9 Best Android TV Apps to Install Today


It’s been a few years since the Android TV has been released and it is now maturing as a platform, with even more apps and games available than before. Also, high-quality 75 inch tv under 1500 by best pick tv is easily available online now. There may even be more hardware available soon, but we’ve yet to watch out for upcoming announcements for that. 

As we wait for further announcements of the Android TV’s technological advancements, we can still get the best experience with the new apps available now. So if you’ve got an Android TV device and want to upgrade your entertainment experience, then read on! I’ll be showing you the best Android TV apps to install.

1. Kodi

Kodi is an amazing app for those who own an Android TV. It is a home theater PC (HTPC) UT controlling all local music and video content through a USB drive. You can also choose from its selection of channels for various services, including video streaming, though take note that some of these channels aren’t legal.

However, it’s a great platform to manage a ton of media files you aren’t able to organize through your television natively or can do so but it isn’t easy to. This is a great recommendation for those who own local music and video that you’d like to play on an Android TV device. Plus, it’s open-source and completely free to install.

You can install Kodi 19.1 by following this guide if you’re interested!

2. Netflix and Other Streaming Apps

This is a no-brainer and most likely some apps like Netflix already come pre-installed on your device. If it isn’t yet, then grab the streaming apps that you are subscribed to (or plan to subscribe to).

With these apps and subscriptions, you have access to thousands of your favorite television shows and movies, which is absolutely essential for those planning to cut the cable TV cord. That way, you can stream anytime, anywhere, as long as you have your Android TV device and Internet connection.

3. Sideload Launcher

You’ll find the Google Play Store available on Android TV, which is the slimmed-down version of what you find on smartphones. However, some of the apps aren’t compatible with the Android TV, so you won’t have as many apps available to install.

That said, the operating system can run any Android app, which is why people would sideload apps on their Android TV device.

The problem is: Sideloaded apps won’t show on the device’s home screen or app list. You’ll need to access them through the Settings menu. The solution here is to install a third-party app, like Sideload Launcher, which is the easiest to use. Once opened, you already have the list of your sideloaded apps.

4. TVUsage

One common issue among households is their kids watching too much television! And with even more shows and movies available, this problem is only worsening.

Fortunately, there is a solution to that, and that’s TVUsage. With this parental control app, you can set screen time restrictions and monitor your children’s viewing habits. Limit the daily screen time limit, receive reminders when it’s time to stop watching, and even pin lock Android TV apps, track its usage, among other features.

5. X-plore File Manager

This is an essential app to install if you want to sideload apps, similar to the Sideload Launcher. It offers a dual-pane approach so you can easily transfer APK files from your USB drive to the device’s hard drive in a jiffy. It’s very easy to use and you’ll have a better time organizing your files and sideloaded apps.

6. Google Drive

For those who want to access their computer’s files on their Android TV device, then Google Drive is a must-have! However, this app isn’t available on the Google Play Store on Android TV devices, so you’ll have to sideload the app. 

Once installed, you can access different types of files without worrying about them not being able to load properly. It’s great for work!

7. Spotify

Besides streaming shows and movies, you can also stream your favorite music! Rather than cable TV music channels, which are hard to use and filled with ads, install Spotify instead. You have a smorgasbord of music to choose from, an affordable subscription, and even radio and podcast features to take advantage of!

8. Google Chrome

This app doesn’t come pre-installed on Android TV devices, nor is there a version of it on the app. You don’t need to sideload it though, just head to Chrome’s listing from the Google Play Store on the web, and you’ll see that the Android TV box is a compatible device.

With this app, you can enjoy surfing the web through your connected monitor or television!

9. Wake On LAN

This is probably the only Android TV app that allows you to wake your computer up remotely. This is an important feature for those who perform local streaming a lot through Kodi or Plex.

If the computer running on Kodi or Plex falls asleep, the Wake On LAN app will force it to wake up so you can continue streaming content without disturbance. It also wakes up your NAS storage and other things in just one click, no need to get out of your couch! 

Wrapping It Up

Once you have an Android TV device, it’s time that you start setting it up the way you want it to be for the ultimate user experience. This means installing the right apps you need as well, not just for streaming, but to also listen to other various file types as well. That way, you can maximize the features your Android TV device offers for your convenience and enjoyment.

Hopefully, you learned a lot about the different Android TV apps you can install on your device right now. Look into any of these apps and install them to have an even better time using your Android TV now!

Do you have any questions or want to share your experiences and recommendations on what Android TV apps to use? Share them in the comments section below, all of your thoughts are much appreciated. 

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