Back Pain Breakthrough: Physical Therapy Recommendations

Do you have back pain that you can’t seem to get rid of? You probably visited a physician, who suggested that you pursue physical therapy among other treatments. In many cases, doctors do not like prescribing opioids unless they are absolutely necessary and usually after all other options failed. If you haven’t found relief with massage therapy or chiropractic care, you may start searching for “physical therapy near me.”

Introduction to Therapy: What To Expect During Your Initial Appointment

During your initial appointment, your physical therapist will review your medical records and any scans you have. It would help if you bring your insurance information, medication list and assistive devices. Your therapist will also conduct an initial evaluation, so wear loose-fitting clothing. These professionals will test your strength, pain and range of motion during this evaluation.

The goal is to develop a treatment plan that can help you. Therefore, your therapist will also ask what your goals are. You should be comfortable enough to discuss your challenges, pain and results with your therapist, so pay attention to how you get along with this professional.

Experience the Benefits: Set Yourself Up For Success

After you complete your initial evaluation with a physical therapy in Murrieta, you should make sure you fully understand your treatment plan. You will likely complete exercises and other therapies in the office, but your therapist will also give you exercises and stretches to do at home. Follow this plan.

You should also keep your appointments. Your therapist may include ultrasound, laser, dry needling and massage therapies in your plan. You may also need ice and heat therapies. Make note of the positive and negative results of your at-home instructions as well as the treatments you complete in the office.

Strengthening Your Back Muscles: Exercises for Stability

Your exercises will include strength training. The goal is to strengthen your muscles so they properly support your spine. This improves your stability and reduces your pain level. Poor posture or injury may have caused muscles that were not supposed to support your spine to overcompensate, causing pain.

Therefore, you will feel the greatest relief if the proper muscles can do their jobs. You will also find your strength and stability improve with these strength training exercises. Prepare for your therapist to observe you and correct your movements for the greatest results.

Rediscovering Motion and Flexibility: Insights From Physical Therapy

Another goal of physical therapy for back pain includes increased motion and flexibility. Pain can result from tight, stiff muscles. In addition, chronic conditions, such as arthritis, can limit your movement. Injuries, surgeries or muscle strains can cause range of motion and flexibility challenges.

Therefore, your therapist will focus on the soft tissues surrounding your spine to increase your ability to move more freely and complete your daily tasks and activities. Electrical stimulation and therapies that increase circulation, in addition to hot and cold therapies, help with range of motion and flexibility challenges.

You don’t have to live with back pain. Contact a local physical therapist, e.g., physical therapy Vista CA, to see how these professionals can help you.