7 Reasons to Go on a Motorcycle Road Trip


If you are a “traveloholic,” you’ve probably traveled on a plane, train, bus, and maybe even a yacht or cruise. But have you ever thought about going on a road trip on the back of a motorcycle?

The first interjection that came to mind is probably, “But they are so dangerous!” In truth, victims of a motorcycle crash are likely to suffer more severe injuries than car occupants because they are unprotected. However, if you have truly trained and mastered how to ride and are obeying all traffic rules, then you are unlikely to cause an accident.

In case of an injury caused by another driver or rider’s negligence, consider looking for a local motorcycle accident lawyer, especially because you are likely to be away from your home state.

Below is a list of seven reasons why your next travel plan should be a motorcycle road trip. 

Getting Around Is Easy

Due to a motorcycle’s size and two-wheeled nature, getting around becomes easy. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to wait in traffic because you can navigate easily between cars (in some states). 

This opens up a whole world of possibilities on things you can do and places you can visit during your road trip. You can choose to get off the main road and take a route through the woods or visit a local community. 

Creates an Enlightening Experience

Traveling on a motorcycle creates a fully-immersed and enlightening experience that every traveler should feel. 

When riding, all your senses should be alert throughout the journey for safety purposes. This way, your travel stops becoming about the destinations, but also all that’s included on the way. You are not just passing through these places with earphones on blast or deep in your favorite book, but are fully experiencing the road. 

Motorcycle Travel Is Cool

Nothing says badass like motorcycle travel. You can’t deny that the idea of being on the back of a motorcycle makes you feel like the king of the road. The sense of thrill mixed with fear creates a balanced travel experience like no other. No wonder people perceive biker travelers as cool and adventurous.   

You Are Likely To Make New Friends

Motorcycles allow you to stop nearly anywhere and strike a conversation with strangers. Whether it’s a roadside cafe or a local village, you are sure to meet many new people through motorcycle travel.

If you plan to spend time in a campground, you are also likely to meet a community of fellow biker travelers.

Encourages Minimalist Travel

A motorcycle road trip encourages you to pack lightly because there’s no sufficient space for huge luggage. This way, you learn to carry only what you need, pack only what you’ll be eating for the day, and so on.

At the end of the road trip, you’ll have spent way less than you could when using a car, including savings on fuel. 

It’s a Worthy Form of Exercise

Experts say that riding a motorcycle can be considered a form of exercise. And what’s a better way to burn calories and also see new places than a motorcycle road trip? 

Doing this often can strengthen your knees, neck muscles, improve core strength, and burn more calories than the average person. 

Brings You to the Present 

Riding a motorcycle requires you to remain alert to everything happening at that particular moment. Therefore, you are always in the present because you cannot afford to be distracted by wandering thoughts.

This makes biker travel an ideal activity when you want to clear your mind. Spending time in the sun can also raise your spirits and instill a positive mental outlook.

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