A Quick Guide To Settle A Workers Compensation Claim


Ensuring that you’re working in a safe and suitable environment is of great importance. Yet, even with the necessary measures taken, sometimes we do face unwanted injuries from accidents in our workplace. Now to ensure that you can afford your treatment for as long as it takes, you must go for a worker’s compensation claim. This way, even during physically hard times, you can rest easy that you are financially capable to support you and your family’s needs. But, before you go ahead in the formalities of settling a worker’s comp claim, it’s important to understand the process and the major guidelines on it. This would help you go through the legal procedure with better insight and understanding of what the end result may be. To help you understand all the important things about settling a worker’s compensation claim, we went ahead and made a quick guide below. 

What It Is?

When you go for settling a worker’s comp claim, you simply give up on a few of the certain rights and in exchange, avail a fixed sum of money. This fixed amount can mainly be considered as a lump sum amount; since most of the compensation claims are simply settled that way. Yet, other than the lump sum claim, sometimes these settlements are also paid over a period of time. These settlements are simply provided to the people who don’t have a permanent or a sufficient source of income, and so, they are paid weekly; for an agreed number of weeks only. This way, whatever medical emergencies and situations arrive; your workers can benefit from it during that time without having the condition get worse. 

How to File a Claim

When it comes to filing a worker’s compensation claim, you must know the major steps of how to exactly do it. Normally we consider going for attorneys to even help us start the procedure (since we aren’t aware of it), but it’s not as hard as it seems. For a better understanding, you can file a claim;

  • By completing the online form of the employee claim, which is also the fastest way to do so.
  • Or you can file a paper form by either printing the employee claim form, or by visiting the board office of worker’s compensation. After filling, you can mail this form to the central mailing address.

Now if you’ve got questions about filling the claim form, then you can always contact the claim office for better guidance. And once you’re done with filing the claim, it’s time you move forth to the next procedures for settling your worker’s compensation claim. 

Why Professional Help Is Important?

So working in a suitable atmosphere isn’t everything that a worker tends to make themselves a part of. Instead, every worker risks their safety to perform efficiently in the company’s further progress. And so, even with the help of simple safety measures; most of the workers go through incidents or accidents in their workspace; that either gets worse with time or leaves them with permanent disabilities. Now in such cases, working in an environment that offers a worker’s comp claim and being sure that in any such cases the workers are ensured with medical help; it gets easier to keep the situation under control.

However, claiming a worker’s comp claim can be a lengthy process that might require professional effort and adequate evidence. As a result, for better claims and ensuring that it will get approved without being delayed, the experts behind https://www.lpwlawfirm.com/workers-compensation-lawyer/ says that seeking professional help from an attorney can make the whole process a lot easier. Attorneys specializing in such cases will be able to point you in the right direction every single time. They will be familiar with local laws and tactics used by insurance companies to dispute such claims. Therefore, having one on your side can assure that you will be compensated fairly even if it reaches the courtroom.

Methods Of Resolving A Claim

 In terms of resolving a comp claim for your workers, there are mainly 2 methods that can help you go through it authentically.

Lump-Sum Settlement

When you go for a lump sum settlement for a worker’s comp claim, then you’ve mainly agreed to avail of a fixed amount of money in the payment. This amount is identified and finalized through negotiations. These negotiations are made between the representative of the insurance company and you or mainly your business attorney. Although, even after the negotiations and finalization, the contract for this lump sum amount is not valid until it isn’t approved by the higher authorities. Yet, upon approval; the compensation insurance company of your employees or workers does not pay any of the benefits provided to them i.e. The medical bills, or other emergency bills. And so, before you go ahead to request a lump sum amount of your benefit, it’s important to ensure that your insurance company has accepted your claim and is paying the benefits voluntarily.

Hearing For The Claim

The second method of having your claim processed is mainly going through proper hearing. Here, an arbitrator will be held on a trial; that you’ll be providing the medical evidence and witnesses to support your claim. Once the arbitrator will go through all the evidence, he/she will then finalize if you will be receiving any money for your injuries; and if so, then a suitable amount too. Now under the legal complexities and the fact that the insurance company will be defending the claim with the help of an experienced attorney; it’s highly important to have a qualified workers compensation attorney for yourself, to avoid facing any disadvantages. And then, whatever money you’ll be rewarded by the arbitrator would be provided to you in weekly installments according to the disability rate (which is 60% of your weekly wage). Although, just in case you or the insurance company isn’t satisfied with the arbitrator’s decision; then you can surely appeal against it. Yet, the appeal process may take approximately eight to twelve months. 

As much as it is important to ensure a workers comp claim for your workers and/or employees; properly going through the process and knowing everything about it is also necessary. Simply because legal processes take a lot of time, but when it comes to medical emergencies, having it claimed in the least time makes the most benefit. And so, this quick guide is surely enough to get you going with the claim along with all the necessary insights.

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