5 Benefits Of Using A Public Adjuster To Settle Your Insurance Claim


Have you suffered impairment to your house due to flood damage, fire, or any other damages that necessitated you to claim from your insurance? Have a look at these five benefits of enlisting the aid of a public claim adjuster to help you with settling your claim.

Assisting You With Understanding Your Policy

Insurance policies can be comprehensive documents that are difficult to interpret if you are not a professional. A public adjuster can offer you the experience needed in deciphering the details of your insurance policy. They can help you figure out what your options are with regards to your policy and to file the appropriate claim. They can offer you these services for a standard contingency fee and use their skills and expertise to secure the appropriate claim settlement for conducting the necessary repairs.

Saving You Time

A public adjuster can organize and manage the claim for you, irrespective if it’s a claim for fire, flood, smoke, wind and hurricane damage, or any other disasters that can lead to damage to your home. Therefore, you’ll be spending less time dealing with issues relating to the claim and have more time for handling other homeowner responsibilities. It will also give you self-assurance that the claim is left in the professional hands of a Public Adjuster in Miami that are proficient in handling such claims.

Resolving The Claim Quicker

Handling the insurance claim,yourself can lead to complications, and solving the claim can end up being a time-consuming and frustrating endeavor. Since public adjusters have the skills and knowledge to understand and deal with these claims, they can fill in the paperwork, communicate with the insurer, and resolve the claim much faster.

Protecting The Policyholder’s Rights

Public adjusters are representing the policyholder and not a large company, therefore have no relationship with the insurer. This way, the public adjuster can handle all the e-mail correspondence, meetings, documents, and phone calls relating to your claim. They can assist with negotiating the appropriate settlements with your insurer.

Ensuring Reasonable Value For The Claim

According to OPAGGA (The office of program and policy analysis and Government, public adjusters are better at negotiating settlements (prior to removal of the contingency payment) from insurers for homeowners’ property loss and commercial business claims ensuring the insurance company pays out more than they initially planned. This goes to show why it is beneficial to enlist the aid of a public adjuster that has the necessary knowledge and expertise when it comes to claims like these.


All the benefits mentioned above is a good indication of why a homeowner must consider using a public adjuster to help them with a fair settlement of their claims for damages. They understand how stressful it can be to work with insurance companies and trying to decipher what the insurance policy entails. Let them help you with filing your claim to secure an appropriate settlement that you deserve.

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