What Exactly is a Pizza Bagel?

Pizza bagels with cheese

If you like pizza and bagels, you’re in for a treat! Pizza bagels are a tasty and practical snack that blends the best of both worlds. These bite-sized snacks combine chewy bagel sweetness with savory pizza ingredients, making them a favorite for both youngsters and adults. But what is a pizza bagel, … Read more

What Exactly Are Pizza Egg Rolls?

Freshly fried egg roll with rough, bubbly outer skin

Do you enjoy pizza? What about some egg rolls? Imagine combining the two to create a delectable gastronomic sensation: pizza egg rolls! Crispy egg roll wrappers are loaded with melting cheese, flavorful pizza sauce, and all of your favorite pizza toppings in these delightful pieces. There’s a pizza egg roll recipe out … Read more

Famous American Pizza Styles

classic pizza

Pizza is an original Italian dish that has become an intrinsic part of  American cuisine. It was introduced to the American shores during the late 1800s, but it went virtually unnoticed until the post-World War II years. Well, you can blame the soldiers for spurring this craze. Returning from the war, these … Read more

Alternatives for the Pizza Crust

raw pizza base from shredded cauliflower

Nothing beats the classic pizza dough, which consists of flour, water, yeast, salt, and olive oil. But if you want to cut back on carbs, stay away from anything with gluten, or just want to try something a bit new and unusual, you may be excited to try the following alternatives for … Read more

What are the Largest Pizza Chains in the US?

A person picking a slice of pizza

There is nothing better than a slice of Pizza oozing with delicious sauces and topping with a lot of cheese. Whether you are a pizza lover or other fast food lover, pizza will remain the best fast food, and people love to eat pizzas more than any other fast food. In the … Read more

What is Detroit Style Pizza

Detroit-style pizza

Detroit-style pizza is a rectangular pizza with a chewy, thick, and crispy crust. It is traditionally topped with tomato sauce and Wisconsin brick cheese that runs right to the edges. This style of pizza is often cooked on rectangular steel pans. They are designed to be used as automotive drip pans or … Read more

The Interesting Science of Why Pizza Tastes So Good

a supreme pizza on a pan

Pizza has been considered top comfort food by many ever since it has originated in Italy. It is a versatile food that you can serve to guests and can be enjoyed at different celebrations and special occasions. In addition to being an affordable dish, it is also quick to prepare and convenient … Read more

Learn About Tom Monaghan the Founder of Domino’s Pizza

pizza, pizza shovel, a hand taking a pizza slice, cherry tomatoes, garlic cloves, white onion

Thomas Stephen Monaghan was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1937. When he was only four years old, his father died, and after two years, his mother settled Tom and his little brother James in an orphanage run by the Felician Sisters. Although, later on, their mother was able to raise both … Read more