5 Wilderness Horror Movies that will Keep You up All Night!

Want some scary flicks to spice up your weekends? This list of bone-chilling wilderness terror will definitely give you a night you will not be able to forget anytime soon!

Ahh, the wilderness! The mysterious nature, the deep, dark forest, the thick lines of trees, and whatever force and creatures roaming within them – all combine to create a world beyond our knowledge, beyond our reach.

A world filled with boundless mysteries, and nobody could tell what would be awaiting them the moment they step out of the safety zone crafted by civilization and make contact with that very world themselves. Nobody could know what would be watching them from behind, or perhaps from the sky, or even from the top of the tree they are standing under.

We are scared of what we know nothing about. And because of that, the wilderness has become the settings of ample frightening horror films that could send you under the bed crying for your mother. If you think you have what it takes to handle them, then scroll down and check out my picks for the most terrifying and gruesome movies centering upon this pristine, uncanny land itself.

1. Friday the 13th

The mysterious, bone-chilling killer that once haunted audience’s dream when the movie was first released/ https://bloody-disgusting.com

The first in our list today is Friday the 13th – a true classic franchise that every horror fan out there has fallen hook, line, and sinker. It started with just a simple slasher film, but then soon exploded in popularity and received so much love that the producers decided to make a sequel, then another sequel. And before anyone even realized, it has already had over 10 movies in total!

To be honest, Friday the 13th came with a normal plot. A maniac on the loose, frightened teens screaming and running around before getting butchered in several brutal manners. Pretty predictable, actually.

But despite that, it still managed to keep people up at night due to the eerie appearance of the main villain – old and tattered outfit, lethal weapons in hand, and to top it off, an eerie hockey mask hiding his face and expression. I have seen lots of killers and maniacs in horror flicks, but this always sends chills down my spine even when I have not re-watched the films for ages. I even wonder after watching the entire series, did anyone develop a phobia about hockey masks.

2. Wrong Turn

This terrifying franchise will make your blood run cold/ https://www.flickeringmyth.com

With 6 brutal yet amazing films focusing on cannibalism while being lost in the middle of nowhere, the Wrong Turn franchise deserves to be on every horror lover’s watch list. And I do not know about you, but to me, it is something completely different compared to every horror movie related to forest and all out there.

Maybe it is the fact that there is a proper story behind the entire series, not just some random killing scenes and pools after pools of blood. Or perhaps that rather than just running and slashing like many similar movies, this actually focuses on how the characters fight back with everything they have to stay alive. Horror films often throw in a bunch of idiots and let them find themselves straight to death without the maniacs trying, but not this one. I appreciate this. They all die in the end though, but hey, at least they try!

As for the quality, it is such a shame that starting from the third film, Wrong Turn has started to lose its luster. The plots are not as good as the first ones, and they begin using too much fanservice scenes – you know, nudity and all. But the gruesome parts are still as great as ever!

3. The Cabin in the Woods

A dark and creepy cabin – perfect setting for a massacre/ https://www.wickedhorror.com

The Cabin in the Woods is a, well, how should I put it, terrifyingly and amazingly crafted mess…

Do not get me wrong, this is really good, if not a masterpiece itself. The plot is great, the acting is great, the characters are great, and the scenes it presents are superb! Not to mention, the horror it leaves behind may probably make you want to stay away from the forest, and even any wooden house you come across for the rest of your life.

Then why did I say it was a mess? Because I really do not know what its plot revolves around. The movie starts in a typical-of-scary-flick way, a group of friends venturing into the wilderness, going in a strange cabin, and then all Hell breaks loose as they accidentally release some uncanny forces.

Or at least that is what I thought when watching this for the first time. But turn out I was wrong! There is no accident there, everything happens to a reason, and what after them are much bigger than just some random demons. Twists and turns keep popping up throughout 90 intense minutes of the movie, taking you from one surprise to another. Trust me, you will not be able to take your eyes off the screen!

4. Evil Dead

You will want to sleep with your light on after watching this disturbing wildness horror film/ https://bloody-disgusting.com

Apparently, when stumbling upon an unearthly tape in a spooky cabin located in the depth of the forest, you should not let your curiosity get the best of you and play it as whatever sounds it emits can be an incantation that brings blood-thirsty demon entity back to life and possess you.

Keep that in mind when going on your next trip, because you would not want to end up like the unfortunate youngsters in Evil Dead.

With a bone-chilling atmosphere, awesome plot, and of course, like many other horror movies of the 80s, such disturbing and savage scenes that can have the fainted of heart empty out their entire dinner, this horror flick is exactly what you need to scare the pants off your friends in your next movie night.

5. Annihilation

A journey into the land of unexplainable incidents/ Source: https://bloody-disgusting.com

Number 1 in this list of horrifying, uncanny wilderness horror films is Annihilation – a movie that has just been released in 2018.

The movie tells the story of a group of women venturing into an unknown region where the laws of nature do not apply to carry out a top-secret expenditure. Now, I will be honest with you, if you are eager for some cat-and-mouse games between the predator and the preys, or some typical slasher-movie scenes, you should skip this.

Despite being a horror movie, Annihilation does not revolve much around the horror part. Even though there are all sorts of scenes that make your blood run cold and your skin crawl uncontrollably, brutality is not the highlight of this film. No, the part making this movie unique is the multi-layered meaning it leaves behind, and the characters.

Each woman has a role, a story, a purpose, and even a story, all combined to build their personality and characteristics. The film will provoke many emotions within you, not just fear. And even when it has ended, you will still be lost in thoughts, in its world, and the meaning it holds within.


Above are my highly recommended wilderness-themed horror movies. I hope they will be able to give you an enjoyable night!

Well, that’s it! Have a great night, and don’t forget to lock your door and check under your bed before going to sleep…