5 Types of Breast Augmentation Surgery and What to Expect After


Women, and sometimes men, want or need cosmetic breast surgery. As with any surgery, the process can feel a little overwhelming. Do you know there are many types of breast augmentation surgery?

How will you know which type of cosmetic surgery is best for you? We have put together a guide for you, explaining 5 different types of breast augmentation surgery, and what to expect after.


Do you know that nearly two million cosmetic surgeries are performed each year? That number includes over three hundred thousand breast augmentation procedures.

Breast augmentation is the process of enhancing or enlarging the breasts. It may or may not include different types of breast implants.

Breast Lift

Sometimes, all you need is a little lift. This is known as Mastopexy.

There are several reasons why the breasts sag and droop.

  • Age
  • Weight fluctuation
  • Pregnancies

If gravity has taken over, then a breast lift might be a good option for you.

A breast lift removes excess skin and repositions the areola, restoring their natural shape. NuBody Concepts offers a great article on the differences between a Breast Lift vs Breast Implants.

Breast Reduction

Many times, larger breasts compromise general health. Men who suffer from overdeveloped breasts, gynecomastia, can benefit from a breast reduction procedure.

  • Back pain
  • Skin irritations
  • Breathing problems

We encourage you to talk to us more about breast reduction surgery if your oversized breasts are interfering with your general and mental health. We can help determine if it’s an option for you and assist with having your insurance company cover all or some of the costs.

Breast Revision

Have you had one of the different types of breast augmentation surgery, and you are not completely happy with your results?  Do you desire larger implants or smaller implants? Is there a symmetry issue?

Breast revision procedures increase your level of satisfaction. Our team works with you to completely customize your transformation.

Breast Reconstruction

The loss of one or both breasts is an emotional heartbreak, and often damaging to your self-esteem and mental health. Breast reconstruction is one of several breast augmentation options for those who have had a mastectomy.

Your reconstruction options include surgical implants or by transferring tissue from another part of your body to reconstruct the natural shape of your breasts. The timing of your reconstruction is flexible. It can be done at the same time as your mastectomy or several months later after any necessary related treatments.

Implant Removal

At some point in time, patients decide to have their breast implants removed. This is a personal decision or health-related reason.

We can remove your implants and restore your breasts to a natural shape. Our goal is for you to be comfortable in your own skin, regardless of your breast size.

Types of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Are you a candidate for breast augmentation surgery?

  • Looking to increase the size
  • Looking to increase or restore lost volume
  • Looking to improve symmetry
  • Looking to improve the effects of aging

We can also perform other cosmetic procedures and other types of breast enhancement surgeries at the same time as your breast augmentation surgery, giving you a complete makeover.

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer takes fat from other parts of your body and is then injected into your breasts. Fat transfer is performed alone or along with implants.


Implants are available in saline and silicone. Which ones are right for you?

If you are under the age of 22, then saline implants are the best option for you since the minimum age requirement for saline implants is 18.

Other than age, both types of implants have similar risks and results. We discuss all the pros and cons with you so that you make the best-informed decision.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Each surgery is unique, and therefore, all recovery times vary from patient to patient. Our team reviews every detail with you.

  • Pain management and medications
  • Postoperative breast care
  • Abstinence from heavy lifting and other strenuous activities
  • Specialized support bra requirements
  • Follow up care

We follow you through your surgical journey from inception to full recovery.

What can you expect after? You can expect to feel overjoyed for meeting your cosmetic goals. Your achievement reward is  an improved personal appearance, improved self-esteem, and improved self-confidence.

Choosing a Surgeon

Do you know there is a difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery? Plastic surgery specializes in repairs from defects or accidents. Cosmetic surgery specializes in enhancing your appearance.

Many plastic surgeons, with advanced training, are cosmetic surgeons. Your surgeon should be board certified. What does board-certified mean?

A board-certified physician has gone above and beyond the minimal training requirements proving their expertise in the medical profession. You should look for a surgeon with a board-certified credential.

Dr. Heil is a board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon with many awards and recognitions for his achievements in the industry. Dr. Heil strives to provide each patient with natural results.

We have a talented team working alongside Dr. Heil. Our office manager, technicians, and physician assistants all play an integral in your care. We are all dedicated to your transformation experience.

Our office and surgical center are in one location. We have designed your total experience to include comfort, privacy, and safety. Come visit us and take a tour.

Getting Started

Congratulations on your decision to self-improvement. We hope you found this article informative.

Whether your decision for cosmetic breast surgery is based on a need or want, the decision is yours to make, and we are here to hold your hand along the way.

Your enhancement journey begins with a personal consultation with Dr. Heil. Dr. Heil will discuss your goals, the types of breast augmentation surgery, your options, and everything to expect, from start to finish.

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