A Talk About The Specialist: KG Subramanyan And His Artworks

If you could talk about one artist who can bring light to social issues in the most engaging form, it had to be Kalpathi Ganpathi Subramanyan, aka KG Subramanyan. KG Subramanyan’s artworks bring light to societal issues, especially the Gandhian era, giving us an introduction to the life of people back then. However, these are depicted in a modern style, relating closely to the people today. 

The artist not only gave rise to more masterpieces but also gave birth to many recognised artists like Bhupen Khakhar, Jyoti Bhatt, Mrinalini Mukherjee, Gulammohammed Sheikh, and K.S. Radhakrishnan. In fact, after qualifications, teaching era and a short tenure in New York, the artist got to explore another art form, namely semi-abstract artworks. 

What Is Semi-Abstract Artwork?

Semi abstract artform is the representation of artworks that contain elements of abstraction that are still recognisable to the real world. It gives light to real objects in abstract forms. In this art form, artists may play with whole objects by breaking it, simplifying, distorting, use of complex colour tones, playful lines, and more such changes that highlight the concepts emotions, and give ideas rather than any realistic depictions. 

Here, the elements of abstraction stand in the middle of the spectrum of representation and abstraction art. Albeit, the elements in the paintings are discernible, yet these can be simplified or obscured to give a more subjective representation to the viewer. 

The familiarity and balance between abstraction and representation embrace a sense of familiarity and even ambiguity. Here, the artists can play with colours, forms, textures, and the overall composition. These acts are beautifully depicted in KG Subramanyan’s artworks. His paintings maintain harmony between the real world and the abstract world. 

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The Journey Behind This Art Form

KG Subramanyan is one of the oldest names in the history of Indian art, whose artistic journey has travelled through decades and deepened the landscape of contemporary Indian art. He was influenced by socio-political forces during the freedom struggle, which was later reflected in his art. 

The artwork combines Indian Folk into European Modernism, where the the folk tradition is inspired by his home town, Kerala and the whole nation was greatly influenced by his masterpieces. While, the traditional Bengali art, Kalighat painting and Pattachitra strongly influenced him, KG Subramanyan’s artworks are a fusion of myths and stories from ancient Indian history with contemporary art influenced by Picasso’s cubism, Tanjore paintings, African masks, etc. His figurative personifications generally had animals, children, women, and other objects determining life evolving over years. 

His artistic career lasted for 7 decades, with some of the group participation and solo shows being performed internationally. With these, he is also awarded with prestigious Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan Puraskar, and the Lalit Kala Akademi Fellowship, the highest honour in fine arts conferred by the Government of India. Internationally, he is well recognised for his exceptional contribution to art. His masterpieces are often found in murals, paintings, glass and terracotta, where the art pieces justify the artist to the fullest. 

Two of his most famous works include ‘War Of The Relics’ depicting the art with depth of colours and craftsmanship, and ‘Mahabharata’ giving detailed descriptions with the use of colours and realistic abstraction. These KG Subramanyan artworks not only discuss the craftsmanship and details of designs but also depict the societal issues much creatively. 

The Artistic Styles Of KG Subramanyan Artwork

The artworks by KG Subramanyan are known for their vibrant colours and the mix of folk with modern styles. Moreover, the themes are related to mythology and social issues narrated through the use of textures and colours. His language is known to be deeply personal, because he portrays what he has witnessed during the Gandhian era, making it socially acceptable and relevant. His art is ahead of contemporary art. 

Ahead of the visual treats, KG’s emotional journey can be felt in every masterpiece. The journey expresses a deep, emotionally connected sense of nostalgia, wonder and introspection. The societal dynamics and human emotions are simply relatable and can be experienced by all those art lovers who can connect deeply with it. 

With every KG Subramnayan’s artwork, the painter builds a stronger connection with the mythological narratives and tales of that time. The emphasis on modern art embraces this idea of visual storytelling, which is much more understandable now. The artist evokes a sense of interplay of traditional motifs and modernist techniques that can relate to the viewer’s imagination. It relates to a sense of humanity, making him an emotional connector to the viewers. 

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