Dangers Associated with Tattoos

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A tattoo is a type of body modification in which indelible or temporary tattoo ink, dyes, and/or pigments are inserted into the dermis layer of the skin to create a design. Tattoo artists use a variety of tattooing processes and techniques to create these designs, including hand-tapped traditional tattoos and modern tattoo … Read more

Best art therapies for older adults

Best art therapies for older adults

Every kind of therapist knows that art can be an effective therapy for elders or seniors. It does not matter what the purpose is but therapy can give mental focus, strengthen your muscles and reduce the feeling of anxiety and depression. Art therapy is an extraordinary solution which makes elders busy and … Read more

Why the Vikings Left Greenland?

A Viking cosplay

Greeland is one of the most mysterious places in the world. Part of what keeps it a mystery is that no one clearly knows why the Vikings left Greenland and where did they disappear? The discovery of recent evidence has offered the researchers a different view of what might have gone down … Read more

The Similarities Between Greek and Roman Mythology

Romulus and Remus, the Lupercal, Father Tiber, and the Palatine on a relief from a pedestal dating to the reign of Trajan (AD 98–117)

For centuries, people have been following Greek and Roman mythology. There was a time when these mythologies were mere theories but as time passed and more evidence was discovered. It was found that the two featured several similarities and differences.  Both mythologies have gods known for their respective powers along with strong … Read more

The Importance of Minerva in Roman Mythology

The Importance of Minerva in Roman Mythology

Minerva in Roman mythology is a goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare. Law, justice, victory, and the sponsor of trade, arts, and strategy. Unlike Mars, who is a supporter of violence, Minerva is only about defensive war.  The Romans from the second century onwards associated Minerva with the Greek goddess Athena. Since … Read more

Pluto: The Dark Lord of the Underworld

Ploutos with the horn of abundance, in the company of Dionysos (4th century BC)

According to classical Mythology, Pluto was the ruler of the underworld. Initially, its name was Hades, which was later changed to Pluto. In ancient Greek religion and philosophy, Pluto is a God that presides over the afterlife. At the same time, Plouton was regularly associated or confused with Pioutos, who was a … Read more

The Interesting Origins of The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Painting of The Great Wave off Kanagawa

The great wave of Kanagawa, referred to as the Great Wave, is a woodblock print created by the famous Japanese woodblock printmaker, book illustrator, and artist Katsushika Hokusai during the Edo period (1603-1868 AD). It was the final era of traditional Japanese Government, culture, and society before the country got propelled into … Read more

The Interesting Origin Of Lady With An Ermine

The Lady with an Ermine

Lady with an Ermine is a portrait artwork belonging to Leonardo da Vinci. It got painted on a Walnut Panel around 1489-1491. A mistress of Ludovico Sforza, Ceilia Gallerani is the focal point of painting. Leonardo was the court painter at the time of its completion. It is one of his only … Read more