Are You Trying To Protect Your Word Files? Do these Steps


If you are keen on what you do, writer or not, you know that protecting your documents is very important. It doesn’t matter whether you do some administrative work, creative writing, or other writing services. The words you create are your bread and butter. There are cases where your MS Word documents can be altered. It doesn’t have to be a human error. Some things happen to files, and these can come from viruses, malware, or computer issues. So how do we do this? Do we need to get expensive software to protect our files? The answer is promising. You don’t have to buy anything to save your Word documents. What you need is an online tool to convert Word to PDF free.

PDF Bear: Converting your Word or Pages Documents

PDF Bear is a light but robust pdf converter tool. This is the brand you should use for all your converter needs for several reasons.

  • It is lightweight, so it does not bug down your browser, allowing you to multitask. Other tools have many add-ons. This can be problematic, especially when you are doing things in a hurry.
  • It is cloud-based and doesn’t rely on your computer specs or capabilities to do its work. It does its processing in the cloud, so your computer can work fast and devote its processors and RAM to other things. Cloud-based technology is the new norm. Most computers are getting lighter and smaller these days.
  • It is secured. It uses the latest encryption technology that protects your files. No malware can destroy your PDF files. If your computer gets compromised, you retain a copy of the same file in the database.
  • With PDF Bear pro, you get the advantage of contacting customer support. This is great in situations where you meet a problem while beating the deadline. The pro version allows you to upload and download unlimited files. With PDF Bear, you can store as many files as you want on the PDF cloud. This gives you backup protection in case you accidentally delete your precious files.
  • The cloud-based technology allows you to process multiple conversions at the same time. This is important when you are working on big projects and want fast results. Reliability is one thing that PDF Bear offers.

PDF Bear: Convert MS Word Files to PDF

With PDF Bear, it would be best to have a computer to go through with this process. It doesn’t have to be the latest computer model. As long as it can utilize a browser and the internet, you are good to go. The browser can be just any browser like Safari, Opera, Firefox, or Chrome. Your browser should be the updated version of the software for security purposes. Your internet connection can be primary, but if you are working with multiple files, it is necessary to have a good relationship.

Why Is There A Need For An Online Converter?

There is an advantage to creating a PDF file out of your Word document. PDF files cannot be altered. You can also add a security option for them to be ‘read-only,’ thereby protecting your documents from plagiarism. Another advantage of the pdf format is its ability to retain the replica of the source file. Your charts, tables, and lines will experience no alteration. Word files can be changed. Words or sentences can be omitted. Thus, this is not so if these are PDF files. If you want to protect your documents, then getting the PDF Bear pro can help you. You can store/upload a copy of your documents on its pdf cloud. If something happens to your computer, you can still pull out copies of your existing documents.

PDF files are also compatible with any device. You can open a pdf file on a mobile device, and it retains its format. That is why it is getting more popular than e-readers. People who love to read digital books and magazines can find pleasure in the accuracy of pdf format.

A few decades ago, this would not be possible. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we cannot switch formats with ease.

The Conversion Steps

Conversion takes on a short while to complete. You need to open your computer browser and go to the official PDF Bear website. The tools are there at a glance.

  • You will see all the conversion tools on the front page.
  • You can then drag or drop your MS Word files into the converter tool.
  • It will scan your document and upload it to the PDF Bear cloud converter. You wait for the whole process to finish.
  • When done, you can then download the file or files to your computer.
  • You can also share it to your Dropbox.

With PDF Bear, it only takes a short time for the conversion to finish. You now have an option to leave copies of the converted files on the PDF Bear pro site, or you can also delete them.

Encryption and Security

All your converted files are encrypted. Hence, that is, while they remain safe in the cloud database. The pro version retains copies of your documents in the database. The free version deletes them after an hour to protect your privacy. There is no storage limit to how much you can upload or download. This frees your computer from space or processing limitations. This option also gives you more time and productivity.

Parting Shot

Protecting your documents by creating a backup copy or ensuring it is lock necessary. So, if you run out of space or need document security, it is best to have an online converter like PDFBear.

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