A Taste of Tradition: Travel Through Georgia’s Food Culture

Multiple foods and cutlery on a wooden board.

As an Indian, cuisine is a big part of history and culture. This is why Georgia is a great place to visit since they have an amazing cultural history around food. With all its amazing history and culture, Georgia is a country that Indian nationals must experience.  In this blog, we will … Read more

Japan Travel Guide: Tips and Insights for an Unforgettable Trip

Japan Travel Guide Tips and Insights for an Unforgettable Trip

Dreaming of cherry blossoms, sushi, and sumo wrestling? Japan is the place to be. This archipelago offers a beautiful blend of tradition and technology, making it a hot spot for travelers worldwide. Here’s a handy guide to ensure your matka Japaniin is nothing short of unforgettable. Planning Your Trip When to Visit … Read more

Who are the most successful Kollywood directors?

Cinema star wearing a salwar kameez with earrings, mangtika and necklace

Kollywood, commonly referred to as Tamil cinema, is a subset of Indian cinema that specializes in the creation of Tamil-language films. Based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu’s Kodambakkam neighborhood, it is known as Kollywood—a combination of the phrases Kodambakkam and Hollywood.  Kollywood produced many movies all through out. R Nataraja Mudaliar directed the … Read more

Learn the Interesting History of Kollywood

Young Asian Indian man standing holding clapperboard saying nice, clapper board used in film making, isolated on color background studio portrait

Kollywood is a name frequently used to refer to Tamil cinema, which is based in Chennai, previously Madras, in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The words Kodambakkam and Hollywood are combined to form the name. In and around Chennai’s Kodambakkam, where there is a significant concentration of film studios, many … Read more

What Are the Most Popular Travel Destinations in Canada?

Montreal City

Do you long for a vacation that features stunning natural landscapes, cosmopolitan cities, and a welcoming society? Canada is the place to be. Because it caters to visitors of various interests, Canada is one of the most visited nations in the world. From the towering peaks of the Canadian Rockies to the … Read more

What Are the Most Popular Travel Destinations in the United States?

Chicago USA building skyscraper

The United States is a huge and diverse country with a plethora of destinations that will appeal to any type of traveler. The United States offers it all, from a bustling metropolis to tranquil national parks, from warm beaches to rough mountains. With so many alternatives, deciding where to travel on your … Read more