3 Types of sustainable holidays


In recent years, there has been a growing interest in sustainable travel, as people are increasingly conscious about their own impact on the local environment and culture. Sustainable holidays aim to respect this by minimising the carbon footprint produced by our travels. In many cases, these holidays also support local communities and preserve natural habitats. If you are also looking for a sustainable way to spend your holiday, here are three great ideas for responsible tourism. 

Camino de Santiago

One of the most iconic examples of sustainable tourism is the pilgrimage route known as the Camino de Santiago. This network of paths, winding through Europe, culminates at the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, where the remains of St. James are reputedly buried. The Camino encourages slow travel – primarily walking or cycling – allowing pilgrims to experience and appreciate the landscapes and communities they pass through.

Among the various routes available, the Camino Frances, Camino Portugues, Camino del Norte, and Camino from Leon to Santiago are some of the most popular. These routes offer a unique glimpse into Spain’s rich history and vibrant culture, while also significantly reducing the environmental impact of the travellers. Besides, it also supports local businesses in small towns and promotes cultural exchange. 

Volunteer tourism

Volunteer tourism presents a unique blend of travel and altruism, which is typically carried out as sustainably as possible. This type of holiday involves travelling to a destination with the purpose of contributing to a project that benefits the local community or environment. From teaching English in Nepal to participating in marine conservation in the Maldives, these experiences allow travellers to give back in meaningful ways.

While the primary focus is on the positive impact made by the volunteers, these experiences also foster a deep connection with local communities and cultures, creating a mutually enriching exchange that much more meaningful than traditional tourism. It also helps visitors understand the importance of mindful, sustainable consumption, particularly in destinations that are less developed. 

Relaxing eco-lodges

If you are looking to have a sustainable holiday that is as close to a traditional holiday as possible, eco-lodges offer that relaxing experience. For instance, you can stay in a stunning eco-lodge in Costa Rica, surrounded by some of the most biodiverse environments on the planet. The cosy accommodation is built from natural, locally sources materials, supporting the local communities. However, it has everything you need to recharge during your holiday, including breathtaking views of the nature.

The key aim of these eco-lodges is to prioritise conservation and community involvement in tourism. They are built to reduce the environmental impact and contribute to the conservation efforts of the area, while still attracting tourism. While staying there, you can get involved in activities such as guided nature walks, wildlife spotting, and other cultural tours to educate yourself about the local ecosystem and the efforts of preserving it. 

Final thoughts

Whether you are relaxing in an eco-lodge, deep in the Costa Rican forests, or going on a Camino de Santiago walking holiday across Spain’s historical towns, your choice of holiday can help protect our planet and preserve the local environments.

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