13 Types of Nursing Degrees and Nursing Certifications


Nursing certifications have quite a variety across the American States’ different jurisdictions. Students completing their high school mandatory education have many options to choose from when thinking about a nursing career. For example, a Christian College in Pennsylvania can offer various degrees for any nursing science students would like to follow.

It would be important to know all the different options you have as a nurse to acquire various certifications and share special professional rights when employed.

Post-Highschool Education for Nursing Assistant

It is one of the lowest nursing credentials in the country. Organized by community colleges, it would require several months of studies. It leads to limited nursing assistant professional rights offering chances for employment in schools or public hospitals.

Diploma in Nursing

A Nursing Diploma could take anywhere from one to three years to complete. It contains less theory and more practice for nursing students and can give you the right to become a specialized nursing assistant helping with daily chores around patient care in hospitals.

Associate Degree in Nursing

Many universities and colleges offer two years of Associate Degree in Nursing for high school graduates. That degree could pave your way towards the LPN and RN profession and make you master the practical and theoretical knowledge a nurse should have.

Licensed Practical Nurse Degree

An LPN degree usually takes no more than one year to complete. After its completion, nurses can take the NCLEX-PN exam to become certified and have professional rights as LPNs in hospitals.

Bachelor of Nursing Science

A BSN degree requires four years of college class attendance. It is the necessary certificate to allow you to participate in the NCLEX-RN exams. Upon completing your studies, you can pursue higher academic education by applying for nursing specialties to work in a hospital facility as a head nurse.

LPN leading to BSN Bridge Certificates

LPNs may also find bridge certificates allowing them to take more credits and become BSN nurses. As an LPN, you may omit to take some clinical courses, and studies typically last no more than 24 months.

RN to BSN Bridge Certificates

Older RNs that have acquired their title before the NCLEX-RN system can enroll in online college programs for a bridge certificate to become a BSN. The certificate is mandatory for higher nursing positions in hospitals and may be completed in 12 months.

Master’s of Nursing Science Degree

A Master’s degree would be available for every BSN graduate eligible for immediate entry. It usually lasts no more than two to three years and could be either in-class or online.

RN to Master’s of Nursing Bridge Degree

Some RNs have professional experience allowing them to register to Master’s Degree programs without passing through a BSN degree. All applicants should spend at least 18 months attending online classes and clinical practice sessions.

BSN to Master’s of Nursing Bridge Degree

Every RN holding a BSN degree would be eligible to attend a Master’s Bridge Degree program. The completion wouldn’t take more than two years and potentially leads to a higher academic career for eligible applicants.

Concurrent Master’s Degree Higher Education Programs

RNs and BSNs now have the opportunity to attend a Master’s of Science in Nursing degree and an MBA degree simultaneously. It would take them three to four years to graduate. Upon completing the dual degree, they could have an academic career or get employed in the health policy sector, having both a healthcare and a financial studies background.

BSN to Doctorate Degree Program

BSN nurses with an unrevoked license and an exceptional record of publications can apply directly for a Doctorate program in some exceptional cases. Many universities around the country can receive and review such applications for a Ph.D. from distinguished RNs who want to continue with research and academic tutoring in universities and colleges.

A doctorate would require at least an additional four years of studies and a thesis completion in an original scientific niche.

Master’s Degree to Doctorate Degree Program

Every BSN nurse that has completed his Master’s Degree program is automatically eligible to apply for a Doctorate. While being close to University professors, the doctorate can lead to a higher academic career as an assistant professor.

The program usually needs two years to be completed, and doctorate applicants would have to participate in research studies funded by the University.

Nurses have a huge potential to thrive both in their professional and academic fields. Having more opportunities for career development could create the necessary diversity needed in the healthcare delivery system.


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