5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your iPad POS System


The tablet is one of the most revolutionary technological pieces that has transformed millions of businesses.

A tablet is portable, lighter than a laptop, thus making it easier and more efficient to carry around and use. Because of this, it is a great device for businesses that have employees who move about or travel frequently.

And even if more complex business functions may require a desktop or laptop, you can still carry out simple everyday business functions on a tablet. And among the tablets today, the iPad is certainly one of the most popular and feature-packed.

This is because the iOS platform has a broad range of apps under a variety of categories. Apple’s own apps, including Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, allow users to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

You can also use other third-party apps to update and maintain your social media presence, manage your bank accounts, send invoices, and request payments. Several desktop software makers also have app versions compatible with Apple products, which means you can use those on your iPad, too.

Also, you can use your iPad to access important business data wherever you are. You can sync various apps such as Mail, Calendar, Reminders, and Notes with your desktop software, including Outlook and Microsoft Exchange.

All these features ensure you and your team can be productive whenever you are in and outside the workplace.

Using iPads in Your POS System

Because of the different benefits and features iPads come with, they are excellent tools you can use with your point of sale or POS system.

The best iPad POS systems are perfect solutions for retail stores, restaurants, and many other business types. They are multi-purpose productivity tools that can streamline various processes in the workplace and make your team more efficient.

If you have decided to invest in an iPad POS system, you can get the most from this business technology by following these tips:

1. Choose an iPad POS system that works for your business

Getting the right system is crucial in having a piece of technology that will streamline various business processes.

Because of this reason, if you are still looking for an iPad POS software, ensure you select the right one by looking into these key factors:

Essential features

Your POS programme should have everything you need to manage your business simply by using your iPad and app.

Aside from processing payments, your POS system should allow you and your team to:

  • Manage sales
  • Stay on top of inventory
  • Create and run a loyalty program
  • Design and implement marketing campaigns
  • Accept and schedule reservations
  • Monitor employee productivity and schedules.

Ease of use

The most useful pieces of technology used in businesses are easy and straightforward to use.

If your POS system requires advanced tech skills and intense training before you and your team can use it, look for other solutions.

To know if everyone in your team can use the software with the right amount of training, request a free trial or demo from your shortlisted vendors to check if their platforms have a user-friendly interface and are intuitive enough for you and your employees.

Consider your customers as well. During the trial or demo, try to assess if your staff will be able to process payments and assist your consumers faster and more efficiently.

Service terms and conditions

If you don’t want to pay a huge early termination fee if you are not happy with the software you invested in, look for a vendor that does not require a long-term contract.

Another option is to find a provider that can customise their solution that allows you to pay a service fee on a monthly basis so that you can switch to another software if you need to without any penalty.

2. Use the right credit card reader

Turning an iPad into a mobile POS system is easy and straightforward. First, you will need POS software compatible with or has an app on the Apple store.

Also, you need a credit card reader you can connect to the POS app to process payments and manage your sales. Most iPad POS systems use Bluetooth to connect the device to the card reader.

Some POS systems come with free card readers. However, these devices are often swipers that only read the mag stripe.

To avoid the possibilities of fraud that might occur at your point of sale, consider getting a contactless and chip card reader. A device with both EMV and NFC capabilities facilitates more secure card payments.

Moreover, having a card reader with both EMV and NFC capabilities can make processing payments faster, which can improve the overall customer experience in your premises.

3. Invest in a sturdy iPad stand

If you want your iPad POS system to be stationary in the checkout aisle or counter, you need to invest in sturdy iPad stands.

By tethering your iPads to these stands, you’ll prevent thieves from taking off with your devices.

If you want to get the best accessory, choose one that swivels 360 degrees to make it easy to turn and allow customers to sign or key in their PIN on the iPad easily.

If you want a multifunctional iPad stand, look for one with a built-in credit card reader for convenience.

4. Use a device for different functions

Although you can use only one iPad for various processes needed to manage your business, it is best to get one for each particular function or area.

After all, you don’t want your team removing the device from the checkout counter and using it to order supplies or send an email.

Having only one or two devices for everyone to share is not only inconvenient; it can also give your business a poor impression.

Unless you plan on using your iPad POS system occasionally, at the very least, get a device specifically for your point of sale needs and inventory.

5. Create a strong password

A strong and unique password is a must for all devices and platforms containing business data. As such, be creative when making one for your iPad POS system.

To protect your sensitive data, create complex alphanumeric passwords instead of only four digits ones.

Also, consider using the Touch ID feature of your iPad for additional security. If possible, assign different passwords for each user.

An iPad POS system can give your sales and customer service game some much-needed boost. Follow these tips to ensure you can get the most from your investment.

Author bio

Ross Smith is the Managing Partner at iPad POS Middle East. Based in Dubai, covering the whole of the Middle East, the company is passionate about helping restaurateurs and retailers alike find the most suitable point of sale system to meet the needs of their business. They specialize in iPad-based point of sales systems and are resellers of Revel and Vend.


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