4 DIY Acrylic Projects That Are Much Easy Yet Functional For Home and Office Space


Everyone loves easy and functional design ideas and this search for exceptionality takes us to creative peaks and beyond. Nowadays, there are tons of ingenious ideas for renovating the home and office space without needing the help of an expert. These DIY project ideas are not only easy to apply but also enhances the functionality of the space. Today, we will discuss four creative design ideas made with plexiglass to transform the outlook of the space and inject a touch of matchless beauty and elegance.

1. DIY Traditional Deck Railing Replacement with Plexiglass

Deck railings are designed to provide safety and security. However, these railings fail to protect against harsh winds and rainfalls. Not to forget, the space between the rails is also unsafe for young kids. That’s why this DIY project focuses on transforming the traditional deck railings into something exceptional with the adoption of the new and amazing acrylic glass. Adding safety and functionality aren’t the only features of these railing as their contribution to the aesthetic beauty cannot be neglected.

The plexiglass is available in numerous colors and tint options, and this makes it the best design choice for covering the deck railings. It is not necessary to settle for translucent colors as now deck railings can have green, red, blue, or other colors of acrylic glass. There aren’t many special tools required for this DIY project, and all you need is a drill and a couple of screws, bolts, and washers. The simplicity and exceptionality of this project make it a great choice for renovating homes, offices, and other interior spaces. To carry out this project on your own, you will need measurement tape, and mark the drill holes with the pencils on wooden or steel frames to fix plexiglass. Dill at low speed and a bit pressure for making holes. Spray with zinc spray on the metal hole or paint the wooden hole. Then, cut the plexiglass sheet according to the marks or order the required size from Fab Glass and Mirror. Fix the acrylic sheet and mark accordingly on the same holes. Drill the acrylic sheet while placing the wooden block below for safety. The hole on the sheet should be 1-2 mm bigger than the screw. Fix the plexiglass sheet with steel screw and plastic washers. To avoid tension, gently tight the screw. That’s it!

2. DIY Plexiglass Project To Make Frameless Sneeze Guards

DIY Plexiglass Project To Make Frameless Sneeze Guards
In the days of COVID-19 pandemic, sneeze guards have become a mere necessity. However, offices and businesses can now make their own sneeze shields and guards with the help of highly versatile acrylic glass. This modernistic glass is a lightweight and portable alternative to standard glass. This makes it the best choice for making frameless sneeze protective guards for home, office, and businesses.

This DIY project simply requires a couple of wooden planks, a circular saw, and a piece of acrylic glass. Using these simple tools, a frameless sneeze guard can be built without the help of an expert. The best thing is that acrylic glass is highly customizable and there’s no risk of breakage linked with using a circular saw. The wooden planks are used as the mounting hardware for this guard and acrylic glass is fitted into the frame with the help of screws, bolts, and washers. That’s almost everything you need to know about making a frameless sneeze shield on your own.

3. DIY Acrylic Window Installation

opened plastic vinyl window on a background blue sky

Another cool way to incorporate plexiglass in home and office settings is by adding acrylic window installations. Acrylic glass is a durable and strong alternative to glass and is easy to install and also highly functional. This DIY project provides a creative way to revamp the outlook of the home and office spaces with ease and simplicity. Easy to install and simple to handle, acrylic glass can be easily cut into any desired shape or size using a circular saw.

Interior spaces with acrylic windows are best-suited to endure the harsh weather conditions and are built to last longer. In addition to increased strength, this glass offers seamless transmission of natural light into interior space, and its aesthetic beauty is truly exceptional. That’s the reason why DIY acrylic window installation is a cool and creative way to decorate space and is definitely worth a shot. People usually spend hundreds of dollars in installing window replacement glass, and this idea cuts down the installation cost without compromising on the quality of window glass.

4. DIY Custom Shelves With Acrylic Sheets

DIY Custom Shelves With Acrylic Sheets

Custom-cut glass shelves can be used in many rooms and interior spaces and are chic, sleek, and stylish. Easy to install and elegant, these shelves greatly contribute to improving the overall accessibility of the space. Adding in acrylic shelves is one of the most creative ways to boost the functionality of the living room, kitchen, or bathroom spaces. These shelves are highly functional and creative yet easy to build and even simpler to install.

Building DIY custom shelves made with acrylic or plexiglass sheets is something everyone can do with ease. All that’s needed is a few handy tools such as drill, circular saw, nuts, bolts, and washers. These shelves can also be customized for added accessibility with the addition of towel bars, etc. For living rooms, people often use multiple shelves placed in a straight line or other placement options such as zig-zag placement. There are lots of creative ways to install customized glass shelves and this DIY project is truly incredible.

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