7 Dog Breeds That Look Just Like Polar Bear


Do you know who is that creature on this planet who loves you more than himself? Well, if your answer is dogs, you are absolutely correct! Dogs are those creatures who will love you unconditionally, no matter what. There are various breeds of dog but today we will be discussing those breeds which look just like polar bear, known as a polar bear dog breed.

One of the best advantages of having a pet is they become your best friends. Your human friends may be there or not in your bad times, but your dog will certainly be. From small to large to fragile to strong, you will find many kinds of dog breeds.

But are you aware of  different dog breeds which look just like polar bears? Well, if not, keep reading the entire blog which will be all about the dog  breeds which look exactly like polar bears and how they differ from each other.

Polar bear dogs remind us of cuddly teddy bears which have thick coats and bulky builds.  If you are someone who is fond of dogs and also used to love teddy bears in childhood or even now, you seriously need to have these breeds in your home!

Polar bear dog breeds are quite lovable and have different characteristics and temperament. We cannot say they look exactly like polar bears but they have the charm of a substantial bear like dogs. To know more about them, let’s check out their temperament.

Polar Bear Temperament

  1. Polar bears are quite talkative and expressive in nature.
  2. Polar bear dog breeds generally sleep for 8 hours.
  3. Polar bears are cuddly, clumsy and playful at the same time.
  4. They love keeping  themselves clean and tidy.
  5. The female polar bear is attentive all the time while the male one gets food for their family.

Now, let’s move towards our main  topic – different kinds of dog breeds who look just like polar bears.

1. The Chow Chow

How lovely the name is! Well, from the name itself you can judge the breed’s origin. Yes, it is from ancient China. The Chow Chow are known for their large skull heads with extra fur at the side of the neck.

They have a bear-like appearance along with grumpy faces. They have the thickest and densest coat you will ever see. They are known as dignified dogs which can be serious and aloof at the same time. They have a muscular and deep chested body with an overall furry coat.

2. Newfoundlands

Newfoundlands are known to be quite large dogs which are gentle, patient and trainable at the same time. Sometimes, they are often referred to as ‘nanny dogs’ as they are kept as a caretaker of children.

The huge head with short snout and thick fur give them the bear-like appearance. They are indeed one of those dog breeds which look just like polar bear dogs.

3. The American Eskimo Dog

The original name of this breed was German spitz. The American Eskimo dog can be a perfect example of beauty with brains. Because of their intelligence, they are seen working in circuses too.

They are known to be quite friendly and love being around the people. The beauty of this breed is all about their white furry and fluffy coat. This specific breed sheds a lot and so they can be counted in high maintenance dog lists.

4. Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees breed was bred as herding dogs in the pyrenees mountains. They are known to be affectionate dogs which will transform their protective mood as soon as they sense a danger to their family.

They are known for their patience and  so they make an excellent family dog. Due to their heavy shedding quality they shed like snowstorm and so you need to brush them quite often making them a high maintenance dog.

5. Samoyed

The Samoyed are known to be the first bred for herding livestock. They keep people warm by sleeping on them. They tend to have a close relationship with the Samoyed people of Northwestern Siberia.

Due to their upturn curves at their mouth, they are often referred as ‘ Sammy Smile’

Samoyed are known to have family-friendly demeanor and luxurious fur which make them look like polar bear dogs.

If they get enough mental and physical exercise, they can be on their best behaviour as they used to be bred as working dogs.

6. The Maremma Sheepdog

The origin of this breed is from Italy and they were bred to herd and protect sheep. They have a tendency of  getting deeply devoted to the people they love. In addition they look just like polar bears due to their messy and creamy looking coat which is often seen in white color.

As they are guard dogs, they are usually active all the time. They will love you like anything if you own them. Furthermore, they will also keep on trying their best to make you happy. They need enough exercise to survive and stay happy.

7. Hokkaido Dog

By the name, you might be familiar with the origin of this breed. Originating from Japan, this breed is quite rare outside its home country. They are known to be one of the oldest Japanese spitz breeds which were loved by people centuries ago for their loyalty, courage and hunting abilities.

Due to their early training and socialization, they are known to be devoted to their family. And at the same time they can be quite weird in front of strangers. Sometimes, they even behave inappropriately in front of strangers. Their facial features and hair around their mouth make them look like polar bear dogs.


So, these were some of the breeds which look just like polar bear dog breeds and have their own unique characteristics and temperament. These dogs can be perfect for you if you have always dreamt and fantasized about polar bears. Amongst these, many of them are family dogs and can make your perfect cuddling partner.

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