5 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Beautiful

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in the home. People spend a huge portion of their lives in the bathroom – despite most people having lacked a bathroom in their home at all until the 1940s. Here is a quick rundown of some ways in which you can make your bathroom truly beautiful.

Install A Feature Sink

Not all sinks are the same. One way to completely rewire your bathroom atmosphere is to install a feature sink. Many fascinating contemporary sink designs make fine art out of the basic action of running a tap. Feature sinks can be rather expensive, but they do bring a bathroom to life and instill a rather luxurious atmosphere. If you are going for an industrial interior look, consider installing a copper tub-shaped sink to complete your bathroom.

Adaptable Lighting

Anybody with any experience designing interiors will tell you the importance of good lighting. Lighting makes a room: giving it a sense of space and atmosphere and allowing it to be fit for purpose. Many manufacturers now make adaptive lighting sets, especially for bathrooms. These smart lighting rigs can be custom set using a smartphone or remote control in order to provide a range of different atmospheres. Need bright lighting for shaving and soft lighting for a quiet bath? An adaptive light installation is a solution you have been looking for.

Decorative Tiles

Tiles have been used in bathroom settings for many years. Ceramics have several advantages in the bathroom. They are completely waterproof, which helps to stop water from getting into the structural surfaces of your home. They are also individually replaceable, which makes sorting out any damage very easy and cost-effective. Tiles come in all sorts of designs. Some of the most famous tiles come from Italy, North Africa, and Iran. If you are in the UK, check out the Italian tiles bathroom showroom Harrogate for inspiration, and a large selection of tiles.

Industrial Chic

Industrial interior design is inspired by the materials and textures of old workshops and industrial zones. It makes use of metals like copper that patinate beautifully, exposed brick, and simple metal framework designs. This design ethos works well in bathrooms – places that necessarily contain lots of piping and taps. Don’t hide the functionality of your bathroom – embrace and emphasize it! There are plenty of great ways to utilize industrial design in the bathroom.

Stand Alone Bath

Nothing is more luxurious feeling than a stand-alone bath. Most baths are positioned against a wall in the corner of the room. This is highly practical and space-saving. Installing your bath in the middle of the room gets rid of any claustrophobia-inducing snugness and is a truly exuberant feature. A vintage claw-legged bath is particularly suitable for this. Check out this article for a guide to making the most out of a claw-footed bathtub. Unfortunately, it is only really practical to install stand-alone bathtubs ins relatively large rooms.