7 Practical Ways to Grow Taller – How to Grow Taller Faster


The stark reality of a short stature hits you every morning. You struggle to reach the top drawer, and your influence among the peers is as uninteresting as your height. It is only natural to desire a better height. After all, society holds tall people in high regard.

But you shouldn’t give up just yet. There are still a few tricks that you can use and grow taller and join the club. Continue reading!

Taking Supplements

Yes taking the right diet may work and make you taller. However, there’s no harm in taking a shortcut through supplements.  Check out www.truheightvitamins.com/ to help you grow taller and reach your maximum height potential. You see, certain nutrients have the most impact on your height growth. The problem is sorting them out through dieting.

For example, the essential amino acids have the most effect on the human growth hormone. However, it is challenging to determine which foods have particular amino acids. You may need to keep a chart on your fridge door to make sure you stick to the diet.

It is much simpler to take only one pill that contains all the necessary nutrients you need. You don’t need any charts or a shopping list.


Regular exercises are the surest ways to have the endocrine system producing all the right hormones. When you exercise, your body signals the pituitary gland to start producing the growth hormone to service the muscles and other body parts. As you already know, the growth hormone is at the center of height growth.

Therefore, it is only logical to make exercises a part of your daily schedule. Jog before you go to school or after school and you will grow taller in the process. Apart from helping you to increase your height, jogging has a whole list of other health benefits.

Eating the Right Diet

It is official that your diet has the most impact on your height. Research shows that malnutrition is the single most significant cause for stunting in children. Also, developing countries have the most concentration of short people than their wealthy counterparts.

That only indicates one thing. The type of food you eat will determine how far you can go with your height. Take a balanced diet and avoid junk food. This is one of the points recommended by heightgrowthclub.com/how-to-grow-taller/.


Your spinal cord tends to compress throughout the day and only decompresses when you go to sleep. Your height varies depending on the activities that you are doing.

Furthermore, your posture may have a decompression effect on your backbone. Most people will have a hunched back as they work on their desks. However, you can remedy this effect by incorporating stretching exercises into your daily schedule.

Good examples of stretching exercises include hanging on the monkey bar. The cat and cow stretch will work on your back appropriately. You can as well do specific yoga exercises that involve stretching. Your yoga instructor has a good idea of these exercises.

Avoid Drugs

Drugs and alcohol may interfere with nutrient intake in your body. As a result, there may not be enough building blocks to power your height growth. If you are serious about gaining a few inches, then keep off drugs and alcohol. Your body needs all the help it can get.

Sleep Enough

It is understandable to try and keep up as contemporary life is in the fast lane. However, you will need to give your body a rest once in a while. Physicians recommend at least 8 hours of deep sleep every day.

Having enough sleep allows your body to recover from the stresses of the day. It is when cell repair happens and the best time for the production of the growth hormone.

Moderate on Caffeine Intake

Particular indulgences such as drinking regular cups of coffee can have specific effects on height growth. Well, no conclusive research indicates a direct link between caffeine intake and stunted growth. However, there’s some evidence that shows caffeine causes high brain activity.

It, therefore, does not make sense to have a highly alert brain a few hours before going to sleep. The effect of the coffee can interfere with your sleep patterns. And as mentioned above, sufficient rest is key to your overall body health and height growth. The important thing is to moderate on your caffeine intake. Don’t take too many cups of coffee throughout the day and you will be alright.

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