4 Tips for Maintaining Your Roof

Although the Canadian weather is wonderful, it’s safe to say that it can be freezing most of the time. But even though you might enjoy it, your house might not think the same way.

Your home is exposed to all kinds of harsh weather conditions, particularly the roof. Your house’s roof has to go through snowfalls, rain, sunny days, and everything else directly. Your roof will deteriorate very quickly if you don’t take care of it. 

That is why you should be familiar with these four roof maintenance tips. However, it would be good to contact a professional like Cherry and Clark Roofing who can check if there is any damage. They can also do proper maintenance, and give tips that would be best for your type of roof.

Remove the Leaves

If your roof has a simple peak design and there are no trees around, then the winds probably blow the leaves away, or they go in the gutters. However, you might have piles of leaves on your roof if there are many tall trees around, and the structure is not peaked.

You may think that leaves cannot harm, but, in reality, they trap moisture and decompose on your roof. That can result in either your wooden roof being moist or housing vegetation. That is why you need to buy some supplies and clean up the roof or call a professional for the job.

Clean All the Gutters

You may think that gutters only cause problems to the walls and leak water to the basement. While that is true, you should also know that the gutters can also overflow in the upward direction. 

That means if the gutters are extremely clogged, then the water will stay on your roof. Since you have a wooden roof, it will rot and get damaged with the water. If it gets too severely damaged, then you will have to spend a lot of money on repairs. 

That is why you should clean out all the gutters as frequently as possible, and perhaps look into getting gutter guards.

Trim All the Overhanging Branches

Trimming the branches that are hanging above your roof can prevent many things. They can drop leaves and help in the formation of moss. If there are heavy winds, then the branches can hit your roof and damage the shingles. 

The branches hanging over your roof also allow rodents and other small animals to climb up to your house and gnaw their way in from the shingles.

That is why you should make sure there are no branches anywhere near your roof. Although you can do it yourself, consider hiring a professional to trim without leaving a mess.

Scrape Away the Vegetation

Depending on where you live, several plants can start growing on your roof. 

The most typical is algae. It starts to go on composite roofs and has a filmy black appearance. However, it doesn’t cause much damage to a roof, and it can be killed with detergent and bleach water. Yet still, you should leave it alone if you see it on your roof. 

On the other hand, if you start to see moss growing on the shingles of your roof, you need to handle the matter immediately. Moss traps water, and it can damage your roof. You can kill all of it with some unique mixture that you can make at home, and you can easily find the method online.

You should consider giving a call to the roofing service mentioned above after you free the roof of moss. That is because they can prevent it from ever coming back.