6 Jobs You Can Land with a Criminal Justice Degree

Criminal justice offers a number of varied roles for those interested in a career in areas of security, rehabilitation, and deterring crime. If you’re aiming to undertake a criminal justice degree, below are six well-paid roles that you can land with your degree.

FBI Agent

One of the more glamorized roles within criminal justice is that of an FBI Agent. Working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, these individuals are responsible for collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and identifying suspects. FBI Agents also collaborate with local law enforcement agencies to apprehend and arrest potential suspects. To become an FBI agent, a criminal Justice degree online will get you there, as will a 4-year bachelor’s degree in criminology or a related field.

Federal Marshall

Federal Marshalls are responsible for protecting court officers, ensuring the efficient operation of the judicial system, serving arrest warrants, transporting fugitives, and determining the location of fugitives. As vital members of the executive branch of the US government, Federal Marshalls require a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, and they must have at least 3 years worth of work experience.

Due to the nature of the role, Federal Marshalls must also be sound of mind and body. This means they need to complete physical, written, and mental examinations before they can be admitted into mandatory training with the US Marshals Service Training Academy.

Forensic Analyst

Forensic Analysts play a vital role during a crime scene as they collect, classify, and analyze any evidence related to a criminal investigation. Employed by crime labs, offices, and morgues, Forensic Analysts often specialize in areas such as ballistics, fingerprinting, biochemistry, and handwriting. To become a Forensic Analyst, you will need to complete a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a focus on forensic sciences.

Information Security Officer

Information Security Officers protect an organization’s data through the establishment of cybersecurity systems and protocols. These officers play a crucial role for businesses and organizations by preventing data security breaches. This is achieved through installing and managing security devices and software applications, while ensuring that all workers are adequately trained. Information Security Officers are required to have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or a related field.

Forensic Entomologist

Perhaps one of the more lesser-known roles in criminal justice is the Forensic Entomologist. As the name implies, these individuals apply their expertise in insects to assist with criminal investigations. This involves studying and identifying insects post-mortem to determine things like time of death and where someone died. Forensic Entomologists can also link suspects to victims by analyzing insects at the crime scene. These roles require a degree in criminal justice, biology, and entomology.

Victim Advocate

Victim Advocates are an important part of the criminal justice system. Not only do they work on behalf of individuals who have been victimized by domestic abuse, rape, theft, and other crimes, but they also work to assist them through recovery. This involves putting them in touch with resources and accompanying them to court to provide moral support. Victim Advocates also investigate complaints and offer administrative support. Training for a Victim Advocate requires a BA plus work experience and usually a master’s degree in psychology, social work, or criminal justice.