10 Fascinating Facts about the U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court 11 (Banner)

It was back in the day when the First United States Congress passed the Judiciary Act of 1789, officially creating the federal judiciary system that included the highest court, the U.S, Supreme Court, as well as other courts. The US Supreme Court itself was created as part of the Constitution. Article III … Read more

Profile of Julius Caesar

A statue of Julius Caesar in Italy

Gaius Julius Caesar was an ancient Roman general and statesman. He was one of the founders of the new Roman Empire who abolished the Roman Republic system and strengthened the nation’s powers. He was not only an intelligent politician but also a leader and genius war tactician.  Julius led the Roman legions … Read more

Interesting Facts about Glowworms

A female glowworm 

Glowworms, as the name suggests, are insects that can glow using bioluminescence. The term glowworm is used to describe a broad range of insects. It is used to refer to four beetle families and many genera of Fungus Gnats. The common factor between these insects is their ability to produce a bioluminescent … Read more

Celebrities Who Are the Only Children

Leonardo DiCaprio wearing a tuxedo on the red carpet

Growing up as an only child isn’t always easy; it leaves you with a lonely childhood, a quiet household, and sometimes even wanting a brother or sister. That aside, it has its pros and cons. The ones who grow up like that have different experiences than those who grow up with siblings … Read more

Fun Facts about Fireflies

a firefly sitting on the finger

There are around 900,000 various types of insects in the world yet discovered. The discoveries are still going on, and scientists expect that the discovered portion only forms less than 80% of the total present on this Earth.  Out of these, fireflies are among the exceptional insects found on the Earth. They … Read more

Most Mysterious Deaths in History

Concrete tombstones in a cemetery

Death is undeniable, and no one can escape it. However, typically when a person dies, the reason for that person’s death is known. Especially if a famous person dies, the end is usually well-documented, and apparent causes of death are also noted. But this fact may not be entirely true, as some … Read more

Profile of Emperor Tiberius

Bust of the Emperor Tiberius

The long-ruling Roman Emperor Tiberius, born on 16 November 42 BCE, was famously known for his commendable military accomplishments. He was born in an aristocratic home. Although Tiberius held the fourth position in line for the throne, he managed to gain his successor’s considerable trust in handing him over significant responsibilities.  Initially, … Read more

Profile of Roman Emperor Nero

A bust of Nero facing right

We have all heard the famous story of how Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned. For better or worse, he was one of the most famous Roman emperors. This fame seems to arise from his extravagances, personal debaucheries, murders of his family members, and the accusation of him being responsible for … Read more

Everything About Pumper Nic

Image of a restaurant of Pumper Nic.

Many chains of the past have ceased to exist in our present. Pumper Nic, a classic restaurant chain with an Argentinian origin, is one too. It was a popular restaurant of the 1970s and 1980s. It got its name from the word german pumpernickel, which means bread. Many even consider it a … Read more

What Happened to Gino’s Hamburgers?


When you talk about philanthropic restaurant chains, you cannot forget the name of Gino’s Hamburgers. The chain started in 1957 with the first location at 4009 North Point Road in Dundalk, Maryland. However, the restaurant chain went defunct in 1982. So what happened to Gino’s Hamburgers? Let us take a peek into … Read more

All About The Iconic Restaurant: Horn & Hardart

Picture of Horn and Hardart Automat Restaurant in New York City at 104 West 57th Street near sixth avenue.

If you were around the 40s, 50s, 60s, or 70s, you would know that it was not Burger King, KFC, Hardees, Taco Bell, Wendy, or McDonald’s that people went to for food outside.  Many other classic restaurants may not exist today or are barely surviving. Welcome to Horn and Hardart – a … Read more

All About the Benningans

Image of a Bennigan's sign board featuring the old logo, before the November 2010 revamp of the brand.

Casual dining, a robust and profitable industry, has been on a steady decline in recent years now. Hence, many ubiquitous restaurant chains that fed everyone in shopping centers and food courts barely exist. Bennigans, too, has a tale no different. It is an Irish-pub-themed American restaurant for casual dining. The first location … Read more

All About the All-Star Cafe

Image of the All Star Cafe.

Over the years, America has witnessed several great restaurant chains come and go. From Pumper to Chi-Chi and Horn & Hardart, many iconic restaurants of the past no longer exist. The All-Star Cafe, one with memories for many 80s and 90s people, is one of them. The All-Star Cafe was a chain … Read more

The Meanings Behind Classic Nursery Rhymes

A painting of children dancing in a circle.

Most of us are introduced to poetry in our childhood through lullabies and nursery rhymes. While all parents recite and sing nursery rhymes to soothe their children and rock them to a peaceful slumber, not many pay attention to the dark origin stories behind the seemingly innocuous lyrics. Have you ever wondered … Read more

The Most Popular Gods and Goddesses in Ancient Egypt

man nd woman in egypt

Egypt is the land of mysteries and secrets, some of which we still have not uncovered even today. The vast land along the bank has watched many civilizations rise and fall over the course of history. Like other ancient civilizations, Egypt also had a large and complex pantheon of gods and goddesses.  … Read more

What Do You Know About WWII?

soldiers during World War II

World War II was considered the most violent event in human history, as it resulted in the death of many civilians and soldiers in the different countries that participated in it. According to many historians, about 50 million lives were lost during the said war, with more than 100 million left wounded, … Read more

What was Fordlandia?

the water tower and main warehouse in Fordlandia, Brazil

Fordlandia is a district in the city of Aveiro, in the Brazilian state of Para. It is situated on the east banks of the Tapajos river, which is one the south of the city of Santarem. It was established by American businessperson Henry Ford in 1928 in the American Rainforest. It is … Read more

Interesting Facts about the Medieval Era

medieval architecture for monasteries

The medieval era, particularly in Europe, is considered to be one of the fascinating periods in human history, mainly because of the different important events that happened during that time that brought an impact on how we live today. However, while many thought that the medieval era was glorious, there are actually … Read more

What Was Life Like During the Black Plague?

Black Plague burial painting

The Black Plague is considered to be the most devastating pandemic in human history, as it is believed that out of three people that are infected by the disease, only one survives. The high death rate of the Black Plague, which is approximately 60% maximum, led to the collapse of the economy … Read more

What Was Life Like for a Gladiator?

a street performer wearing gladiator armor

Much like the best and most famous athletes in different sports today, the gladiators in Ancient Rome were considered superstars that are adored by the people, especially those who win more matches than the average fighter. These gladiators would often fight to the death, and their resilience and skill in becoming a … Read more

What Was Life Like for a Serf in the Middle Ages?

the clothes worn by serfs

It is known that in most of the societies created before the late modern era, the poorest social rank is the peasant. However, for a few societies that existed from the later years of the Roman Empire up to the 19th century, the poorest social rank is considered to be the serf. … Read more

Harsh Long Distance can Uplift the Relation by Twice

Harsh Long Distance can Uplift the Relation by Twice

Humankind is a social being. According to history, human never lived alone. From the evolution period, human lived in a group which gave the stamina to individuals to face natural difficulties. And, since human used to live in a cave, tree hollows and other intrinsic residences, they had to fight with a … Read more

What Was the Psychedelic Era?

psychedelic colors

The Psychedelic Era was a period in history wherein art, music, and the human lifestyle were affected or influenced by a psychedelic drug called LSD. What is LSD? And how was it able to become an integral part of the 1960s and the early 1970s. Let us take a look at some … Read more

The History of Cable Technology

remote control for television

Cable TV has been more popular and reliable than broadcast TV since the 1990s mainly because it provides clearer reception and more channels. Cable television has better reception due to the fact that it receives radio frequency (RF) signals that go through coaxial cables, which are a more stable connection for receiving … Read more

Interesting Facts About Beards

Interesting Facts About Beards

For ages, beards have been majestic. Maybe not all of them, but to their loving owners, they most likely are. No wonder as beards make men look handsome. It made women fall head over heels. And, while you may know about the ABC’s of beard grooming and even thinking about growing one … Read more

Interesting Facts About Mustaches

Interesting Facts About Mustaches

Facial hair has been rising again in popularity, with a lot of men sporting the rough look. No wonder as mustaches have always been a well-loved facial hairstyle for a long time. But, while beards may have overshadowed its beauty, mustaches have its own beauty. Here are fascinating facts that prove mustaches … Read more

Amazing Facts about Parrots

a couple of parrots

Parrots are fantastic creatures – aside from their vividly colored plumage, these birds are also known for their intelligence, trainability, acrobatics, and silly personality. Little wonder that parrots are one of the most popular pets in the US. If keeping parrots as pets would be the same as keeping other pet birds, … Read more

Interesting Quotes about Wine

Grapes have been turned as wine ever since the earliest civilizations. The great people of ancient history has been recorded drinking wine. And a chug of wine has been a source to some of the most brilliant (and some dumb) utterances from many prolific drinkers of the stuff. Since wine is a … Read more

Interesting Facts about Beer

Beer is the most popular and widely-consumed alcoholic drink and the third-most-popular drink overall, next to water and tea. That’s already one fact about your favorite beverage. Beer is great with everything – burgers, pizza, or a great home-cooked meal – and of course, it’s great for drinking at parties. Being able … Read more