A Taste of Tradition: Travel Through Georgia’s Food Culture


As an Indian, cuisine is a big part of history and culture. This is why Georgia is a great place to visit since they have an amazing cultural history around food. With all its amazing history and culture, Georgia is a country that Indian nationals must experience. 

In this blog, we will walk you through the simple steps to get a Georgia visa for Indians and take you on a delicious tour of Georgia’s culinary heritage.

Classic Georgian Cuisine

Georgia has a rich history with wine; some believe it might even be the birthplace of wine. With that said, no wonder their cuisine is so rich in flavours.

Georgian cuisine uses flavours to tell a tale shaped by location and history. It blends flavours from Europe and Asia and celebrates local ingredients to produce food that is packed with freshness.

Obtaining Your Visa

To be able to travel to Georgia, Indian nationals require a Georgia visa for Indians. 

To obtain a Georgia visa for Indians, you must follow the Application steps and then wait for your visa to be processed, which generally takes about 5 working days.

Once your Georgia e-visa for Indian nationals gets approved, you can embark on your journey to Georgia.

Indians can apply for the Georgia e-visa on Atlys within a few minutes.

Here are the steps for the application process:

  1. Visit the Atlys website: Go to the Atys website and create or sign in to your profile.
  2. Travel destination: Next, you will choose your travel destination and provide your travelling dates.
  3. Upload documents: You must upload your valid passport and 1 digital photo.
  4. Pay the fees: Lastly, submit your application and pay the Georgia evisa fees. Once the fees get paid, your visa will be processed.

That is how easy it is to get a Georgia visa for Indians.

Some Unique and interesting facts about Georgia Meals:

  • Khachapuri: This is a must-taste. It is a traditional bread shaped like a canoe filled with melted cheese, and then to top it all off, they crack an egg yolk on top.
  • Kharcho: This is the perfect winter dish. This dish usually starts with chicken or beef cooked in spices. It is then turned into the most amazing stew using fresh ingredients and herbs from Georgia.
  • Khinkali: This is a Georgian dimpling filled with the perfect spiced meat. Preparing this dish takes time and experience.
  • Nigvziani Badrijani: I did not think fried eggplant could get better, well when visiting Georgia, you will find sliced eggplant with an amazing walnut and garlic paste. It is a dish for everyone to enjoy.

Wow, with all these amazing meals, it is hard to choose and guess what? There are more where that came from.

The solution is! Ensure you allow for a long enough stay period on your Georgia e-visa to have enough time to try out each traditional dish.

Some Of Georgian Famous Dishes

Georgia has 3 famous dishes that any traveller must experience. Let’s delve into these iconic dishes:


Khachapuri is like having a work of art on your plate! Imagine a bread boat that is golden brown and has crunchy edges. However, there’s more! Inside, there’s cheese that’s melted and oh-so-yummy. And what’s this? On top, there is a sunny egg yolk that is just ready to blend in and enhance the flavour of everything. 

Making Khachapuri is similar to creating magic rather than merely cooking. Together, the dough, cheese, and expertise provide a flavour representative of Georgia’s past. Each bite tells you tales of love and heritage and feels like an embrace from the country itself.


Think of a cosy and warm bowl with flavours that dance on your tongue. 

Kharcho is a Georgian special dish that begins with tender chicken or beef and is cooked with a unique spice mixture that makes it incredibly tasty. 

The stew is then finished with fresh ingredients and Georgia’s unique herbs, giving your taste buds a warm hug. A custom passed down through the years, Kharcho is more than just cuisine. Every spoonful holds a piece of Georgia in it, inviting you to enjoy the country’s rich heritage and the care that went into making each bowl.


Step into the flavorful world of the Georgian Khinkali.

These dumplings are like small treasures, each carefully wrapped to hide a yummy treat.

Every step, from the tender filling to the perfectly seasoned meat, is a testament to the art of Georgian cooking.

And don’t forget the unique way of eating them. Traditionally you will hold the dumpling by the knob, bite a hole in the side and then enjoy the flavorful broth.

Once the broth is finished, you continue eating all the deliciousness.

Culinary Adventures For Travellers

Georgia provides a culinary experience that any traveller would enjoy. 

When travelling to Georgia, travellers can experience the street markets to see how the different meals are made or even get families inviting you into their homes to give you a personal cooking class.

This country truly shows kindness through food.

The Art of Georgian Feasting

For Georgians, feasting is not just about eating—it’s a communal celebration of life and connection. The supra, a traditional Georgian feast, is a testament to this spirit. 

Friends and family gather around a table laden with dishes, engaging in heartfelt toasts and stories while sharing food. The tamada, or toastmaster, plays a crucial role in orchestrating the toasts, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and unity. This communal dining experience embodies the warmth and hospitality that Georgia is known for.

Georgia Products

Georgia takes pride in their locally and organically sourced food. A wonderful variety of produce grown with love and respect can be seen at farmer’s markets.

Georgian cuisine is unique because of its special flavours derived from locally grown foods, herbs, and spices. 

The rich soil produces sun-ripened ingredients that give each dish a distinctive flavour. Georgia’s rich culinary legacy is reflected in the carefully woven tapestry of flavour created by the expert use of local herbs and exotic spices.

Every dish uses these components, which give them unique flavours, from sun-ripened tomatoes to fragrant herbs.

Flavorful Recap

We have reached the end of this blog, and now putting it all together, we have learned that Georgia is an amazing country to visit, especially if you are interested in the wonderful world of cuisine. 

We have also discovered that obtaining a Georgia e-visa for Indians is easy if you use the online portal of Atlys. Atlys’s goal is to allow all travellers to obtain a visa as easily as possible, which will help travellers enjoy applying for their Georgia evisa as much as travelling itself.

Lastly, we established that Georgia takes pride in using local ingredients, allowing for the wonderfully rich flavours of their unique cuisines.

There you have it! Get your Georgia visa for Indians and experience this special country with all its unique dishes.

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