5 Important Life-Changing Lessons we Learn from Celebrities Everyday


A lot has been said and will always be said about celebrities. Say what you want, but we can’t deny the fact that every day there is new celeb news or a new drama or scandal, or even an achievement, we learn something new.

And the lessons are all around every aspect of life, from relationships to families to business. Here are 5 most important life lessons we learn from celebrities every day; 

1. On Business

More often than not, we see celebrities all the time launching a new business, make-up lines, clothes, and other brands. To some people, just being an artist should be enough. But not with some celebrities, it is always branching from one business to the next, leveraging their celeb status to create new opportunities for themselves and their fans.

Many go from music to fashion or from acting to writing, and so on. The lesson learned here is that whatever the case; don’t be afraid to branch into a new business in a new industry or even advancing in your existing business. It also teaches us to leverage the opportunities we already have at hand to create new projects and launch new businesses. 

2. You can do what you want

Forget about drugs, theft, scandals, and getting in the arms’ way. In terms of career, lifestyle, goals, and dreams, celebrities teach us that anyone can do whatever they want, no excuses. Most people are limited by the fact that they don’t have degrees or certificates to pursue their dreams.

Or that they don’t have money to get started with their dream business. To celebrities, these are just mere excuses. Most of them don’t have certificates and degrees yet they own some of the most successful businesses. Some are successful actors and DJs, while others double in the entertainment world and fashion or other industries. 

3. Don’t Give Up

All we see is what is shown to us. But most of us have been lucky to get a peep on the behind-the-scenes. If we only knew what some of these celebrities went through before their stardom. And it is crazy to think they wouldn’t even have made it to the top if they had given up on their dreams.

Brad Pitt, for example, was repeatedly told he was too ugly to act. Today, he is one of the most celebrated actors and film producers in American entertainment history. What if he had listened to the naysayers? The list of celebs that were first put down at the beginning of their careers is long. 

4. Money Is Not Everything

This may sound like a ridiculous comment to make but think about it; how many celebrities have been reported to be suffering from severe depression. Or those suffering from other incurable diseases, those going through a divorce and family breakups, and not even money could restore their lives.

We have heard about celebrities who were amongst the richest but still went completely broke for various reasons. Looking at their lives from this perception, it is clear that while many people are fighting for fame and money, these things are not everything there is to life. 

5. Live your Life

Celebrities look like they are always at each other’s necks. They are always seemingly competing, and fighting each other. But have you stopped to think that not all that glitters is gold? Or that appearance could be deceiving? That we only get to see what is shown to us, whether it is their reality or not?

Just because someone looks like they have everything together or look wealthy doesn’t mean they are. It is sad to think that most fans want to look or live like their stars. When on the other side, the rule is “dress up and show up, like you have it all together”. But some of these “stars” are not even living true.

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