7 Tips for Choosing the Right Flowers for a Funeral


When you have to select flowers for an event like a funeral, there are several things that you  must consider keeping in mind. First and foremost, choose flowers that come with a personal meaning. Which flowers did the deceased like? What were their favorite colors? You can also include blooms that carry a special significance for making the day special.

You should also consider other factors, like whether the funeral is religious and traditional or more of a modern celebration of the deceased’s life. And that’s not all – there is so much more that comes into play when you have to pick funerals for a funeral service! But don’t worry because we are here to help with top tips – stay tuned to find out!

7 Tips For Choosing The Right Flowers For A Funeral

The kind of funeral service dictates what types of flowers will be appropriate for the event. For instance, peace lilies are related to religious funerals, and cheerful blooms are more suited for a modern celebration of life. And the best part? These days, you can buy flowers online from the comfort of your home.

So without wasting any time, scroll down and find out the top tips for choosing the right flowers for a funeral.

1. Select Flowers That Have A Personal Meaning

The most vital factor that you must consider while selecting flowers is the personal significance the same holds for the deceased. What’s the point of giving flowers that have no personal meaning? Instead, go for flowers that the deceased like, or opt for their favorite colors – the purpose is to choose flowers that have a personal meaning.

2. Take The Type Of Funeral Service Into Consideration

If you are going to a traditional and religious funeral, it’s always best to opt for something somber like Peace Lilies. But instead, if you are going to a modern funeral where the point is to celebrate life, then you should definitely go for something more cheerful like Chrysanthemums or Carnations.

3. Keep The Season In Mind

While picking out flowers for a funeral service, you have to also take the season into consideration. If you opt for seasonal flowers, they will be relatively less expensive as compared to flowers that are out of season at that moment. For instance, spring or summer blooms will be cost-effective if you are attending a funeral during Spring or Summer.

4. Consider The Color Palette

While choosing funeral flowers, another vital factor is the color palette you are opting for – white is mostly related to innocence and purity, making the shade a popular option for funeral events. Other popular funeral flower colors are Yellow since it represents friendship, Red since it represents love, and Purple since it represents royalty.

5. Choose Appropriate Shapes And Sizes

Just like a color palette is vital while picking funeral flowers, the flower shape and size also play a crucial role in the whole flower selection process. For instance, it is safe to avoid flowers that are too unruly or too wild, for that matter. Instead, you can go for relatively more timeless and classic shapes.

6. Know Your Budget

While all the above factors are very important, perhaps nothing is more crucial than your budget. Flowers are an expensive affair, especially when you are buying them for a formal event like a funeral service. So it’s always a good idea to work seamlessly with a florist so that you can gift flowers that fall within your budget.

7. Don’t Forget To Get A Card

When you are gifting funeral flowers, you cannot forget to give a card. This is perhaps one of the best ways to customize the whole arrangement by adding a small, special touch. Ensure that you are adding a thoughtful message for the deceased’s family – it not just looks good but feels so much better too!

Choosing The Right Flowers For A Funeral: Wrapping Up!

And that’s a wrap on the top tips for picking the right flowers for a funeral. Yes, there are multiple factors that you have to consider while selecting flowers for a funeral. After all, giving funeral flowers is perhaps one of the most thoughtful ways of showing love and support to the deceased’s family.

What are your thoughts on these tips you must consider while sending funeral flowers? Tell us in the comments below!


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