The Most Unusual Deaths

a woman standing in a cemetery

Death is the permanent end of life and a tragic event for the loved ones of the deceased. Every human has to die one day, but some breathtaking and bizarre deaths have been traced in history.  Some historical figures have lost their lives in a rather way. The following is a list … Read more

What was Fordlandia?

the water tower and main warehouse in Fordlandia, Brazil

Fordlandia is a district in the city of Aveiro, in the Brazilian state of Para. It is situated on the east banks of the Tapajos river, which is one the south of the city of Santarem. It was established by American businessperson Henry Ford in 1928 in the American Rainforest. It is … Read more

The Interesting History of Banking

Today, buying our necessities is quite easy with the use of currency. Since there is already a systematized money circulation process, it is now simple and secure to withdraw and deposit money through banking. Banks are an institution that deals with and provides services concerning money. Through banks, you could now make … Read more

The Interesting History of Zoos

The Interesting History of Zoos

Receiving a puppy or a cute Kitten is not an unusual gift to receive today. But did you know that exotic animals like leopards, elephants, and lions were given as simple gifts and taken care of as pets centuries ago? Historically, zoos started in the early pre-modern era as menageries for the … Read more

The Oldest Golf Courses in the World

Golf ball in a tee

Golf is a game that uses different clubs with different putter grips to hit the golf ball with a few strokes as possible. This game is played on a large open-space called Golf Course that is consists of different zones. Even though the ancient origin of the game Golf is vague and still … Read more

The Oldest Hotels in the World

Mercure Hotel –Deluxe Room

History of Hotels The name “Hotel” was coined from a French word ‘hostel’ which later on developed to ‘hotel’ as it was adapted in English. Hotels are establishments where clients pay their lodging for a short time. It provides facilities following the customer’s necessity, ranging from a modest low-priced room to a … Read more

The Interesting History of Marathons

Origin of the word “Marathon.” According to the Greek Legend, the word “Marathon” came after Philippides’ legend. Philippides was the Greek messenger who ran from Marathon to Athens to deliver the news of their victory against Persians on the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC. Philippides was said to run the first … Read more

The Interesting History of the Candy Bar

Candy Bars, also known as Chocolate Bars, is a famous confection around the world. Made out of Cocoa, sugar, milk, along with the other ingredients, these are the vitals in the making of chocolatey candy bars that would satiate every sweet-tooth of the sweets lovers. Origin of Candy Bars The first-ever candy … Read more

Unusual History of Rodeos

Unusual History of Rodeos

The Interesting History of Rodeos A rodeo is one of the most exciting and intense sports that are popular in many countries like Spain, South America, Central America, Canada, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand. It is a sport that involves calf-roping, steer wrestling, bull riding, and more other events that require … Read more

The Interesting History of Aquariums

Aquariums are the enclosed and transparent vivarium where a portion or a small part of an underwater ecosystem is kept. The word aquarium – which was coined by an English Naturalist, Philip Henry Gosse, came from the Latin word “aqua” means water and a suffix “arium,” which means “a place for relating … Read more

The History of Roller Coasters

Origin of Roller Coasters Roller Coaster is an intense ride that can give a thrilling experience to those who are thrill-seekers. Almost every Amusement Parks never failed to satiate the daring side of people by providing rides such as Roller Coasters that could give your stomach a hard tug, especially when the … Read more

Oldest Known Names in the World

Oldest Known Names in the World

Names are one of the ways to distinguish or identify a person from another person. Imagine the difficulty of calling someone or something by a long list of an adjective. It wouldn’t sound pleasant and concise if you ever call someone like ‘the girl in blue,’ or perhaps something like ‘hey,’ all … Read more

The Strange Theory of the Homunculus

the term homunculus was coined by Paracelsus

There have been many strange and peculiar theories that have been developed and studied over the years, but one of the most popular theories is the one involving a creature called the homunculus. The homunculus is a small human-like creature with body parts that resemble those found in a person, although it … Read more

The Greatest Expeditions in History

The Greatest Expeditions in History

Our world, as we know it, would not be the same without the work of different explorers in our history. It is all written in our history books the names and expeditions of the brave people who explored the vast oceans during the early times. Apparently, it seems pretty challenging as it … Read more

The Strange and Unusual Life of Violet Jessop

Violet Jessop in her Voluntary Aid Detachment uniform while assigned to the HMHS Britannic

Violet Jessop was one lucky individual. Jessop (b. 1887 – d. 1971) was an Irish-Argentine stewardess and nurse who survived not only one, not even two, but three shipwrecks. Because of her amazing close shaves from some of the most catastrophic disasters in maritime history, historians usually call her the “world’s most … Read more

The Handshake’s Somewhat Intriguing Origins

the origins of the handshake

The way of greeting someone comes in diverse forms. Kissing and hugging are the norm in some European and Arab countries. Maoris in New Zealand greet each other by rubbing against their noses. However, the most common physical way of greeting people nowadays is the handshake. The clasping of the hands is … Read more

Strange And Unusual Paint Pigments

An abstract combination of various paints

Intro Art has enjoyed a rich history with our species. It has undergone many revolutions and has experienced hundreds of different styles of being expressed. Each culture and area of human civilization has produced its own masterpieces. Naturally, what with color being such an integral part of various sorts of art, there … Read more

Weird and Unusual Facts from History You Never Knew

The aftermath of the Boston molasses disaster

We learned a lot about history in high school, but there is a lot more we never learned from school. There are so many weird and wonderful facts of history that’s so wacky and unusual that could never be repeated even if someone tries to. The past is full of curious stories, … Read more

The Amazing Hindu Milk Miracle

The Amazing Hindu Milk Miracle

Our eyes sometimes show us something that is very hard to believe. Just like the Hindu milk miracle that happened in India where people claimed that the statues of Hindu gods began to drink milk. It is a phenomenon that happened in September 1995. The news that Hindu god statues were drinking … Read more

Amazing Discoveries and Facts About the Sumerian Civilization

Amazing Discoveries and Facts About the Sumerian Civilization

The Sumer civilization is known to be one of the oldest civilization in Southern Mesopotamia, which is now known as Southern Iraq. Studies showed that the Sumer civilization was established between c.5500 and 4000 BC. The Sumerians are known to developed trade, weaving, leatherwork, and agriculture. Let’s take a look at some … Read more

Amazing Discoveries and Facts About the Persian Civilization

Amazing Discoveries and Facts About the Persian Civilization

The Persian civilization is considered to be one of the scientific civilizations they created many ingenious and revolutionary things we still use today like the battery, refrigerator, postal service, and sulfuric acid. These inventions go to show that the Persian civilization shows a high degree of advancement and intelligence of its citizens. … Read more

Amazing and Unusual Roman Mythology Stories

Aside from their great architectures and astounding sights, Rome is also known for its mystical stories about their origination and their legendary Gods which they represented through visual arts and literature. From heroism and divine law to supernatural elements, Roman mythology has them all. Here’s an article about the famous, amazing, and … Read more

Interesting Countries that have Vanished in the Last Century

Interesting Countries that have Vanished in the Last Century

There are thousands of countries, cities, and towns that have vanished to time. Some of the countries just decided to merge, split, or change their names that’s why the list of “missing” countries grows. These nations were once conquered and fell to invaders and over the century, they have changed to become … Read more

Amazing and Unusual Inventions of the Mayans

The Mayan’s Astronomy was Surprisingly Accurate

The Maya are groups of indigenous people in Mexico and Central America. They are often mistakenly thought to have long died out but their descendants are still inhabiting most of the lands in Campeche, Tabasco, Yucatan, and Chiapas in Mexico. And even if we know them as the Maya’s surviving descendants, they … Read more

The Solar Storm of 1859 and an Amazing Carrington Event

The Solar Storm of 1859 and an Amazing Carrington Event

There are lots of calamities and disasters that occur on our planet such as major storms that can flood cities and earthquakes that can destroy infrastructures. But did you know that there’s an even bigger event that could hit us which can wipe out our technology? Yes, and that is a solar … Read more

Strange and Unusual Ancient and Lost Worlds

Strange and Unusual Ancient and Lost Worlds

Archaeologists and Historians are not always just sitting around reading history books, or researching the ordinary and mundane. While much of their time is spent unearthing ancient ruins or human remains, they often discover unexpected objects and findings, and sometimes some of these discoveries are controversial and bizarre – from seemingly alien … Read more

Strange and Bizarre Historical Medical Treatments


Whenever we get sick or acquire injuries, we immediately go to the hospital or find a doctor that will treat us. We trust doctors to provide the diagnosis and recommend the remedy. But did you know that history is filled with stories about curious formulations, outlandish remedies, and strange cures? If you’re … Read more