Unusual History

The Strange and Unusual Life of Violet Jessop

Violet Jessop was one lucky individual. Jessop (born in 1887 – died in 1971) was an Irish-Argentine stewardess and nurse…

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The Handshake’s Somewhat Intriguing Origins

The way of greeting someone comes in diverse forms. Kissing and hugging are the norm in some European and Arab…

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Strange And Unusual Paint Pigments

Intro Art has enjoyed a rich history with our species. It has undergone many revolutions and has experienced hundreds of…

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Weird and Unusual Facts from History You Never Knew

We learned a lot about history in high school, but there is a lot more we never learned from school.…

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The Amazing Hindu Milk Miracle

Our eyes sometimes show us something that is very hard to believe. Just like the Hindu milk miracle that happened…

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Amazing Discoveries and Facts About the Sumerian Civilization

The Sumer civilization is known to be one of the oldest civilization in Southern Mesopotamia, which is now known as…

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Amazing Discoveries and Facts About the Persian Civilization

The Persian civilization is considered to be one of the scientific civilizations they created many ingenious and revolutionary things we…

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Amazing and Unusual Roman Mythology Stories

Aside from their great architectures and astounding sights, Rome is also known for its mystical stories about their origination and…

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Interesting Countries that have Vanished in the Last Century

There are thousands of countries, cities, and towns that have vanished to time. Some of the countries just decided to…

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Amazing and Unusual Inventions of the Mayans

The Maya are groups of indigenous people in Mexico and Central America. They are often mistakenly thought to have long…

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The Solar Storm of 1859 and an Amazing Carrington Event

There are lots of calamities and disasters that occur on our planet such as major storms that can flood cities…

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Strange and Unusual Ancient and Lost Worlds

Archaeologists and Historians are not always just sitting around reading history books, or researching the ordinary and mundane. While much…

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Strange and Bizarre Historical Medical Treatments

Whenever we get sick or acquire injuries, we immediately go to the hospital or find a doctor that will treat…

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