3 of the Most Expensive Design of Motorhomes Today!


Have you ever considered the possibility of living in a Motorhome, or buying one for camping with the family? Well, if the people you live with are like most people, there’s a huge chance that you might have been only faced with objections. Motorhomes are surrounded by some sort of negative aura. They are often regarded as tin boxes on wheels, glorified cars, and just generally a place where deadbeat alcoholics go to die in peace.

What they don’t know is that Motorhomes are actually quite amazing. Not only are they fun to live in, but they also can be extremely luxurious. However, it also means that they can be highly expensive.

In fact, the price of some can even reach up to millions of dollars; here are three of the most expensive Motorhome designs on the market these days.

3 Motorhomes You Need to Know About

A good place to find details on a couple of Motorhomes would be Oaktree Motorhomes, and this is a good site to start at when you get down to researching your options. In the meanwhile though, we’re going to give you insight into the most expensive designs available today!

1. The Heat

On top of our list, we have one of the biggest and most expensive designs. This 1,200-square-foot beast designed by Anderson Mobile Estates is worth about two and a half million U.S Dollars.

It is a model often used by most Hollywood A-listers like; Ashton Kutcher, and Will Smith. Despite it being hard to imagine, the mobile home also happens to have a second floor. While the first floor contains a highly luxurious bathroom, a fully functional kitchen, a television and a couple of spaces for offices and such, the second floor is where the magic happens.

The second floor can fit up to three television sets and still have more room for a high-end business lounge. This magnificent beast is full of amazing features; from countertops to automatic sliding doors to steam showers. It definitely is better than most traditional homes.

2. The 2019 Newell Coach p50 Quad Slide

Slightly smaller than The Heat, the two million Dollars coach called the Quad Slide definitely has quite an elegant look on the outside. What is even better is how much it is able to hold on the inside.

According to the Newell Coach website, the vehicle is capable of accommodating up to four people. The coach has one full bathroom; including a shower, in addition to an extra bathroom that only consists of a sink and a toilet.

What makes it special is its modern vibe, as well as, the simplicity it provides with the amount of walking room it houses. It is usually a custom order.

3. The Fairfax Edition

Liberty Coach’s 2.2 million Dollars-worth of mind-blowing awesomeness is definitely on our list of expensive and highly luxurious designs. With an external elegance similar to the Quad Slide, what makes this model special is its custom programming. Within the vehicle, most settings can easily be controlled with an iPad.

The prices of these Motorhomes are indeed mind baffling. On the other hand, when you take into consideration the amenities and impressive features they offer; suddenly, the prices cease to become so absurd. While some may be overly expensive, one could safely say that the designs on this list are worth every penny.


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