5 great mobile games that flew under the radar in 2023


2023 saw the active gaming population reach approximately 3.26 billion individuals, representing about 41% of the world’s population​​. This surge in gamers, an increase of over a billion in just seven years, underscores the expanding appeal of video gaming across various demographics and regions​​​​.

Notably, North America and Europe emerged as significant contributors to the global games market, accounting for 46% of the overall revenue 2023. North America’s gaming revenue was projected to grow by 3.8%, reaching $51.6 billion, while Europe’s was expected to increase by 3.2%, hitting $34.4 billion. The United States alone accounted for 25% of the global games market revenue, highlighting its central role in the industry​​.

The proliferation of games is equally impressive. In 2023, over 14,500 games were launched on Steam alone, continuing a four-year streak of record-breaking numbers. The dramatic increase in game releases reflects the evolving landscape of game publishing and the growing ease of access for developers to release their games to a broader audience​​.

With billions of active gamers and thousands of new games introduced annually, the gaming sector continues to thrive and evolve, driven by technological advancements and an ever-expanding player base. The dynamic environment offers a fertile ground for innovation and creativity, as evidenced by the diverse games that continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

Ryse of the Mighty Gods

Ryse of the Mighty Gods, developed by OneTouch, stands out as a high-volatility online slot game that has gained popularity on top casino platforms. The game boasts a 96.1% Return to Player (RTP) and offers 262,144 ways to win, set across 6 reels and 4 rows.

The betting range is accommodating, with a minimum bet of €0.20 and a maximum of €100, making it accessible to a wide range of players. The maximum payout potential is a significant 10,000x.

What sets this game apart is its exceptional graphic design and epic soundtrack, which create a rich Greek environment for an immersive gambling experience. While the game includes scatter and wild symbols, it notably lacks bonus and jackpot games, focusing instead on its core gameplay elements​​.

Swordigo: A Sidescrolling Adventure

Swordigo is a riveting adventure game filled with puzzles and narrative twists. In this action-packed side scrolling platformer, players step into the shoes of a young hero on a quest to find a legendary sword to vanquish an ancient evil.

The game isn’t just about mindless action; it challenges players with critical thinking and puzzle-solving, making its lack of popularity quite surprising​​.

Spotlight X: Room Escape

For mystery enthusiasts, Spotlight X: Room Escape offers an engaging puzzle-solving experience akin to stepping into the shoes of a detective.

The game requires players to pay close attention to the story and details as it weaves its clues intricately throughout the gameplay. The title stands out in the escape room genre for its immersive puzzles and rich narrative​​.

Little Commander: Mini Tower Defense

Little Commander is a casual tower defence game, perfect for quick gaming sessions. Players are tasked with building and upgrading defences to protect their base against waves of enemies.

The game offers a variety of defence turrets and weapons, allowing for strategic planning and execution in an accessible, engaging format​​.

Neo Monsters: Monster Collecting RPG

Neo Monsters presents a turn-based RPG adventure where players can build teams from over 1,000 animated monsters for epic 4v4 battles.

Despite its high-quality graphics and immersive storyline, it hasn’t garnered the attention it deserves, especially compared to more popular titles. It offers over 60 hours of adventure, online missions, PvP mode, and weekly events, making it a comprehensive package for RPG enthusiasts​​.


Despite their appeal and engaging gameplay, each of these games remained under the radar in 2023. From puzzle-solving to intense RPG battles, they offer diverse experiences catering to different gaming preferences. Their relative obscurity in the mobile gaming landscape is more a matter of visibility than quality, highlighting the wealth of quality gaming experiences available beyond the mainstream hits.

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