6 Circumstances Under Which Water Contamination Claims are Necessary


Drinking water quality is vital to all people in Camp Lejeune. However, there has been a significant health concern in Camp Lejeune due to water contamination, affecting most families and veterans. If you’ve been exposed to contaminated water, either underground or surface water, you must seek compensation for all the damage the water causes. So, when is it best to file water contamination claims? Below are six situations under which you should file a claim if the contamination affects you, your property, or your loved one.

1. In Case You Experience Extreme Health Conditions Arising From Water Contamination

Contaminated water transmits infections such as typhoid, polio, cholera, and hepatitis A, among other diseases. These diseases cause uncontrolled diarrhea and other related health issues for Camp Lejeune residents. Often, extreme conditions affect children more than adults, and there could be death cases. Suppose you or your relatives experience any of the symptoms mentioned above and link them to water contamination. In that case, you must hire a Camp Lejeune water contamination attorney to file a case against the responsible person.

2. If the Recent Diagnostics Relate to Long-Term Usage of Contaminated Water

Long-term intake of contaminated water could indeed cause lifelong health conditions such as cancer, arthritis, and respiratory problems in children. This means that the affected Camp Lejeune veterans and families suffer financially for extended periods as they seek to keep up with the expensive treatment requirements of their loved ones. Ultimately, you should for your rights and let the ignorant responsible party compensate you for the attached expenses and losses.

3. When the Liable Party Intentionally Pollutes Water Sources or Storage

What if someone intends to poison the whole state by contaminating a common Camp Lejeune water source or storage tanks? After evaluation and knowing who the enemy is, you must take legal action against them. The contamination may claim a few lives and leave other people with life-long diseases, so the responsible party must never go unpunished.  Water management has been a critical issue since the days of Archimedes.

4. When a Nearby Industry Releases Harmful Wastes Into Water Bodies

Some industrial sites in Camp Lejeune are one of the influential contributors to water contamination. These industries mismanage waste disposal systems, releasing toxic chemicals into nearby freshwater systems through marine dumping processes. Further, industrial waste from manufacturing plants and mines could flow into water bodies such as streams, rivers, and seas, interrupting water safety for human consumption. Here, you’re free to sue the industry that fails to adhere to the set waste management regulations.

5. If the Polluted Water Harms Your Livestock and Crops

Most farmers in Camp Lejeune invest heavily in their farming and livestock-keeping projects. Their dream, however, faces a few challenges if they water their crops and herds of cattle with contaminated water. The pollution could cause a loss of money paying for veterinary services. In addition, farmers could lose their livestock through water poisoning. In this case, you must file a claim seeking monetary compensation from the legally responsible party. Your water contamination lawyer will help you with the documentation and legal representation.

6. In Case of Poor Sewage Management

Inappropriately managed sanitation in Camp Lejeune exposes nearby households to health risks. For instance, your neighbors could take no measures to curb sewage pollution. Here, you must file a water contamination claim against the person if the sanitation maintenance affects your health, like causing skin diseases and respiratory problems after using contaminated water. This step should only follow if you’ve pursued and voiced your complaints with no feedback.

Our lives depend on water in most aspects of life. However, for many people in Camp Lejeune, this essential liquid brings diseases and, in extreme cases, death. While you may wonder what it takes to make a compensation claim, it’s best to understand how and when. The above circumstances call for water contamination claims after the water affects you or your loved one.

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