7 Most Affordable (But Coolest) Vehicle Mods to Amp Up Your Ride


Think “car mods”, and the most expensive options likely come to mind, like full paint jobs and spoilers to exhaust pipe modifications. However, spending a small fortune to pimp out your ride isn’t always necessary. In fact, modding your vehicle can be significantly more budget-friendly than you expected; you just need to choose the right mods – ones that offer impact without breaking the bank.

With that in mind, here are some of the coolest yet completely affordable car mods that’ll take your ride to new heights.

Ambient Lighting

For a high-impact car mod, consider LED lighting around the interior of your vehicle. When placed strategically, these colored, ambient LED lighting strips can make your ride luxurious.

Seat Covers

Another high-impact way to makeover your vehicle, seat covers can transform your ride’s entire look. Most standard vehicle seating is pretty dull, from black to drab gray, so jazzing up your seats is a low-cost way to add that wow factor to your vehicle’s interiors.

The beauty of this option is that they’re so varied; you can get covers in almost any style or design imaginable – or even custom ones. Plus, you can remove and wash them easily.

Steering Wheel Cover

Another interior car modification, a brand-new steering wheel cover is only a small addition, yet it immediately switches up your car’s appeal. It transforms the look and enhances the driving experience; you can also enjoy an improved tactile feel if you buy a steering wheel cover in comfortable designs, such as soft leather or fabrics.

Window Tints

There’s no doubt about it; look at any pimped-out ride, and they all have one thing in common – tinted windows. They add luxury and style to any vehicle, no matter its make and model. They come in varied shades of darkness, so you can select the ideal one for your car. That said, it’s important to ensure your window tints aren’t too dark and they’re not installed to the wrong types of windows.

Also, make sure to understand the law surrounding window tints, as it sometimes differs from place to place. In any case, it’s best to get specialists to do this job for you so that you know it’s done correctly – and legally. Simply search online for “window tint near me”, and you’ll find a local, professional company that offers window tinting services.

Custom Floor Mats

In an instant, custom floor mats provide the ultimate finish to your vehicle’s look. What’s more, they’re fast to install. If that wasn’t enough, get this: custom floor mats save your car’s factory-original mats from wearing and tear.

That means when you come to sell your vehicle eventually, it may have a slightly higher value (floor mats aren’t that expensive, but buying original factory-fitted branded ones from the car’s original manufacturer is pricier).

TV Screens

Video screens are ideal for keeping passengers in the back entertained, especially for long journeys. When selecting screens, choose models that take headphones to prevent the driver from being distracted by the backseat entertainment.

Sound System

Most modern vehicles have built-in sound systems of the utmost quality. However, if you’re not satisfied with the one equipped in your car, you can upgrade it to be even beefier than it already is.

Bose and JBL sound systems are top choices, as are subwoofers to take your ride’s music experience to the next level. Don’t get too carried away, though; ensuring sound systems are road legal before going wild is vital.




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