7 Tips To An Eccentric Night Out


There is nothing as exciting as a night out with friends, knocking down a cocktail or two while enjoying the best pubcrawl the city has to offer. With the hustles and bustles of life, it’s paramount that one gets some relaxation during their down-time. This shouldn’t mean breaking the bank just to have a great night out in the city. It’s reported that an average adult spends approximately $81 on a regular night out. When you add transport cost, food and pub entrance fee, the accumulative cost of the night-out can cause a serious dent to the pocket.

Here are a few tips to an affordable, eccentric night-out;

Make Sure You Are Full

The first mistake that many revellers make is going on a night out on an empty tummy. The aftermath of this is one getting overly drunk and being a huge inconvenience to the accompanying friends. Before going out, make sure you at least have something to eat preferably carbs-filled. This will last a few hours in the stomach giving you ample energy to dance the night away. And if you want more thrill, you can also request TOPLESS WAITERS to serve you drinks the whole night.

Have Some Few Pre-Drinks

Having pre-drinks helps one cut down costs at the pub. When you have a few drinks at home, you will not need to buy as many drinks in the bar. For introverts who need a shot or two to kick out their socializing boots, pre-drinks are a clever option. You can purchase your choice of premium drink and stock your fridge at home. When going out, have some shots of the drink and top up a few more cheap ones at the pub.

Be The Early Worm

Getting to the club early spares you unnecessary entrance fees that most clubs begin to charge as from 11 pm till late. The benefits of hitting the club early are plenty such as enjoying  free cocktails for the first few early worms to the pub and also dodge long queues in the cold.

Always Have A Budget

It’s important to jot down a budget for your night out to avoid morning-after regrets. However much you want to look like the richest guy in the pub or entice that new girl you are dating, you need to check on your spending. Throwing a round of drinks may seem like a nice thing to do, but it’s not always fair among friends. Buying rounds forces you to sit it out for all the drinks even if you don’t want to indulge any more.

Never Use Your Credit Card

Credit cards can easily lead you into bankruptcy if caution isn’t taken. Most revellers go into shock when they discover they spend their entire month’s rent on a one-day night out. It’s not easy to track what you are spending when using a credit card as compared to using cash. Never use club ATMs as thugs may target your drunk self.

Carpool Or Split Taxi Fare

It’s always advisable to have a designated driver or simply order a taxi. Taxis are the safest and fastest option as compared to the bus or train and they take you right to the doorstep of the pub. If you plan to have a blast with your friends, share a taxi and split the cost, then you will have more money to splurge on drinks. Most Taxi apps like Uber and Lyft have a fare split option that does the math for you when it comes to splitting costs.

One Beer For One Water

The greatest tip for an adventurous night-out is to alternate alcohol with water. For every beer you take, top it up with water. Do your liver a good one by always staying hydrated. Moreover, water will quench your thirst and fill you up hence less alcohol will be consumed.

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