7 Things You Should Know Before Consulting A Psychiatrist


Not everyone decides to go to a psychiatrist, although 1 in every 5 American adults experience some sort of mental illness that could be treated or managed through psychiatric help. Too many people struggle with their feelings, work, relationships, behavior, or all of these things. The first step to manage those feelings, learning to cope with them, and leading a happy life is to seek the help of a psychiatrist. Seeking help doesn’t mean a lifetime of treatment. Many people may feel much better just after a couple of sessions.

A psychiatrist has a medical degree to treat mild to severe mental illness. They do offer psychotherapy sessions. Unlike psychologists, psychiatrists are authorized to prescribe medication. 

Let’s get into the most 7 important factors to look into before undergoing psychiatric treatment.

1. Specialty

Like other fields of medicine, Psychiatry also has subspecialties. Some doctors specialize in child psychiatry, others for teens, women, or geriatric psychiatry, among others. Besides the groups of people, they can help best, they also specialize in different diseases, such as depression, bipolar illness, and other mental conditions. 

You know you’re not feeling at your optimal, so you want to find out how a psychiatrist can help you and what they can do for you. When looking for a psychiatrist, choose one that specializes in the area of expertise that you need.

2. Face to face vs. Online

Traditionally, people would book an appointment and go to a doctor’s clinic or office. It should not be surprising that you can also get psychiatric help online if you don’t want to go or can’t go for a face to face meeting. The experts from https://www.thrivetalk.com/online-psychiatrist/ explain in detail that many cases do not need face to face meetings and can be treated just as professionally through online means such as video conferencing, real-time chats and internet calls, or email by licensed professional doctors. These doctors have the same qualifications as doctors who work in traditional settings. 

It offers you a convenient way to be in touch with your doctor from your home or wherever you are at the time.

3. Go Prepared

Have a list ready for the symptoms you are feeling. You might have already decided to self-diagnose yourself, but the doctor won’t pay attention to that; they will however pay very close attention to what you’re feeling, when it began, your actions and reactions, etc. 

4. You Will Feel Uncomfortable at Times

Drudging up hurtful or traumatic experiences is not easy for anyone. Chances are you will feel worse before you feel better because of this. Not every discussion you have with your doctor will be easy; not every feeling you have will be comfortable. 

Seeking psychiatric help needs a high degree of transparency, so you must be prepared to answer a doctor’s questions honestly. A good doctor will ask you the right questions that will help lead them to the source of your problem. Many times, patients are surprised that their problem is being caused by something else other than what they thought. 

5. Treatment Plan

A doctor will tell you about the treatment plan they have in mind. Treatment plans are the therapies that the doctor believes will work best for you. You can have a say in the treatment plan and talk with your doctor if it suits you or not. It could take a couple of visits for a full diagnosis to happen for the doctor to know the best treatment plan for you.

6. Do Not Expect Immediate Results

Anyone would be eager and in a hurry to get better ASAP. Regaining proper mental health is a process and depends on so many factors. It depends on what you are suffering from, the extent of your suffering, your physical health, your environment, your efforts, and much more. It’s a process, and the process might move quickly or slowly. Talk with your doctor and ask questions about your health and the treatments you’re receiving. If you feel you’re not making progress, you must address this issue. The answers can explain many things to you.

7. The First Visit Might Be Your Last

The First Visit Might Be Your Last

If you feel uncomfortable with the doctor you chose, there is nothing that says you have to stick with that doctor. Communication between both of you may be weak and you’re just not comfortable. You can’t continue with a particular doctor if you’re not comfortable talking to them, so it’s perfectly alright to choose another doctor. 

It’s always a brave decision to seek mental health treatment. It doesn’t mean that you will always need treatment. Most people benefit from short-term help, dealing with a specific problem. It’s a good opportunity to talk to someone confidentially, on a professional, non-judgmental basis who can help you get your life back on track.  


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