6 Cool and Creative Packaging Designs that Keep it Real



Compared to traditional packaging designs, contemporary and creative packaging designs add more to the brand’s recognition. Moreover, they stand out from your product from the rest of the crowd. The creative packaging designs employ innovative methods to promote a product by enhancing the personal consumer experience. So, are you looking for creative and cool packaging designs for your brand? Are you in search of the best packaging designs that keep it real as well, right? If the answer to these sets of questions is yes, then you are on the right page. Here are mentioned 6 cool and creative packaging designs that you shouldn’t ignore in 2021. So, let’s explore the innovative designs in a bit of detail.

1. Adopt a minimalist approach

The minimalist approach in packaging conveys a strong meaning about your brand instantly. Yes, you have got that right. A minimalist approach focuses on “less is more,” It does not use any graphics in packaging but instead keeps it plain and simple. Remember that simplicity is magic, and it will leave an everlasting impact on your customers. So, why not adopt this approach to promote your brand?

If you are selling exquisite dresses in the Luxury Apparel boxes, a sleek and royal look of the apparel box without many embellishments is just the right match with the dress. The packaging will serve its purpose to keep the dress protected but will speak volumes about the outfit. OBTPackaging has a wide variety of boxes for all products and occasions. The boxes can be customized according to the needs in shape, size design, and various details.

Go for a minimalist approach to attract consumers’ attention. This is because a minimalist approach will eliminate any confusion, and it won’t distract the customers. Instead, they will love it. So, do you want to employ a minimalist approach in brand packaging right? Then, you should consider the following tips and tricks to compete with your rivals:

  • Go for eco-friendly packaging and use less packaging material
  • The right size and the packaging style matter a lot. So, choose wisely.
  • It’s good to survey your product and its shipping needs.
  • Only focus on one element of packaging to keep it simple and attractive in the eyes of your customers.

2. Use custom packaging to enhance customers’ attention

Custom packaging is a statement of your brand. Therefore, if it is well-designed, then it can readily grab customers’ attentiveness and make them satisfied. If you are related to being in the packaging business, you must facilitate your customers with unique custom packaging. Here are few things that might help you in leaving a significant impact on your targeted audience:

  • Special add-ons can add more to your business. These add-ons refer to the protections or the decorations employed over the boxes to make them attractive.
  • They work best in the electronics, cosmetic and bakery industries. So, if you run any such business, you should consider the custom boxes.

3. Use texture, color, and a lovely pattern

A good texture, nice pattern, and appropriate color can amalgamate into something extraordinary. Look for a pattern that best suits your brand. For instance, geometric shapes, polka dots, or stripes. If you belong to the cosmetic industry and are looking for an appropriate pattern for selling custom lotion boxes; then, you can consider intricate drawings by using impressive and fine lines to promote your brand. The intricate drawings are complex lines, just like the psyche of women; so, they significantly impact their minds.

The product packaging must also consider the basics of color psychology to trigger adequate emotions about your brand and the purchasing decision. It is estimated that around 85% of people look at a product’s color for making a buying decision. So, pay adequate heed to the color used in the boxes. Here are few tips on how color psychology can be employed to promote your brand:

  • If you want sophistication in your packaging, for instance, in luxury apparel boxes, you should add black color to the packaging. In color psychology, the black color represents power, elegance, sophistication, and mystery.
  • For a feminine touch, consider adding pink color to your boxes.
  • In food packaging, for instance, ice cream boxes, the red color is perfect to consider. This is because the color red stimulates hunger is a powerful color to impact the mind.

4. Sustainability matters a lot

Sustainability in packaging is vital for reducing the environmental impact, and it saves money. So, why not make your packaging sustainable and well-maintained? Are you looking for relevant guidance in this regard right? Then, consider the following points:

  • Recycle the packaging material and go for smaller packages for shipping purposes.
  • Consider edible and plant-based packaging.
  • Use fewer layers of packaging and keep it simple. Ice cream boxes made with recyclable materials are an excellent example for food companies that aim to revolutionize their packaging while adhering to sustainability and the environment.

OBT packaging provides top-quality boxes to its customers by employing sustainable strategies that facilitate user experience.

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