Throwing?

egg thrown into a glass of water

When you were a kid, haven’t you wondered how fun it would be to toss or catch an egg without breaking its shell? While egg throwing seems to be quite an enjoyable game to play, in England, it is considered a serious sport that is played by thousands of locals and tourists … Read more

What is Bog Snorkeling?

snorkel and other diving equipment

Bog snorkeling is a sport wherein competitors would have to go through two lengths of a water-filled trench that is approximately 55 meters long. The trench is usually cutting across a peat bog, hence the reason why the sport is called bog snorkeling. The catch in bog snorkeling, as opposed to other … Read more

What is Camel Wrestling?

wrestling camels

Camel wrestling is an obscure sport that is being held in Turkey since the 1900s. The sport involves two male camels who are wrestling against each other in a wide field, and whoever is successful in toppling down their opponent wins the match. The current Turkish government allows camel wrestling to be … Read more

What is Musical Canine Freestyle?

dancing dog

Musical canine freestyle is a sport that is difficult to play for participants but very entertaining to watch for the audiences. The sport involves a dog and its owner or handler performing tricks, and these tricks will then be judged based on the routine’s execution, grace, and originality. Said to have originated … Read more

What is Underwater Hockey?

flippers used to move around in underwater hockey

Underwater hockey, otherwise known as Octopush in the United Kingdom, is a peculiar sport wherein competitors play hockey while underwater in a square-shaped swimming pool. In the aquatic sport, the players are not allowed to use scuba gear to allow them to breathe much longer underwater; instead, they would have to swim … Read more

What is Chess Boxing?

a boxing match

Chess Boxing is a peculiar sport that incorporates gameplay elements found in both chess and boxing and puts them into one single hybrid game. The sport originated from Germany, but it has slowly become popular in other countries like Russia, India, and the United Kingdom. The hybrid game is widely known as … Read more

The Interesting History of the Baseball Hat

The Interesting History of the Baseball Hat

The baseball hat is considered a fashion item that will never go out of style. It is an iconic hat that became not only popular in the sport that it is meant to be in but also in outdoor fashion. But who invented the baseball hat? And why is it first used … Read more

The Interesting History of Rugby

rugby football in college

Most of us may probably be familiar with the popular sports football (soccer) and American football, and although they do have similar names, they have different rules. As many sports enthusiasts know, soccer or football was the first sport that was developed before American football, so a few may be wondering, how … Read more

Learn About the Interesting Sport of Club Swinging

Indian club swinging team in the 1890s

The Olympic Games are sometimes filled with the weirdest sports in the world, like race walking and tandem bicycle sprint, but one of the most unusual has to be the sport of club swinging. What is club swinging, and how did it become a sport in the Olympics? Here are the origins … Read more

5 Benefits of Owning Multiple Pairs of Running Shoes

5 Benefits of Owning Multiple Pairs of Running Shoes

Do you sometimes find it unnecessary to have multiple pairs of running shoes? This is a valid question, especially when you have runner friends with several pairs in their shoe rotation. Yet, you feel comfortable in your one or two pairs until they wear out. Although it is not compulsory to have … Read more

The History of Tsu Chu

ancient Chinese playing football

The history of football is a lot older than you think. Although there are other prehistoric forms that are similar to football, the ancient Chinese are generally credited with the world’s first “kicking ball” sport, the tsu chu (or sometimes spelled as “cuju”). There have been debates as to when exactly this … Read more

5 USA Themed Online Slots

row of slot machines

If you have played on several online casino websites, you may already be familiar with the different types of games that you can play and win money from. While the most popular online casino game is reported to be the online poker, there are still a few good games that you can … Read more